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  1. Susiesan makes very good points. In the past, I also had a nice amount of credit because of chartered cruises. I lost it all because it had an expiration date and I was unable to use it on time.
  2. There is more information and a couple posts from someone who was on this cruise, in the roll call thread for PG cruise leaving 29 July.
  3. Yes, after that , I didn’t sail on Windstar again for quite some time.
  4. In the past I’ve had three cruises canceled with Windstar. Two were chartered and for the other one, they changed the ship and the itinerary. Never a happy situation.
  5. How did you find out there was no single supplement? I don't see this on their webpage. Did you have to call?
  6. Windstar does a wonderful job in French Polynesia and this is a great price.
  7. My point was your flight is on AF, not a DL plane.
  8. DL does not fly to/from Tahiti. Those are AF flights. I also did not like Paul Gauguin, and would not consider booking any cruises right now.
  9. Her posts read a lot like a certain politician’s tweets. Inaccurate, full of hot air and incorrectly used ellipses.
  10. US citizens don’t need a visa for South Africa.
  11. The pool is not really big enough for swimming.
  12. Look at British Airways. I don’t know your dates or criteria, but you can get RT in Basic Economy for as low as $524.00 RT. Make sure you understand the restrictions of these tickets. my DD and I are going to the UK this spring on BA and paid $325 per ticket. We did pay a small fee to choose seats, but can manage just fine with carry ons only.
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