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  1. Been cruising since l980s, food on lines has changed a lot. Been on 9 different lines well over 60 cruises: Princess, Celebrity, Cunard, HAL, Crystal, RCCL, NCL, and a few lines no long operating. Of these lines: all about the same except NCL. Can't say any outstanding but NCL is at the bottom of my list. Now days, we approach meals on cruise lines very different then in the beginning. Early on it was 3 meals a day in the main dining room at a set time. Now days, we do breakfast using room service, have a relaxing breakfast in our cabin, since we have seen most ports we visit a few times no rush to get off the ship. We do not do 3 meals a day... we have one other meal each day. We rarely go to the MDR any more... most MDR menu items don't call to me anymore. I am just as happy to go the buffet late afternoon make a nice salad and select a protein item and have a nice cocktail. If we don't do this, we go to the steak house on board, of all the steak house items, our favorite is Sea Bass in the Crown Grill on Princess. We also enjoy the Fish and Chips and Fish and Scrimp on Princess which is a special lunchtime item in the Crown Grill. We cook at home, rarely eat out, like to keep it simple and healthy, this seems to work for us. When we do land based trips, we picnic by shopping from local fare - outdoor markets, especially in Europe.. Even when cruising in Europe we often bring back items to the ship.
  2. I have nearly 30 cruises on Princess... have seen it in the past, not recently... back when we were pretty satisfied with the MDR so never took advantage of it. Now feel just the opposite, my use it, we love the Crown Grill do that several nights each cruise otherwise stick with buffet.... I will keep and eye open, just in case... LOL
  3. We have done 5 over the years: 1- Golden Princess from Southampton England to NYC: ports in Belgium La Havre France, possibly Portugal. 2- Ruby Princess - Ft lauderdale to Barcelona. 3_ Westerdam HAL, Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona with stop in Casablanca Morocco 4 - Queen Victoria Ft Lauderdale to Southampton, with stops in Portugal, France, Ireland and Scotland 5 - Royal Princess - Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale, love those southern spanish ports. Found TAs to be very relaxing...
  4. Thanks for the info, few years since we were on HAL, Eurodam I think was last time - few years back.
  5. may we should start requesting they bring back in our critiques. Would not hurt, my son grandson -- started their cruising life as a result of BVE... prior to that they were not interested.. So good marketing tool.
  6. We did one, the Grand Princess in l998, from Istanbul to Barcelona. The ship was delivered late, so still laying some carpet when we boarded; many fire boats in many ports along the way to celebrate the ship's first arrival in port; people in Istanbul stood on roof tops to watch the ship leave, as the ship was taller than any building in port (the largest ship afloat at the time); we crashed the private Press Party in the disco which we discovered by accident exploring the ship before it left port, it was much better the welcome party the follow day at sea, LOL. Oh, Rita Moreno was the featured entertainer on board. Those are he memories that I recall over 20 years later. Never did another, any serious cruisers should do at least one, just for the fun of it.
  7. I called to make final payment to night did not take more than 5 minutes... on a monday afternoon.
  8. We have cruised Princess (elite), Celebrity (elite) , HAL, Cunard, and NCL recently... the food on all lines was about the same except NCL. NCL was a Mediterranean cruise out of Rome visiting Egypt, Israel and Greece... food and service on baord was well below what we are use to on any of the other lines... we ended up making our own salad and sandwiches as a main meal from the buffet for 10 days, after trying the mdr for lunch and dinner the first day on board. We were satisied with this because the cruise price was a lot less than we paid in the past on any line... because of unrest in Egypt and Israel.. so we figured we got what we paid for. To address you question, I have not cruised in the Carribbean for a while, last time was when the Ruby Princess was new -- did a 7 day back to back with a new Celebrity Ship the Eclipse, I believe. Comparing the two lines we liked the Ruby over X, even though we booked a Club Class cabin and had BLU the special dining room assigned with Club class cabin. We once booked the same ship, a Princess ship, to Mexico from San Francsico... two cruises on the same ship, within 6 months of each... first one outstanding ... second one big disappointment... so can happen same ship, in a short period of time. We have cruised the Mediterranean, on Crystal, Princess, Celebrity, HAL, Cunard and as I mentioned earlier on NCL... all cruises were very similar in quality of food and service, for the price I though Crystal was over rated, so we only did one cruise on Crystal. We are cruising the Coral Princess, Panama Canal, leaving 10/31; have the Grand Princess booked for 2/11/20, so overall we are pleased, satisfied with Princess. With 28 Princess cruises... we no long do the MDR (menu has changed, i.e., a hamburger as example on dinner menu today). We prefer the Crown Grill menu and enjoying going there even with the $29 pp person charge, we use to tip extra in the MDR and order off menu - now we just do the auto tip and go to the Crown Grill instead. We are just as satisfied with the buffet on some days or the special Fish and Chips on sea days... as seniors we don't eat more than 2 meals a day.. breakfast and one other. Have not been going to the MDR for about 5 years... do the same other lines too - including Celebrity, which some feel is better than Princess. HAL is the only exception because I don't believe they do a buffet in the evening. Hope these comments are helpful... kind of long winded but my thoughts about your issue.
  9. we bring our own, pay corking is worth it, then have a wine we enjoy.
  10. Tips are always a personal choice... auto tip just making it easier... tip more if you like, use your own judgement. We love the Crown Grill, if we go several nights we try to get same table and tip at the end of the cruise. When we eat at the buffet, ask for something special... we tip on the spot if someone gets what we requested, we appreciate the responsiveness to our request.
  11. We are elite on both lines, been on both ships, love Ruby... no longer going on Celebrity... do not care for Celebrity any more... would go on Royal Class on Princess if I liked that class of ship which copied Celebrity. I prefer the grand class any day on Princess. So i vote for the Ruby
  12. Agree abalone is a favorite dish.... if you have never tried ... very tender and delicious.
  13. I was born in SF, worked there for 30 years, September and October the best months to visit, more like summer weather during the day time, i.e., 75 degrees (a SF summer, not like Florida) bring light jackets.. night time cools off. Mark Hopkins is a great place to stay, you can take the cable car up and down the hill on California street... great view at the Top of Mark Bar on top of the hotel. Chinatown is a few blocks down the hill on California and Clay Street, there is a small Wells Fargo museum on Mongtomery St near Chinatown. Also at the foot of California street is one of my favorite places to eat, The Tadish Grill, no reservations, use to be only cash, no credit cards...I have not been there in years... there many newer and fancier places but this is an historic old SF place. SF is a small city - easy to get around... hope you enjoy it. You may check youtube videos to get a feel for the many places you can visit. Enjoy your cruise and time in SF.
  14. It is your choice how you present your self... you valid my perception that american values have gone from relaxed to sloppy... glad you will not be attending my funeral. LOL
  15. agree, anything goes on NCL... we dressed up ... most didn't... went on a cruise to Israel a few years back on NCL. We now dress up on all lines, anytime we feel like whether formal night or not, since anything goes for most part on all lines. We don't even bother to go to the MDR any more... many days, we enjoy a late lunch in the buffet, relax afterwards, dress up as much as we like and go out and enjoy the shows and activities, skipping dinner entirely... other nights we go to the Steak house, Crown Grill and to shows etc. Does not bother me what others wear... we make the cruise what we want as most people do these days. Happy cruising, wear what you like, enjoy yourselves. Even though I have accepted the relaxed to sloppy dress of many Americans, I hope someday we see folks take more pride in how the present themselves, but I am not holding my breath.
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