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  1. I for one find these occasional history lessons very interesting, and appreciate them very much!
  2. I think that there will be many American cruisers who will push back on any restrictions, at least at the start. I just hope the cruise lines will be forceful about enforcement.
  3. I agree with you - it seems like I am washing my hands and/or using hand sanitizer every 30 minutes, sometimes less!, so I don't wear my rings to keep the gunk out.
  4. I know ... that song is now stuck in my head for a while! We love seeing places we've been on our travels. Looking forward to the next episode.
  5. I would never pay for a subscription to Food & Wine, but I have renewed it a few times through HAL. I don't pay a lot of attention to the timing, but when I've realized I haven't seen an issue in a few months, I've gone into my Mariner account and renewed. I think I've done this 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years ...
  6. We have learned that if the magnets won't stay on the walls, you can put them on the ceiling. If you have a connecting door, you can put them around the door jamb. We also had some shelves that have metal sides or fronts that will take a magnet.
  7. Agree! This was my favorite space to sit in the sun & read, for hours & hours, albeit a little (!) windy at times. We were very disappointed & a little irritated when we boarded the Silhouette in February and learned it was now off limits. But they need people to fill the suites, and I guess the suitees need their perks. Why those perks need to be in public areas of the ship, I don't know. We have occasionally booked suites, but we mostly want them for the extra space, larger balcony, included beverages, stuff like that.
  8. Not entirely accurate ... I was a teenager in the 70s ... we had cartoons in color when I was a little girl, and had been to many amusements parks in several states ...
  9. Many long time world cruisers already have entitlements, and don't think newbies should share them in any way. It didn't take Covid-19 to make that happen!
  10. I remember most of those things (or recognize some from pictures) but the card catalog is the one that made me laugh out loud!
  11. That was an incredible evening, wasn't it?? I think it would be wonderful if they could do more of those ...
  12. Years ago, we were at the airport to fly to Puerto Rico for a few days before our cruise. We hadn't paid too much attention to the forecast beyond our day of departure, but when we saw Jim arriving in the airport, we knew it was going to be bad. The snow started later that day, after we were safely in San Juan! We watched his reports from our hotel room, he was only a few miles from our town .. we dodged a bullet ... er, a blizzard ... for sure!
  13. My friend & I were supposed to be sailing out of Baltimore today on Grandeur. Sigh ... But we're booked for basically the same cruise next year, on Enchantment. (And another cruise on HAL in February, with the Misters ... )
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