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  1. And some people you talk to say there is more dancing on the smaller ships. They can't all be right 🤔
  2. I knew using the IRS as an example would set off a few rants. They are so well liked by millions of Americans. 😋 The IRS does this every year. They have systems designed to do this every year. Oh, and they don't really have to worry about shareholders and staying in business and taking care of their employees by trying to get them home. The problem with this theory is that one of the main functions of the IRS is to process tax returns, including refunds. Thus they have a large number of people dedicated to the task, and their systems are set up specifically and directly for it. My IRS return was 75 pages, it took my accountant a few months and then it was ready for my review, after that he e-filed. There was a lot of prep work before the IRS had to "push" the button. It took the IRS about 4 weeks to "push" the button with everything verified by a CPA to get my personal refund. The IRS didn't have to to do the preparation math. We really do like Holland America, as evidenced by our 5-Star Mariner status. We believe that their onboard service is an excellent value and are as anxious as anybody else to step foot on one their ships as soon as possible. What we have unfortunately noticed over the last few years is that their head office management team is certainly not up to par with their onboard teams. As I have said before ... a multi-million dollar international corporation managed like a corner store. Hopefully, this terrible pandemic will open some eyes and changes will be contemplated to ensure a brighter future. The changes at the top have already started and we look forward to what is to come. p.s. Your cheque is in the mail !
  3. A lot of thought went into this but this is simply not the way that a multi-million dollar international corporation is supposed to do business. Really? In 2020? If the IRS worked its refund processing like this, you would get your 2020 refund in 2059. It is time for cruise lines to use some of their profits to update their information technology systems.
  4. Hiring a Human Resources expert to run its Operations. Regardless of who that person was and how great they might have been at their previous employment, they were doomed to failure before even starting on the job. Human Resources and Operations require two totally different skill sets. Sort of like hiring a plumber to fix your computer
  5. I think you should apply for the job vacated by Orlando. 😋
  6. Yes, and contrary to Orlando Ashford, most of the innovations she has introduced on Princess in the last few years were extremely well received by the passengers and continue to be a success.
  7. That was just another iteration of the same thing under a different name. Orlando just would not give up on this total disaster 😉 I spoke to several ATK folks and even they thought it was horrible.
  8. I have no idea how long you have been cruising on HAL or a member of Cruise Critic, but let me remind you that when the Koningsdam was introduced in 2016, the area designated as America's Test Kitchen was also referred to as the Culinary Arts Center where dinner was served as an upcharge restaurant. Another one of Orlando's failed initiatives ...
  9. We really noticed that started slowly happening when HAL stopped the production shows in the main theater and dressed their cruise directors in those hideous grey suits. Pretty sad when your waiters are better dressed than the cruise director who, on top of looking ridiculous, is not even allowed to tell jokes anymore. Hard for a cruise director with hardly any staff to engage guests in activities and make the ship look alive and vibrant.
  10. That's the problem. Nobody did except Orlando! It was a dining room at night on the Koningsdam when it opened.
  11. America's Test Kitchen and Club Orange come to mind. 😉
  12. Certainly not sorry to see him go. The man was unfortunately put in a job he was not prepared for but that cannot excuse all his mistakes because of his lack of knowledge and understanding of the business. Hopefully, HAL's new leader will be knowledgeable enough to develop a vision that encompasses both traditional HAL cruisers and new HAL cruisers. Hint: Ask their counterpart at Princess as she seems to understand the business and doing very well 😉
  13. "I'm sure you didn't mean this post to sound mean or condescending, but it seems to come across that way. As a matter of fact I clicked on 'terms and conditions' and for some reason my browser always landed back on the page I was already on, therefore I never could find the answer I was looking for. I certainly could have called HAL to ask the question, but felt that asking the question here would be much easier than sitting on hold for however it long it takes to get to a customer service person." I did not want to sound mean or condescending but I wanted to sound "loud and clear". A lot of folks ask questions on Cruise Critic for which answers are easily found on the HAL website or even here on CC by doing a simple search. The answers on the HAL website also have the added benefit of being 100% precise (in most cases 😉). If you would rather ask here, by all means feel free to do so but also be aware that you may not always get the answers you are expecting..
  14. One more click of the mouse on the Terms and Conditions would have provided you with the answer ... Alot easier and much faster than asking here. "Free drinks offer is based on Signature Beverage Package and has a daily limit of 15 beverages, which includes all beverages priced at US$11.00 or lower. Guests must order beverages one at a time and must be 21 years or older for alcoholic beverages. Sharing is not permitted. Beverage management reserves the right to revoke the package if misused and refuse service for any reason, including service of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated guests. Package excludes purchases made in Signature Shops, Mini Bar and In Room Dining, or beverages on Half Moon Cay. "
  15. Recent Stryker Post on Facebook SIR STRYKER LIVE #2 - A Mother’s Day (USA) concert and celebration!! The last one was so successful (2000 fans watching live and nearly 150k views total). I will live stream at Facebook.com/StrykerFanClub. Sunday, May 10 @ 5:00p CST (NYC - 6:00p; L.A. - 3:00p; London - 23:00; Sydney - 08:00 on April 27). This time I will be taking LIVE requests. Please join us live and SHARE this post!!
  16. Why contact your credit card issuer and how would they know the details of your booking with HAL? You should contact HAL directly if you booked with them, or your travel agent if you used one.
  17. Unless your cruise is going to Georgia or Tennessee, I would forget it. 😉
  18. Stryker will remain one of HAL's favorites for a long time for many passengers. Too bad that they can no longer employ him in the Billboard Onboard configuration. BUT the times have changed and now this ...
  19. Maybe you'd get better peanuts ... and they'd let you use the empty seat beside you for that extra suitcase containing your tux free of charge
  20. PLUS non-essential travel to Canada is forbidden for U.S. citizens as the border is basically closed. Even if the ships were sailing, Americans could still not come to Vancouver. p.s. We Canadians could not go to Seattle to board a ship either ... it goes both ways. Like I've said before, buy a few good books, grab a chair, NONE of us will be sailing any time soon.
  21. And why would HAL be any different? Please tell. Eventually, folks have to realize NONE of us will be cruising any time soon.
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