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  1. I am 73, my dh is 88, we were both on the last Grand Princess cruise, where 2 passengers came down with virus after we got off. I say this because I never had any concern about getting the virus after wards, we practice washing hands on board like we have done for years. So do think the cruise lines will figure this out in good time. Either cruise lines sell all the ships to states like California will a high homeless population and start building new smaller ships, or we are going to need to trust the industry to figure this out and then we can decide whether we want to cruise or not. Flying has is much risk as cruising... airlines are trying to work it out now. I for one am waiting for Israel to stop requiring US citizens to quarantine for 14 days, so I can make a flight there, had tickets for May 12; cancelled for now, have 18 months to rebook. I have a cruise booked for next February, on the Ruby, final payment due November. Will wait to see how it goes, whether the ship is even going. I have a lot of faith in Americans we will get this in good time. May not happen as quickly as anyone wants, but we will do it. Life goes on. We all make choices regarding what is best for us.
  2. I was listening to a doctor last night who treats virus patients... he basically said if you wash your hands and don't touch your face you will not get the virus, so social distancing to the extent required now may be less of an issue. I know when I am out doing errands no always possible to be completely at 6' distance, pass some folks... would guess the same issue will be for boarding an airplane. We will see.
  3. I am not questioning your knowledge, experience, the issue is whether a video can fill the bill for a drill, I think so... Obviously in an emergency I would use my common sense and listen to directions at the same. I value the knowledge and experience of the crew.
  4. If you call herding telling folks to follow the emergency lights and come into drill area and sick down, don't see the need for repeat training for the crew.
  5. I know from experience everything is different in a real emergency... I will count on my own common sense first.
  6. This an informed attitude, I worked in a safety function for a number of years. In real emergencies every is different. I saw that reviewing accident investigation reports. What we are talking about here, how the drill could be changed for passengers. With what is being done a TV video, I feel it is more than adequate. I did attend the drill on last cruise, saw the repeat on my cabin tv, reviewed the back of the cabin door. I did not comment on crew training that is a different situation.
  7. You are right, I worked in a safety function for a federal agency for a number of years, all bets are off in a true emergency. And fire is one of the biggest risks on a ship, staying down low and calm is very important. They don't cover any of that in drill.
  8. I don't worry much about what others do. TV video is good enough for me. After 60+ cruises I could conduct the safety drill.
  9. I have cruised on 9 different lines over the years.... muster done a number of different ways... Princess does inside, HAL out...Princess has the video on the cabin tv, can't watch anything else on tv till muster video finished.
  10. I have cruised many times on the Grand ... did the first cruise out of Istanbul in l998, at least 6 times since home ported in San Francisco, was on the Feb 2020 cruise this year to Mexico. Over the years menu in the MD of all Princess ships has changed a lot. As a result, we do Room Service for breakfast, do either the Crown Grill or the buffet for dinner. On our last cruise we did the Crown Grill 4 nights, buffet 5... skipped dinner first night since we had a very late boarding time. We like the variety in the buffet, generally have several fish items, good salad bar.. how that changes in the future remains to be seen. We felt the MD menu changed so much we were more satisfied skipping it entirely. To be fare, we do the same on Celebrity, when we cruise that line.
  11. I heard someone talking about this issue on TV a few weeks back, there is some real national security issues behind this law... so not good reason to change it just to satisfy vacation cruisers.
  12. Just retired for the second time just before virus hit, was thinking about getting another part time job, mainly to support my travel budget. If we stop traveling, i am 73 and my dh is 88... then don't need to get another job, right now everything shut down anyway. I think we will simply stay and home and enjoy life as best we can... enjoy our memories and thank God that we started traveling in the l980s, so we have had a long run. Visited all the places on our bucket list sometimes more than once or twice... so have no regrets. Flying has not been much fun for sometime, looks like cruising may be more of a challenge in the future... probably more than we want to deal with anyway. Living in California where living costs are high, any money we save will just go to daily living costs here. We have two trips booked now. One is a flight to Israel non stop from San Fancisco to Tel Aviv Sept 1 and the other is a 10 cruise on the Ruby to Mexico, Feb 2021. I will remain to be seen where we do either of these trips. All depends on the virus and travel guidelines. After that, who knows... grateful we have a good life.
  13. Yes, luckily about 12 times in the past 20 years... we flew and took ships over the years. This is the first non stop from San Francisco we had planned. I hope we make it too.
  14. We figured out one of the reasons we loved to cruise is we loved being on the water or near water. Luckily we live near San Francisco and enjoy walks along San Francisco Bay... just being near the water helps us relax. I grew up south of San Francisco on the ocean, my dh lived in Morocco - in Cassablanca, so also near water, the Atlantic... no wonder we love the water. Hope you find what gives you comfort on and off the ship.
  15. Yes, am sure we are all trying to figure out what will work for us. My dh is 88 so that is another factor for me, I need to keep an eye on him, he gets confused somethings. We have one international flight booked from San Francisco to Tel Aviv for Sept 1. We were suppose to go 5/12... re booked. It is a non stop on United or would not go at all. Right now foreigners entering Israel must guarantine... if they are still doing we will not go at all... it was just a one week trip, we have family there we wanted to visit.
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