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  1. Try typing "Costa Rica passport requirements" into Google. DON
  2. Don't most cruise lines have a rule about youth under 18 booking a cabin w/o an adult in the cabin. This would mean that you have to have a chaperone in each cabin and book 2 kids and 1 adult in each cabin. Check w a TA that specializes in trips of this type but I don't see how you can pull this off. DON
  3. I did do the math. The difference between cruise only and the full package for the 2 of us was $3400. I checked the airfare if I booked it myself and it was $3700 so I am $300 ahead here. This does not count the $1400 OBC that I get w the package. If I figured it right, I am $3700 ahead by taking the package. I think that I did good. DON
  4. I only cruise on Princess when there appear to be no alternatives. We took the grand kids on trips to Alaska twice and Princess seemed to be the best choice for those trips. The kids loved AK and enjoyed the ship. Me much much less so but remember the trip was for the kids. A summer ago, Princess had a cruise that did the Norwegian coast but also went to Spitsbergen in Svalbard. Lots of ships do the Norwegian coast but almost nobody does Spitsbergen so I did not have many choices. In hindsight, we should have done the Norwegian coast in a small ship and then flown to Svalbard but the trip was enjoyable. We did more Princess cruises years ago until the Princess ships got oversized and I discovered the wonders of small (<1000) ships. I regard anything greater than about 1000 passengers as way too big and Princess offers almost no options for ships that size. Most of my recent cruising has been done on Azamara because we like the R class ship. We are going to try a 24 day future cruise on the Oceania. DON
  5. We did the same tour w a hike at Mendenhall included. It was excellent. I was surprised considering that it was a ship tour. DON
  6. Mine are high class and custom made usually by Navajo, Hopi and Alaskan First Nation Peoples. They really look good. DON
  7. Our long time TA sends us a check after the cruise. I am happy with that. Also, I have carefully analyzed the finances of the cruise and since I do not like to go on excursions w more than 6 or 8 people, my choice is best for me. DON
  8. First of all, does anyone force you to use the medallions as I am convinced that they were implemented for the convenience and increased profits for Princess. They certainly will never do anything for your convenience. If I cruised on Princess, I would never use the Medallions and if they tried to force me, there are lots of other lines out there that do exactly the same cruises as Princess. Second of all, you said that you wasted valuable cruise time standing in line. How long did you actually have to stand in line and couldn't you do it on a sea day when there is absolutely nothing to do on the ship. DON
  9. If we get the cruise that we want, we are planning to use the $1400 OBC to pay for tips. That will leave us about$600 left. I am sure that we can find 2 tours that we want to go on that will eat up most of that $600. We plan to do most of our tours w ToursbyLocals. DON
  10. If you feel that you should wear a tie but don't want to, try a bolo tie. They are very dressy but much more comfortable. DON
  11. Thanks to everyone for the help. My cruise opens up for booking on 21 August. DON
  12. Do you really believe that he had time to do that while commanding the ship? DON
  13. I need to book the cruise by August 21. I found out from you guys that I can make OLife perk choices later. I did do checks on ToursByLocals for the ports and I have a feeling that booking my tours on ToursbyLocals will be the same price as on Oceania and I can get very small group tours. I do have lots of time to make that decision. DON
  14. Thanks to everyone. I need to book by August 21 so I have to make a bunch of decision a lot more quickly than usual. DON
  15. I have cruised a lot but never on Oceania. I have a question about the OLife freebie package. The cruise that I am thinking about will give me 3 options - OBC, 14 tours or a drink package. I have 3 questions. 1) Do I have to decide which freebie I want when I book and if I change my mind later, can I change my freebie. 2) Can I select any of the tours that are offered with the possible exception of very expensive tours or am I restricted to a limited number of cheap tours. 3) How good are the free tours. Are they interesting or do they pack 40 people on a bus and drive around the city saying "look left, look right, you now have 15 minutes to run into the shop we have contracted with to buy souvenirs." In other words, if I take the free tours, will I be stuck w 14 lousy tours. I am thinking that I might be better off taking the OBC and booking my own tours either from the ship or independently. When we travel, we usually do small group independent tours. Thanks for the help. DON
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