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  1. donaldsc

    Traveling w/ Insulin & Needles for Diabetes

    I carry a note from my doctor. Nobody has ever asked to see it but it can't hurt. DON
  2. donaldsc

    Icy Straight Point

    Here is a link to the Ice Straight [sic] Point Web site. https://icystraitpoint.com/ DON
  3. donaldsc


    There are lots of very good weather and climate sites on the WEB. Do a Google search and find them. The Windows 10 weather app also has a climate option. DON
  4. Disagree. If you cruise to and from San Francisco, you spend more boring sea day time getting to and from AK than being in AK. DON
  5. donaldsc

    Packing list? ....what we used and what we didn't!

    I just recently got back from S Georgia. Another way that the walking sticks were useful was when you are walking the the tusek grass. The grass is really high and you really couldn't see where you were walking and it was easy to lose your balance. Sticks helped a lot. DON
  6. donaldsc

    Noro Virus

    There is another thing - cruise companies encourage people who are sick to travel. Not purposely but that is what they effectively do. They don't still have you fill out one of those "I am Not Sick" cards but if you did not feel well or had thrown up the night before and were honest, what do you think could happen to you. They don't let you cruise. They don't refund your cruise payments. They don't cover your plane flight home. So you are out both the money and the cruise. What would you do if you didn't feel well pre cruise - answer the form honestly or lie on the form and board hoping that you felt better tomorrow. DON
  7. donaldsc

    cheers and cruise cash bar

    You do know that that is 15 drinks per day, not per cruise. DON
  8. donaldsc

    First Time Alaska Cruiser - early May

    I saw one that gave you a 50% refund on your tour cost but as I said, one whale spout off in the distance from a whale that never surfaces counts as a sighting. The bottom line is that wild animals are by definition where they want to be and not where you want them to be. If you go on wild animal tours, you have to accept that. One possible exception to this rule is a site such as Anan during salmon season. You are almost guaranteed to see bears there. We are going there for the 3d time this summer. DON
  9. Also not totally true. Many cruise lines require that you pay for excursions immediately and not when you board. DON
  10. donaldsc


    If you want to go to the Picasso Museum, you can book in advance. We didn't so we ended up in the chocolate museum instead. I should also remind you that there are many Gaudi buildings in Barcelona that you can visit besides Sagradp Familia. We visited this one - http://palauguell.cat/en - which is a private home right off La Rambla. Well worth a visit as an example of his early work and also of his smaller scale projects. DON
  11. donaldsc

    Is personal FM transmitters allowed on board??

    One should add that the SIM card is really really tiny. It is is 0.04 x 0.59 x 0.43 in. DON
  12. One of the new "features" of CC seems to be the automatic posting of new pictures on the right side of the screen. Almost all of them vary between really bad and horrible. Can this feature be turned off so we don't have to see them. Another suggestion is for CC to remove them permanently. We aren't forced to see the really bad pictures that people post on messages as we don't have to open the message. Why force us to see them on the other screens? DON
  13. donaldsc

    ShoreTrips.com - reviews?

    Just be aware that the helicopter flights are the most vendor cancelled tours in AK as they will not fly in bad weather. Just make sure you have a backup tour planned on the date of your helicopter tour. DON
  14. donaldsc

    First Time Alaska Cruiser - early May

    While most of the whale watch vendors are totally reliable, you do have to understand what the guarantee means. For most tours, it means that if you so much see a bit of a whale spout off in the distance and don't see a whale surfacing near by, this counts as seeing whale. Also, it is their word against yours as to whether you saw a whale. I am not saying they will not do their best to give you a good tour and get you close to whales and I am not suggesting that you should not take a whale tour but the guarantee is basically worthless. DON