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  1. Hate to sound callous but drunks drown frequently and everywhere . https://injuryprevention.bmj.com/content/10/2/107. The only thing about this incident is the location of the drowning. Also the fact that we hear about it from a scumbag lawyer. DON
  2. If the ports are dock ports and not tender ports, you should not have a problem. That is assuming that you actually can walk off at 8. However, the people doing the tour should be aware of any problems as often ships do not dock exactly when they say that they will. DON
  3. Response to myself. I am going to AK soon. We will see how it works on bears. Will report back. DON
  4. I assume that you have been on this site - https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/mal-de-debarquement/ DON
  5. Most definitely not true. A friend of ours was on a cruise in the Med a while back and the ship was hit by a rogue wave. It broke windows on upper decks and also bent some steel. DON
  6. I wear a lanyard because it is convenient. However, I stick it inside my shirt so you would not know. Easier than sticking it into my pocket. DON
  7. I would rent a car but then as everyone on CC knows, I loath trains. DON
  8. What is the value of the first day of your trip if you end up sleeping through it? Also, what is the cost of the motel percentage of the total cost of the trip? Finally, what is the value of whatever you lose if you have some flight delays and miss the train? I am not specifically picking on the OP but I often notice on CC that many people practice what I consider false economies when they travel. DON
  9. You are still stuck in an enclosed space for an extended period with a crying infant. Not pleasant when you are trying to enjoy the tour and also hear the commentary from the guide. I know that I for one would not appreciate it. I am sure that the OP will do her best to calm the child and keep them quiet but we all know that infants are infants and they do not always or maybe even ever behave in a rational manner at all times. DON
  10. You need to see what is included. Perhaps one does not include taxes and fees. DON
  11. You also have to consider that if you are on a bus with your infant and he starts to fuss or cry as all infants occasionally do, the rest of us have to listen to your child. Perhaps hiring a taxi would give you more options. DON
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