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  1. You could always appeal to the folks in Miami. It doesn't seem right to be awarded something then not be able to use it. It's not quite "bait and switch" but it seems to be getting close. If CR can't or won't do anything, perhaps an inquiry to the Executive Resolution Team will get some results. Send your inquiry to the President of the company or to the Executive Resolution Team in care of the President's or Chairman's office in Miami.
  2. The 10 drinks for $80 is typically offered mid-cruise as a drink card. I've seen it on many of the smaller class ships (Vision and Radiance class) but it is not always offered on every cruise.
  3. It appears that the Certificates are prepared a few times per year and if you earn yours near the printing date all of the cruises are in the future. If you earn it in the middle of the distribution period or worse, near the end, there will be less cruises left on the list. I agree it's not the best system. We went to redeem our JS certificate and as you stated, nearly all of the choices didn't have any JS cabins left. We were fortunate to find one that we combined with another offer we received so we made an 11 night trip out of two separate offers. With more and more players, I am finding that it is becoming somewhat more difficult to find the ideal booking when you are working from a limited listing of cruises.
  4. If I recall correctly, I signed up at Next Cruise while onboard as I was booking and they had a 40,000 point bonus if I recall correctly.
  5. If you are Prime you can book two additional cabins for family or friends and receive an extra 5% casino discount. If you are signature the discount is 10% and if you are Master, you will receive the casino rate. I got this info from a CR rep I spoke to earlier today. You can use a discount certificate but the party named on the certificate or the online offer has to be one of the cabin occupants.
  6. 1. It won't hurt to introduce yourself to the host. Currently on the Serenade the host is Igor. He is friendly and helpful and one of the best hosts we've encountered. In the middle of our last cruise he came looking for us and put a Prime sticker on my wife's SeaPass card. Disclosure - We were on the Serenade for the August 25th TA and the 9/22 week to Bermuda that ended up in Portland and then Bermuda due to Hurricane Jerry so we got to know Igor. 2. You will earn slot points which are shown on the slot screen when you insert your card. You also earn the same type of "tier" points at the tables. In addition you will build a freeplay comp total on your card. You can go into your account at a machine on the last day or evening and download the comp points for freeplay or ask the host to give you OBC instead of freeplay. If you earn a Certificate it will likely be in your cabin the next to last day. Feel free to take it to the Casino as you will likely earn more points on the last day and evening and Igor will exchange it for a higher value certificate if you get to the next level. 3. Not sure about dinners. Just ask. Also not sure if there are different guidelines for the URComped players. 4. We always get a tray of cookies, a fruit tray and at least one bottle of wine. I am Signature and my wife is now Prime and we are both Diamond plus so that may factor into what they give us
  7. There is no charge to redeem the points from my BofA Royal Caribbean Visa card. There is a redemption process where you select the OBC amounts along with the cruise details where you want the credit. Start by logging into your BofA online account and click on "View MyCruise Points". This takes you to a page where there is a tab to click to redeem points. I pasted a screen shot of that page below. If you decide to get the card, be sure you get a good sign-up point bonus (at least 40,000 points).
  8. As long as you are prime or higher the SeaPass cash advance in the casino is waived. Give the table dealer your card and the amount you want and the pit boss will run it and you sign a charge slip just like for everything else on the ship. If you want slot money, go to the cage and they will issue you play vouchers in the value of the advance you requested. I let those charges go to my my SeaPass account and it is then automatically billed at the end of the cruise to my Bank of America Royal Caribbean Visa where I get double pints that I redeem for OBC. (Usually $250 to $500 per redemption).
  9. I've only seen one European sailing on a casino certificate. You should, however, be able to use your tier cruise anywhere Royal sails subject to the cruise length limit and the holidays. Just watch your offers and review your casino offers web page on an ongoing basis.
  10. I received two certificates in mid and late September and the cruise offerings went out through the end of March (Oceanview) or very early April (JS). I'll likely get another in early November and will provide an update then.
  11. We utilize the casino drinks coupled with the Diamond/Concierge lounge drinks including the 3 put on our card each day for "happy hour" (5 - 830). If we have anything during the day outside of the lounge or casino we pay as we go. It's much cheaper than buying a drink package.
  12. I received a new mailer today called "Wicked Wagers - Ghouls and Games Halloween 2019". The offer code is H19TEQ03 for a free balcony cabin on the Allure sailing 10/27/19 from FLL to the western Caribbean. It is hosted by Patron and includes a private Tequila tasting and food pairing at Sabor as well as a reception, gift and a "Mischief & Mayhem Costume Event". Sounds like fun but we are already booked on a Halloween cruise this year,
  13. It could be due to the ship size or the length of the cruise. I would check-in with the casino host the first evening of your cruise to confirm whether or not there will be tournament. Good luck!
  14. After reading your post I checked online as I haven't received an email or mailer about the Med cruise. My offer code is H19DEST03 and is for a balcony or $1,000 off. All I have to do is find cheap air or decide to cash in some miles. Just checked and the Destination Mediterranean cruise is listed on the summer/fall CR mailer magnet of coming events that I received last week.
  15. This mailer is a teaser of sorts to let you know what promotions are coming later this year. We will likely get different individual offers based on their "rating" system (Interior, Oceanview, Balcony, Jr.,. Suite, etc.) as each offer gets closer and they have a better idea of the actual number of cabins they can book through CR as their offers are capacity controlled.
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