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  1. You are walking down the street. A sleazy guy in a van pulls up and offers you a big screen TV or a new iPhone at only 10% of the original price. What would you do - buy it and figure that it is his problem or say no. DON
  2. Going to Antarctica on a cruise ship is for wimps. Try these out- http://www.sailantarctica.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0wh2gh_5p8 Just kidding but doing Antarctica on a 54 ft sailboat looks really interesting. DON
  3. That is done w the approval and by the airline. The upgrade is documented and not hidden and is not given in the hope of getting a big tip. There is a big difference. The same comment applies to the posted who talked about comping breadsticks and other stuff at restaurants when there was a kitchen delay. Again, it was not hidden. DON
  4. Many of the other ships that we have sailed on have a couple of those conveyor belt toasters where you put the toast on the top and it comes out the bottom all warm and toasty instead of the Golden steam table soggy. Have you ever eaten pre-toasted bagels or pre-toasted English muffins? DON
  5. My wife and I took 2 of our grandkids to Alaska on the Golden so our experiences may not be relevant to your proposed cruise. However, for what it is worth, here goes - 1) I thought that the layout of the ship was bad. You were constantly having to go up and down stairs to get from point A to point B even if both A and be were on the same level. 2) The ship was ridiculously overcrowded. This probably would not apply in your case. 3) We usually eat breakfast and lunch at the buffet. The quality and selection of the food in the buffet was the worse of any cruise on any ship that we have done. It made Denny's look like a gourmet dining experience. For example, I often like eggs or an omelette in the morning. The Golden had a single choice pre-prepared omelette kept warm on a steam table. Same for regular eggs. There was no toaster so you could make toasted bread products. Your choice was either pre-toasted bread product or cold bread. We also made the mistake of eating dinner at the buffet one evening for a reason that I can't remember. The buffet dinner was at the level of the buffet breakfast or buffet lunch. DON
  6. I would never do a whale watching trip on a 25-50 passenger boat. We did one on an 8 passenger boat. DON
  7. I was being somewhat facetious. However, do you seriously think that management is going to let the OP meet w the captain as you suggested. DON
  8. Do you change your shower curtain at home? That is, if you have one. DON
  9. Have you sever seen the PBS show featuring "She Who Must be Obeyed". Cruises. DON
  10. Did anyone speak to the guide during the trip to express their displeasure. I would have. We also did a trip to Israel but with another agency. There was one man who would wander off, come back late and then have to take smoking breaks. The group talked to the guide about this problem and it she made sure that it did not happen again. Complaining after the fact accomplishes nothing. Complaining when the problem is occurring can often do wonders. I am not afraid to open up my mouth and make my displeasure known. This should not be necessary but sometimes it is. DON
  11. I would prefer to do mainly land trips. My wife prefers to do mainly cruises with short land trips either before or after the cruise. Guess what we end up mostly doing. DON
  12. What would you think if the guy worked for a camera store and he gave away photo equipment that was lying around for a while and was not selling. What would YOU think if you owned a store and he gave away old stock to customers just because it was not selling? What would you think if you think if he worked for a food store and he gave away food that was approaching its hold date to customers so that they did not have to buy in date food. He is giving away merchandise without the approval of his employer. That is grounds for termination. DON
  13. Lets be totally blunt about it. Cruise lines don't care two hoots about how many cruises you have done w them. In fact, I will bet that they probably prefer newbies since they are so excited about cruising that they spend more per day as compared to us old timers. DON
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