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  1. Since last summer, we have stayed at quite a few hotels in several states, and it was not a "feel good" experience walking through the halls with trash & piles of used towels outside the rooms. But unfortunately there was really no choice if you wanted your linens changed and your trash collected. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens on the ships when cruising resumes, although I imagine the cruise lines will be more proactive about picking up the mess.
  2. Got a picture of our cards on our phones, also emailed a copy to ourselves so they are available that way as well. Years ago I was given a box of small heavy duty ziploc-type bags for craft items. Perfect size to hold our originals. If I hadn't had those, I just would double-bagged them with regular ziploc bags.
  3. We saw this as well on the Amsterdam in Alaska, and the Zaandam for New England. Both in 2019. You really had to look for the station, and you had to flag down someone to make the sandwich. But so much better than the premade stale sandwiches.
  4. I, too, drink water all day long, and I had horrible pain in my legs after my second Moderna shot. I also had that crushing fatigue starting the next morning and lasting all day. Very little soreness in my arm, though. (After shot #1 I had a sore arm for days! And no muscle pain, and just a little fatigue the next day.) Mr Chew only had a little bit of soreness in his arm after each shot.
  5. when we were last in Sydney prior to a cruise, we stayed at the Sydney Harbour Marriot for several days. We took the train out to the Blue Mountains and then used the HoHo bus to get around the area. We did some hiking, had a meal & a snack, and stopped in a few museums. It was a wonderful day, not very expensive, and very easy to get around.
  6. First night of a 75-day cruise on HAL. Main dining room, second seating. Mr Chew & I sat ourselves down at our table. While we were waiting for our dinner mates, overheard a woman at a nearby table giving instructions to the waiter about how she liked her water every night, with lemon & a straw. Finally our table mates arrived. VERY old. The man sat next to me. He wanted to have a conversation with Mr Chew, who was sitting across from me. The man had a very soft voice so I would have to lean into him to hear what he was saying. then I would repeat it to my husband, and I would
  7. My friend & I are waiting to hear what happens to our late September cruise out of Baltimore, that we lifted & shifted from last year. It was supposed to go to Canada, now maybe it will go to the Bahamas?? We'd be happy with a cruise to nowhere at this point!
  8. Yes, we got the same notification from Loudoun, but the statewide site still can't find most people. We preregistered just after Jan 16. I've been checking the pharmacies daily, one or two times a day, and got lucky today. We are scheduled at CVS (a different one for each of us) on Monday.
  9. Our state-run registration system here in Virginia has been a failure. Still not working. But today some appts opened up at CVS, and Mr Chew & I are scheduled for shot #1 on Monday. Shot #2 already scheduled four weeks out. I had started checking the pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, etc) a few days ago, once or twice a day. Got lucky today!
  10. They're still making excuses for the non-functioning web registration system here in Virginia. Govt in Richmond says one thing, county says another, Congressional rep says a third. What a joke. Or it would be a joke if this whole situation wasn't so serious. BUT - I've been checking CVS/etc several times a day, and today while I was on, appointments opened up! So we're scheduled for Monday, with follow up scheduled in 4 weeks. But two different pharmacies! At least neither of them is very far away. Color us relieved!
  11. Oh, that's right, you had earlier mentioned your military eligibility!! Very glad you got your shot ... and very jealous! Our county was really ramping things up, and then the state said, uh, no, now you have to use our registration system, and that's really screwed everything. We're also checking the pharmacies (CVS, etc) but nothing popping yet. We're still trying to be patient ... but the mess with the state system is almost the last straw!
  12. Where did you get your shot? We were told that physician/hospital practices would no longer be able to give the vaccine. And the Virginia registration system has been a complete failure. We are very frustrated. 1B, both of us.
  13. Virginia may have collapsed 1b&c together, but they're still on over 75. We've filled out some online forms with the county, hospital system, & physicians office, but still cant get appointments. (We're both 1c) On the other hand, my daughter lives in a residential care facility in Pennsylvania, and she just received her second shot of Pfizer this morning. I've been told she had no side effects with either shot. We are anxious to get our own vaccs so we can finally get so see her. It's been over a year.
  14. I also use a battery operated toothbrush to travel
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