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  1. Do not miss the Fairbanks Ice Art Championships - https://www.explorefairbanks.com/event/world-ice-art-championships-2022/5784/. You will be amazed at what they can do w ice. I have been to the auto museum 3 times. In my opinion it is one of the great auto museums in the world. With regard to Chena, I was there about 5 or 6 years ago and there was no problem w the the locker rooms then. I have no idea about now. I stayed there either 3 or 4 days and had clear skies and good aurora each night. You do want to take the Aurora Viewing Tour that takes you to the top of the mountain where the skies are darker. Also, try to book your time in Chena for when there is no moon for obvious reasons. The attached photos were taken at Chena. If you are into dive bars, check out the Howling Dog Saloon. When my wife and I were there is the summer (things might be different in the winter), the owner of our B&B recommended the place and even volunteered to be our designated driver. The night we were there they had a really great blues band. Again - things might be different in the winter so call before you go. I assume that you know the tricks about using your photo equipment including keeping condensation off your equipment when you go outside into the cold and inside back to warm areas. Also make sure that you have a fast wide angle lens for aurora photography and a tripod that can handle really cold weather. When I did my winter photography trip in Yellowstone, one of the legs of my tripod snapped off in the cold. Also, I assume that you know to bring lots of batteries for your camera. Re cold. It will be really cold or at least it was cold when I was there. It will be even colder in the evening at the ice festival and when you are on top of the mountain at Chena if you decide to do it. I brought every bit of cold weather stuff I had and ended up buying better gloves, a better hat and lots of chemical hand warmers when I got there. Hope this helps. DON
  2. All digital cameras will function in the way you want if I understand your question correctly. Just put it into Auto mode or one of the other "idiot" modes. I certainly don't mean to suggest in the slightest that you are an idiot but idiot mode lets you allow the camera to make all the decisions and you will be amazed how well the camera handles both easy and difficult situations. They make some really smart cameras these days. As the Pierces suggest, you just have to pick a camera that has a form factor that works for you. You will get great pictures and you can focus on the problems of what and how to shoot. DON
  3. For about $200 per day, you can rent a car and drive it yourself. If there are 2 of you, the Dalton Highway Express will cost you $1000. The car rental will be a lot less. You can stop whenever and wherever you want along the drive and as I said in a previous post, the drive during the summer is easy. Renting a cabin in Wiseman will cost you ~300 per night so you still come out ahead if you drive. DON
  4. I would sort of disagree w you but in a negative sense. I have had turkey on Princess and a turkey dinner although not a Thanksgiving turkey dinner at Denny's. Denny's was much better. DON
  5. I would guess that 100% of their tours are based on cruise ship traffic so doing the tour should be doable. Have you called Salmon Berry and asked them. They should know. DON
  6. In 3 days you can rent a car and drive the Dalton Highway (https://www.alaska.org/guide/dalton-highway) to Prudhoe Bay. You can even stay overnight in the only B&B in Wiseman (https://www.travelalaska.com/Destinations/Communities/Wiseman.aspx). We did it and it is really neat drive. You will be doing something that none of your neighbors who have visited AK will have done which gives you great bragging rights. You read lots of stuff about how dangerous the road is and I certainly would not do it in wintertime. However it is not a problem during summer time and we saw people doing it in RVs. It is partly paved and the rest of it is well graded gravel. You are not allowed to drive standard rental cars on the Dalton but there are several places in Fairbanks that rent cars equipped for the trip (https://www.alaska.org/detail/arctic-outfitters-car-rentals). You will not get cell phone reception but there will be enough traffic on the road that if you have a breakdown, someone will come by and stop and help you. The car that we rented had a CB radio which we used to entertainment purposes but we didn't have any need it for emergencies as we didn't have any. DON
  7. I love technology but too much of current technology is solutions looking for problems. DON
  8. I wouldn't buy anything to make a ridiculous abuse of technology work. You do know that there are cruise lines out there that do not subject you to inadequate untested technology. Cancel all of your booked Princess cruises and tell them what they can do with the medallion and w their ships. DON
  9. In addition to the other great suggestions that you have been given, add Hatcher Pass and Independence Mines State Historical Park - https://www.alaskavisit.com/things-to-do/scenic-drives/hatcher-pass-road-independence-mine/#independence-gold-mine - which is a great gold mining site and a really great drive. It is ~60 miles out of Anchorage. Someone should have mentioned that if you go to the Wildlife Center, the drive along Turnagain Arm is a good one and is very scenic. Basically, the best thing about Anchorage besides the wonderful Anchorage Museum - https://www.anchoragemuseum.org/ - is the stuff that is within driving distance of Anchorage. DON
  10. By what? There are no 4 legged carnivorous mammals on Antarctica so you only have to worry about seals and your fellow campers. Unless you want to worry about South Polar Bears - LOL!! DON
  11. I usually tell people to go to the internet to find information when it is a simple search but as you are from Australia and I like Australians - check out this site - https://weatherspark.com/ DON
  12. A suggestion for people whose spouses snore. My wife used to allege that I snored loudly enough to wake up the dead. I was asleep of course so I never heard myself snore although I did tape myself and I must admit that I was loud. I did try that surgery but on my throat and it didn't do any good. For other reasons, I switched from a standard pillow to a pair of wedge pillows and I also now sleep on my back. She says that my snoring has almost completely stopped. Worth a try for couples who suffer from spousal snoring. Funny story on snoring where my snoring probably helped me. I booked a cruise to Antarctica where I shared a cabin with a stranger as my wife did not want to go on the trip. I paid for a shared cabin which was obviously much cheaper that a single cabin. After the first night, my assigned cabin mate was gone and he had switched and paid for a single cabin. Since I has not requested the switch, I got to get the cabin with 2 beds as a single and did not have to pay for it. I used one bed to sleep on and the other one to keep all my photo gear and outside clothing so that I did not have to put the stuff away and I could grab it quickly. Sometimes snoring has positive results. LOL!!! DON
  13. I cancelled for a medical reason. Probably cancel for any reason will not be covered. As you said, ask them. DON
  14. I guess that it was comprehensive and it was definitely medical. It covered evacuation, medical expenses and a bunch of other stuff. I had to cancel a cruise because of a medical issue and they covered what I did not get back from the cruise company. I bought it directly from Allianz but I am sure that you can get it from brokers such as InsureMyTrip. I had several plan choices and Allianz told me the advantages and disadvantages of each plan. What was important to me was a high medical coverage and good evacuation limits as I was cruising to out-of-the-way places. DON
  15. We had an Allianz annual travel insurance plan. Worked for us when we needed it. DON
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