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  1. Try typing "taxi fare seatac to pier 91" into Google. DON
  2. That happens all the time in the US because of legal issues or because the prosecution messed up. Not right but not usual. DON
  3. Easy way to get to Cuba. Fly to Canada. Then fly to Cuba. Then take a land tour. People have been doing that for years. DON
  4. The President has just cancelled all cruises to Cuba effective almost immediately. DON
  5. Try going into Google and typing "transportation from Anchorage to Seward" You will get lots of answers to your question. DON
  6. How did she light the candles? Did they burn for 24 hours? DON
  7. I would just tell her to buy a louder alarm clock. Why should 3 people have to jump through hoops just because one claims that she can't get up unless she has daylight. Another thought and this assumes that one of you will be getting up before the "must have daylight" person. Bring a really high intensity flashlight and shine it in her face when it is time to get up. Or else shake her until she gets up. I predict an interesting cruise. Have you guys ever traveled together before? DON
  8. Based on the trivial fines levied for the non-pending violations, even if they are found guilty the penalties are so small as to be trivial. Does anyone really think that a major cruise line really cares about a $50,000 or even a 1 million dollar fine. To them, it is just a cost of doing business. In fact, it is also probably tax deductable from their profits. If the government really wants to get the cruise line's attention, they could take away their Glacier Bay permits, not allow them to visit certain ports or ban them completely from Alaska waters. That would get their attention. DON
  9. I am sure that you live near a big box hardware store. Go there and check to see what they have. That is what I did. DON
  10. You make an assumption that we all know what all your abbreviations mean. SF? WCMC?? LTM?? DON
  11. This sort of answers your questions. We did a cruise w our daughter and family over Thanksgiving which is also a big time for cruising. Worse cruise I ever took. Wall-to-wall kids. Slow service in the dining rooms. The pool was full of kids. etc., etc., etc. That said, my daughter and her family enjoyed the cruise tremendously so I guess that the cruise was a success as a family trip. DON
  12. I would not consider 47 guests or 6 private cars or 15 guests a private tour although it may work for you. A couple of the things that I like about private tours are flexibility, the ability to walk into a small restaurant that the guide knows personally or not trying to keep a large group together. When I set up a private tour, I keep my maximum group size to 8 or maybe 10 people at most. I often even do private tours with 4 people. However, different strokes for different folks. I do appreciate that you do the tours to share tour experiences and not to make money from the tours as some people who post on CC apparently do. That to me is very important. As you say, I would never try to make money from my tours and I would never join a tour where I felt that the person putting the tour together was trying to make money off the tour or getting comped by the tour operator. DON
  13. Until you define your parameters for "best", any answers that we can give you are meaningless. DON
  14. Just a suggestion - I believe that you have set a record for the longest single paragraph ever posted on CC. It would be a lot easier to read if you broke it up into a number of shorter paragraphs. DON
  15. Go to the Cruise Roll Call and repost your question. DON
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