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  1. We have always said we still enjoy the Celebrity cruise experience but will pick and chose. We have just booked again for February next year, 14 night Asia cruise on the Millenium. Free Classic drinks package, free Gratuities, and $200 OBC in an inside cabin for £95 pp per night. For us that’s decent value and competitive with other cruise lines of a similar standard. There may be things about Celebrity that are not wonderful, but there are still plenty of other things that are and the latter still outweigh the former for us.
  2. Not sure if you have stayed there before but if not you won’t be disappointed. Fantastic staff and don’t miss breakfast overlooking the intercostal waterway.
  3. Depends what you are looking for. Location, large chain or boutique, cost. We stayed at the Pillars hotel in September which was fantastic.
  4. Hi folks we are about to book another cruise with Celebrity, this time on the millennium. Has anyone had a midship inside or Oceanview stateroom on deck 2 or 3 that they found to be quite. Not too many are listed on the spreadsheet and after a noisy cabin last time we want some decent sleep this next holiday. cheers.
  5. It’s what works for each individual and it works for us. Too many people think of the alcohol packages as how many alcoholic drinks they consume but around half of ours is other drinks. Premium orange juice, speciality coffee, smoothies, soft drinks. Start adding in cocktails, a couple of beers during the day, and wine with our meal and we definitely save money.
  6. Is there a reason you keep sailing with Celebrity when you always seem to be so unhappy with the product ?
  7. We don’t tend to compare land and sea simply because for its it’s two different products. We love the sea and cruising in general, far more than any land based holiday. We will always cruise, but make sure we book something that offers us the value we seek.
  8. I had read that on here. My worry would be picking a dodgy ta in the first place, it’s really difficult when you can’t take advice and be given a name from those in the UK who use a reputable one. I can of course do the usual google search and it brings up many if the same names but I would not have a clue which one to choose.
  9. Yep, we all have the choice to move on if the product no longer has value to us. We have a good amount of future cruise credit to use within the next couple of years so won’t be throwing that away but I think we may move on to another line after that, maybe hold on for a deal with an upmarket line if possible. There is plenty of choice in the cruise market and we are not loyal to only one brand but rather individual cruises that meet our fit at that point in time.
  10. Exactly, people moan at the regular price yet plenty of people are willing to pay for the upgraded service. Murano on our cruise in September looked to be full every night we dined there. If it’s not for the individual walk on, no one is being forced to dine in speciality restaurants.
  11. I’ve always been of the opinion that the cruise industry is very unfair to just about anyone outside of the US. This is just the latest example of a Celebrity promotion in the US being far superior to that in the UK. We all know the existing situation of refundable deposits in the US which gives the ability to book multiple cabins and then cancel later at no cost thus making them unavailable to the rest of us. People should not have to even think about looking for an American ta which is fraught with danger if you don’t know which one to book with. There should be an even playing field.
  12. When we have priced up the luxury lines they have always been at least double the cost, even when factoring in the all inclusive element. I think if you don’t work and can be totally flexible it’s maybe possible to get a deal but for people like ourselves who need to book a year in advance no so much.
  13. As with specialty dinning it’s an individual thing, what’s the value to you. I think many cruise ship excursions are outrageous but plenty of other disagree and book them.
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