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  1. donaldsc

    AZ Asks Q37 - Poll: re. Onboard Activities

    Want good lecturers. Not "what to do in port" lecturers. No "port shopping" lectures. Want lectures that will tax my brain. No more trivia. Have the on-board activities are trivia. Enough already. DON
  2. donaldsc


    What I meant by nobody liking the current system is that the crew should be paid a decent wage by the cruise lines instead of having them depend upon tips. No daily gratuities. No envelopes. No worries about how much of a tip to leave. We could if we wish add a tip for extra services rendered but we would not have to. I know that this would raise the price of the cruise but it would also force the people who do not pay gratuities because they claim that they do not believe in tipping to pay their fair share of the cruise cost. Basically, the non-tippers are freeloaders. DON
  3. donaldsc

    Hot water for Tea

    If by "boiling" water, you mean 212 F, the simple answer is "no". DON
  4. donaldsc


    Nobody likes the current system. However, getting back at the cruise lines by cancelling tips just ends up stiffing the hard working crew members. That really serves to teach the cruise lines a lesson. Don
  5. donaldsc

    flight time too early??

    Do you realize that you have to be at the airport at least 1 hour before takeoff? DON
  6. donaldsc

    Advantages of travel agents?

    My view is that all the cruise companies are out to take advantage of you and to cheat you whenever they can. If you make that assumption, a good travel agent can help you equalize the inevitable battle between the cruise company bean counters and you. Of course, many TAs are totally useless and should not be used. We have on who is really good and always fights for what she thinks that we are due. You can call me cynical but I prefer to call myself realistic. DON
  7. Maritime law. Not working conditions laws. DON
  8. donaldsc

    Dolphin Excursions?

    Check out this site - https://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/what-to-know-about-swim-with-dolphins/ - and any of the many other sites on the internet which shows how all the swiming with dolphins programs are inhumane and cruel to one of the more intelligent animals on the planet. Then imagine how you would feel if you were captured by another civilization and they had swiming-with-human programs, especially if the captured you and separated you from your whole family unit. DON
  9. donaldsc

    Key West Shark Encounter

    Post your message on the cruise roll call. DON
  10. Basically you are responsible for keeping track of your payment due date. If you booked through a TA, the TA should as a courtesy notify you but ultimately you are still responsible. We keep the payment due dates for all cruises and for all prepay tours on our calendar. I do not think that you have any recourse. DON
  11. donaldsc

    Type 1 diabetes and cruising

    Not "may". They will. DON
  12. I would suggest that you really need to contact the cruise line. Only they can say for certain and maybe not even them. DON
  13. That is overseas. I would assume the US law does not apply. DON
  14. donaldsc

    Insurance through Credit Card

    How would we know. We and probably also you have not read the policy details. Remember, the policy summary does not tell you what is really covered. That is in the 25 or more pages attached to the policy summary. DON
  15. donaldsc

    Cruising to Bermuda in December.

    If you are running Windows 10, there is a very good climate ap built into Windows 10. DON