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  1. I'm afraid I don't remember the name of the captain. The live bands played various types of music. Our major complaint was that the volume was so loud, it was difficult to have a conversation. We did enjoy some of th music, especially sitting out on our balcony and listening to the singer at the Sunset Bar.
  2. The color of the card (light blue) quickly identifies AQ.
  3. Yes; there is soft light at the base of the cabinet.
  4. My parents and brother were all happy with their cabins (1127 and 1123). Noise was not a problem.
  5. There is a full-length mirror on the inside of the closet door.
  6. SuzeCruze1 - Thank you; my husband's and my mother's injuries have healed. Yes, you can see into the mirror while you are seated. The shower head can be used as a handheld and there are no sheer curtains. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Our phone was awful. It worked for a day, and then we couldn't get our messages the second day or call other staterooms. Our fantastic stateroom attendant (Ian) checked it out, and he couldn't make it work so he called it in. Later that day, it worked fine. A couple of days after that, we could pick up messages off and on, but couldn't get rid of the message light. My brother's phone didn't work either.
  8. Yes; if we sat at the very back of the balcony, we had some shade for most of the day. When the breeze was blowing, it was perfect!
  9. Since the Revolution, I understand they have changed the showers; none of the AQ cabins have the full body showers. Cafe al Bacio was wonderful! I should have reviewed it. Coffee delicious, and the pastries (almond croissant for me, apple turnover for my husband) were scrumptious! One of my favorite places on the ship.
  10. No, but every time I went to get drinks at the Sunset Bar when my husband was on the balcony, I looked up to see if I could see him. 😊And when he was getting drinks, I could call down to him and change my order, or ask him where the "whatever" was. The worst part was that the Sunset Bar was too hot an uncomfortable for us to use during the day. I think sun worshippers loved it.
  11. I like your shower much better than ours (AQ). The wire basket in yours was filled with the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner in ours, and we had no other shelf/storage in the shower.
  12. Have a wonderful voyage! We've only done one TA and we loved it, despite north Atlantic storms requiring a change of itinerary and high seas.
  13. I have a Mac, so it's Command+C, but that's what I did. What finally worked for me was copying and pasting into the Cruise Critic review, then copying and pasting from there to a new topic in this forum. YMMV.
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