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  1. The Pacific Princess has been for sale for at least seven years. NCLH agreed to purchase Ocean Princess in late 2014 for delivery in early 2016 at a significantly lower price than the offering on Pacific Princess. I recall hearing, or reading somewhere, that 50 million was the price.
  2. What's the source of this FDR quote? And, possibly a photo of the Prayer Wheel.
  3. Still awaiting $862 taxes/fees from canceled 3/20/20 Riviera sailing. We canceled on the 10th.
  4. Is the value of the transfer the fare paid, e.g. $200? So, if the transfer is more, you pay the difference? Thanks!
  5. I believe it's his son , not his brother.
  6. Switched flight FCO (Rome) to LHR to BCN to LHR after cruise line, Oceania, switched end port to Barcelona. Even, in the circumstances, B.A. would not wave the Change Fee. Then, about 10 days later, they canceled the Barcelona flight. They would not refund fare, but, issued a future voucher for one year, worthless to me, and, would not refund the Change Fee. How can they possibly justify a Change Fee for an aborted/canceled flight change?
  7. Finally, after hitting the dumpster 3, 4, 5 times a week for both ''O'' and Regent, as well as one or two from NCL. The bean counters, as well as the head honchos, are finally awake!
  8. Name of the gorgeous new ship? Thanks!
  9. All this speculation in this thread is worthless!
  10. I suggested Lady Jane Grey to the captain; he smiled .
  11. Oceania's been doing this since inception, and, getting away with it. Says much about them. RE: port fees.
  12. ''Mr.or Ms. EXCITED/Congratulations/Your timing obviously lucked out for you/Not so for many others of us. We not so fortunate with timing are not being treated fairly. I canceled a cruise about 2 hours before Oceania announced cancellations. Resultant thereof I was denied refund, acquired FCC instead, but at only 100%, not the 125% offered those who didn't cancel themselves. An added note, when re-booking, the FCC is considered a SAVINGS, not a deposit or payment, and you'll need to make a new cash deposit of $750pp. And, your travel agent, who wasn't protected for commission on the cancellation. will receive little or no commission on the re-book since the FCC is being treated as a SAVINGS, not a payment. And, for Jan, talk to the BOSS and get this travesty corrected.
  13. Sorry Jan, but many of us canceled days after Oceania should have canceled which, in my case, was several days after Princess and Viking canceled. We should not be penalized for our prompt action. Perhaps a chat with the BOSS is in order.
  14. The crossing now ends in Barcelona on 4/15, not Civitavecchia. 4/11 Malaga 4/12 Sea day 4/13 Valencia 4/14 Mallorca 4/15 Barcelona.
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