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  1. I'm not understanding. How did they manage to get a couple hundred dollars from your bank?
  2. Thanks for more interesting restaurant suggestions. I appreciate it. Only 3 days now until we leave!
  3. Thanks everyone. I'm happy to hear that the menus are also in English, that is a big help. Thanks also for the restaurant suggestions. We will be at the Hilton with Viking, so it sounds like those two restaurants are good possibilities for us.
  4. Thanks 14thmed. Wondering if the menus were also written in English?
  5. Hi Chuck, DH and I are on this trip, Carol and Bill from Long Island, New York. Yes, the Roll Call is a great way to find other Cruise Critic friends on the trip. However, most of the discussion is about sharing private tours, and I usually book ships tours (even though I realize they are sometimes overcrowded and almost always overpriced) as I like the comfort of not having to worry about missing the ship if the private tours run into unexpected delays. I did get some great tips from Cruise Critic friends on pre-cruise hotels and getting to the port. Check out the roll call; you might find some very helpful information there.
  6. Hello, We have a few days pre and post cruise in Budapest and Prague. We want to experience local foods. I am looking for restaurant recommendations, but even more important, I am wondering if menus are also written in English; otherwise, how would I be able to order? Any recommendations for restaurants and dishes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. With regard to restaurants, are menus written in English? How do you know what to order?
  8. Yes, I agree it's a problem when the weight limit for carry ons is low. Gee, even just the empty bag weighs a few pounds! In the US, we can always manage with a carry on only because I have never encountered a weight limit for US flight carry ons, only size limits. On International flights, we do always have to check a bag because there is no way for us to pack clothes, camera, health and beauty aids, shoes, etc., and keep within a relatively low weight limit. Fortunately, most international flights allow one free checked bag, and we seek those airlines out. So far, we have not had to pay to check a bag, and hope we won't have to in the future. Steverhodes, I enjoyed your picture. That is the dress I was expecting on my upcoming river cruise. Everyone looks neat and clean, no one over or under dressed. I am now confident in what I am planning on packing. Thank you!
  9. Yes, I agree, we got off topic a bit here because of discussing the cost of checking bags to include fancier clothes. We should stay on topic, which of course is dress code. Speaking of which, we primarily bring slacks, skirts, blouses, and button down shirts which can be mixed and matched to get the most use out of the fewest items. We did book tickets to an opera, so I'm thinking my husband will need to pack a jacket. It makes us feel good to get dressed up a bit.
  10. Well, yes, if I can afford a cruise, I can afford the cost of checking a bag. But, I choose not to pay a checked bag fee, because I disagree with airlines charging you to check a bag. I will make every possible effort to fit what I need in a carry on bag. If I can't, I might just look for a different airline that does not charge you to check a bag.
  11. Since I believe cruise contracts state that they can change ports of call if necessary, I believe they probably did not have to offer anything, including refunds. So, I am very happy that I was able to cancel and get a refund of my deposit. However, if Carnival had offered what some other cruise lines offered - a 50% refund, plus a 50% credit for a future cruise, I would not have cancelled, and I would have gone ahead with my cruise, even though it was going somewhere I was not interested in visiting. I could still relax and enjoy the ship, the food, the shows, etc. I'm very disappointed that I won't get to visit Cuba, but there is nothing I can do about it except find another interesting place to visit instead. Maybe some day - - - !
  12. Well, we have requested our travel agent cancel our December 2019 Sensation cruise that went to Havana. Our revised itinerary went to Ochos Rios instead, and that is not a place I was interested in visiting. Carnival offered $100 per person OBCR to stay on the cruise, but I would have still spent close to $2,000 for cruise, gratuities, travel, etc., to go to a place I was not interested in visiting. So, sadly, we have cancelled our cruise. Maybe some day we will get there, but not this year.
  13. I am also very disappointed. We were booked for Cuba last year, but then I unexpectedly needed surgery and we had to cancel. We re-booked for this year. Looks like we aren't going to get there this year either. Very sad, we were genuinely interested in learning about Cuba. I have heard there are both positives and negatives. I also feel the people of Cuba will be negatively effected by this, because they were able to earn a little money from tourism. I, too, am one who only booked my Sensation cruise for the Cuba stop. My deposit was non-refundable, but final payment not due for a while. If they will give me a refund on my deposit, I will cancel.
  14. In Vienna, where the ship docks, is there anything interesting nearby that you can walk to from the ship?
  15. My cruise ends in Nuremberg, but I have purchased an extension to Prague. So I wonder if we will even tour Nuremberg, or if we will head straight to Prague when we arrive in Nuremberg. I would not want to be saddened, I think I'd decline the WWII tour, and just walk around the town myself if that is possible.
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