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  1. I would think the faster and cheaper route goes thru the Med to the East Coast. 30 days transit at 15 knots from Klang to Miami.
  2. You may be right. Of course, why put money into advertising a product that has an unknown future, not just when but if.
  3. I saw but part of my deposit was only FCC by choice at the time. I do not want it considered as such now.
  4. Trying to sort out what of our payments qualifies for the 25% bonus, For what it is worth, one of the large travel consortiums has pulled all marketing for Crystal.
  5. From a simple comment on January cruising to will the WC go or flying to Emirates. - on a 777 or A380. And I know better.
  6. I did not mention the WC as 1) I am only on Miami to LA and 2) there are too many obstacles and too much risk. I do think there are alternatives - stay in the Caribbean or possibly make the cancel transit and stay on the west coast of CA and Mexico. The cost to transit the Panama Canal may point towards Caribbean voyages as better options. And then there is the need to market and sell new voyages. We have decided that we will cancel the January Mia to LA cruise - too many restrictions in place that would lower the enjoyment but not the price.
  7. We are nearing a final decision point - our final payment for the January Miami to LA Serenity cruise is due on 6 November. If the cruise is a go, I would think we might see the ship start moving - maybe to pick up part of the crew soon. Depending on the ships speed, the voyage can be 30 to 45 days via the Suez and Med. I think that an additional 15 days would be needed to gather crew (who knows how many may return), provisions the ship and train the crew in the new Covid procedures. The crew might need a refresher on their regular duties. We stay in touch with several crew members but they have been silent on what is happening. The task for the Symphony is easier as they start from Bangkok --- or from Singapore if they delay a few days. Any thoughts.
  8. Thanks. Just about the time I saw your post, I found the info in my trip folder. I read the letter Crystal sent AmEx regarding my friends claim. Clearly they cannot read their own policy - either on the original confirmation or their revived 9 March policy. The confirmation document sent by Crystal documenting the cancelation showed the correct amount due, an amount Crystal later said their were not owed. Our friend sent another letter to AmEx showing the original policy, the revised policy and the Crystal confirmation of the cancelation. Has anyone been able to get their insurance money back?
  9. Let me try asking a different question. Did anyone who reads this thread, cancel a river or ocean cruise scheduled for 2020 before Crystal --- and who received a refund, either thru Crystal or via charge back. Or does anyone have the refund policy for canceling cruises in 2020 before Crystal did? Thanks.
  10. The reason I need the exact policy is three couple were on the cruise. We canceled one day apart. The two who can eked one day later recurved dull refunds, one thru AmEx.
  11. We had a friend, working for a refund via AmEx, have her requests denied by Crystal (partial refund). She canceled a river cruise on 5/19 for a cruise due to leave on 9/19. Crystal denied her request due to cancelation policy (per the letter in her AmEx file from Crystal). Crystal had not yet canceled the cruise (I think they finally did it on 1 July). Does anyone have the Crystal policy for cancelations in place in May?
  12. I agree however, those in long term care facilities died at a much higher rate than the general population --- or even the population in the same age groups who were not in long term care. So do we say - you are older and in LTC so you can wait?
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