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  1. sitraveler


    This venue is also used by ship’s staff for select guests. It’s not always available for private parties.
  2. My 19th cruise was my free one. Wife had 1 more cruise than me. We were not the only couple with this situation, and that was O’s way of handling it.
  3. My current phone has a rotary dialer.
  4. Of course that assumes the ship sails
  5. Just insure for the deposit amount. When and if you pay the final amount notify your insurance company and pay the additional.
  6. You have a butler, more dining reservations, in suite dining, early check in. Go to the O website.
  7. Singles pay double unless O is offering a reduced single supplement. Port taxes are not billed separately, so I pay them anyway.
  8. The NY Times Travel Show, scheduled for January 2021 is cancelled. Looks to me like nothing is happening soon.
  9. When I bought a FCC, O contacted my TA.
  10. That’s the way it is. Always has been.
  11. When I was on Regatta, more were on the VIP line than not
  12. +1. agree 100%. It was a complaint I had, but O was steadfast in not giving in.
  13. I was suspended for telling Jan’s occupation many years ago.
  14. So much misinformation in your post I hesitate to answer. "Long distant guests" are from this side of the pond, flights arrive really early. Boarding and cabin availability are different times. The Barcelona dock is not right on the street. Just go to the ship after you land and all will be fine.
  15. BTW, the library on Riviera or Marina doesn't compare to the library on the other ships. Almost the only bad thing there is.
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