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  1. The sticky on individual cabins is fine but it’s worth remembering that you can still have issues on individual cruises even if none have been noted before. We had to move from our cabin in September due to a problem.
  2. Hi all We are looking at an Asia cruise for early 2021. We like the itinerary but the downside is that due to work commitments we would probably need to fly out on a Saturday getting in Sunday evening. The cruise embarks in Hong Kong on the Sunday but starts with an overnight leaving the next day. We would normally fly out a day or two early, would it be a problem joining the ship on the Monday should we have a delay ?
  3. Prices are up around 30% in the UK for many cruises after they introduced the perks offers.
  4. Personally I don’t see those as “excellent deals”.
  5. We were on the Equinox in September, couple of problems with damaged luggage and our room. MDR was a one time and never again experience it was so bad but other than that we loved the ship and cruise. Great staff and other than the MDR great service from everyone. Spotlessly clean although sadly yet again many passengers were handling food without using the hand sanitisers first which is where cruise ships end up with large numbers of people going down with norovirus. Getting actual food poisoning on a cruise shop is not easy given they food standards far better than 99% of food establishments on land. I’ve had norovirus on a Princess cruise and it’s certainly a horrible experience.
  6. You do get a big step up in Murano though. As you say the MDR can’t deliver those expectations these days, it’s just too understaffed.
  7. The new perks plan is certainly not for the customer in my view. Add on the drinks package which was just about always included in the UK and every cruise has seen a big increase in cost.
  8. You do, Celebrity may have been that at one time but it’s more 3 star hotel levels these days. I’m afraid no customer review is going to change that, it’s not going back to previous standards. We have stayed in some true five star hotels, four seasons, Manderin Oriental where I feel we had that service, never cruised on cruise lines at Regent level so not sure how they compare with the better hotels.
  9. I’m not going to go down the abuse line, too much of that on here these days. I would agree that the service in the MDR is poor, actually beyond poor on our cruise in September when one time was enough. I would have thought that Murano every night would have been more to your taste. You appear to have very high standards and I feel they may have been closer to your expectations.
  10. Obviously it’s how many people are booking at the higher rate against the percentage booking very late on. As the poster above in the UK the new perks way of booking has seen crazy price increases, I would say as high as 30% in many cases which is hard to understand unless the demand is genuinely there. I have to say though I think we are seeing a real change in Celebrity. If this forum is anything to go by many older and loyal Celebrity cruisers are looking elsewhere but they seem to be easily replaced by younger customers with money to burn. I tend to get emails more or less on a daily basis by US TA’s these days and I had another yesterday by one of I believe the big online agents and I could not believe the difference. The base price before taxes per person including all four perks plus an extra $100 dollars onboard dollars for an Asia cruise in 2021 that we are looking at was the same in dollars as we would pay in pounds with no perks at all. That’s a crazy difference of something like $2000 dollars for a couple on that cruise. Ok feedback on that TA is it’s fine until you have an issue, not the standards I would get from out own UK TA who are great.
  11. I would turn that around and say that for all the doomsday predictions where is there any proof that they are on rocky ground ? Everything we see, RC profits, passenger numbers, the continuation of increased fares with bookings still high, new ships. I can’t see any credible evidence to suggest that at this moment in time Celebrity are struggling. To me they appear to be thriving although moving out of my price range but I’m happy to read any actual evidence showing that’s not the case.
  12. Quite simply because they are not changing. People will say ignore the fact ships are sailing full or near full because that can be skewed by last minute deals, fair enough. However if the business model is not working you change it, they have not and that tells you everything you need to know, unless of course RC is run by idiots who don’t look at the books and I very much doubt that.That might change but I don’t see anyone willing to state that the Celebrity brand is in trouble and passenger feedback continues to be just about higher than any other mainstream line. Many loyal passengers looking to leave, looks to be plenty willing to replace them.
  13. There are plenty of people willing to pay the prices and plenty love the product. Celebrity is doing very well, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Personalise we loved our cruise on September, staff and service all top notch, MDR continues to go downhill so one visit was enough, Murano was amazing, after they found we were there every other night they made amazing off menu dishes for us. BUT we won’t pay the inflated price for most cruises, we have a future cruise credit after an issue with our room which we will use but will be very picky and use it on a cruise that offers genuine value. That’s probably going to be our last cruise with a Celebrity unless we see an amazing deal. We still like the product but won’t be paying these daft prices.
  14. We ate on Murano six times this September and left a cash tip each time for that very reason.
  15. All staff should get a share, that can’t be done by individuals giving out amounts in envelopes. If there was one change I would make it would be to stop the ability of anyone to remove the gratuities. Nothing to do with the thread starter but I’ve seen too many people lining up at guest services in the past to have grats removed.
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