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  1. My wife and I had a Mediterranean cruise booked for Apr. 25, 2020. We cancelled two days before Princess cancelled the cruise. So elected option 1 for my refund. So, yesterday I received the last installment of my refund to my credit card. I am pleasantly happy with what we received: 97%. Plus we still have a good deal of FCC. Oh happy days!!! Now, when and if cruising starts again I WILL book with Princess: After we receive our vaccine?!?!?
  2. With just about all cruise ships spending a lot of time at anchorage around the Bahama area during the COVID 19 outbreak, what are they going to do to avoid being caught where they are when a hurricane comes? I imagine they can weigh anchor and go elsewhere..Just a thought.
  3. Thank you Rocklimom for your reply. I assumed as much, but wanted some affirmation to my thoughts that talking to my PVP at Princess would be best course of action. Have a great day!!
  4. Does anyone know if one can cancel a booked cruise by emailing my PVP or do I need to call my cruise line directly? I'm still waiting to see what my cruise line is doing regarding my Mediterranean cruise which starts in late April. Got an email from Princess stating they were going to change the itinerary and then wait to see what the reactions are.. Supposed to be on the Crown Princess. I don't want to be stuck on the ship or not be able to fly home from FCO airport because of a lock down of flights. I imagine getting through to a representative by phone will be very trying... Good luck to all of us cruisers.
  5. Thank you both for your response. Greatly appreciated. David
  6. I've looked everywhere online and in the Princess brochures and cannot find which dining rooms are designated as anytime. Would appreciate any feedback with requested info. Thank you
  7. We'll be staying at The Plaka hotel in Athens.. Any idea of stores nearby that sell wine? We want to take a bottle each onto the ship. Thank you.
  8. Hello Turk 1: My wife and I stayed at a wonderful Boutique hotel in Quebec City in Oct. of 2018. It is Hotel Champlain. Very nice, quaint and not far from the pier. Hotel and downtown area is an easy walk from hotel. Hotel Chateau Frontenac. We had a very enjoyable stay. Any questions I can answer? David
  9. For those who have done the debark tour through Princess: "Vatican, St. Peter's and Sistine chapel", and then drop off at Princess Hotel for post cruise stay. We will be there the 9-10th of May, 2020. Flying out on the 11th. Is this a good tour? We can't seem to find any independent tour companies who operate in the Vatican on Sunday the 10th. So it looks like Sat. the 9th is it. I may be missing something. Thanks for any input. David
  10. Will be in Rome mid May 2020 and would like to sample some good Italian food...Any suggestions?
  11. Any recommendations for decent restaurant that's not expensive but still good food? Thanks for any replies.
  12. Going to be doing pre/post cruise stay, Apr. 2020, in Athens and Rome: anyone know which hotels Princess is using?
  13. Going to be doing pre/post cruise stay, Apr. 2020, in Athens and Rome: anyone know which hotels Princess is using?
  14. I see most of the flights out of Tucson or Phoenix arrive around 1:00am in Athens. We will be doing pre-stay with Princess. I know they will be picking us up at the airport and transporting us to the hotel, do we need to pay for accommodations when we arrive? or other arrangements made for early arrivals? I know some of you know the answer and can give some intuition ass to what happens. David
  15. My wife and I are contemplating a cruise in the Mediterranean and don't want to go when the temps are HOT. I see there is one Western Mediterranean & Adriatic Medley cruise available Aug. 3, 2019. Is that too hot still? Thank you for replies from those who have done this cruise. David
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