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  1. It is hilarious how many ( mostly women) have made the mask a fashion accessory of their outfit. It has to match the ensemble. I bought a few fashion masks just for fun and the clerk in the store started to tell me what to wear with each mask! I pick up a clean mask and am out the door. When I get home, it goes in the washer, and the whole process starts again the next day. Wonder if the ship will add masks to the laundry list? Actually, if we cruise and if we wear masks, I'll use disposables. M
  2. 55 or 60 ( as you suggested in the title ) is NOT considered "older folks". M
  3. I suspect we will see changes, but changing all 7 night cruises to 6 night cruises is a drastic change. If cruises are shortened, of course, RCCL loses one day/night of revenue for every ship for every cruise. What about the cruise fare many have paid for a 7 night cruise that would become a shorter cruise ? Then there is the issue of many C&A benefits being offered only for 7 night or longer cruises ( especially the D+ bonus gifts ). Can you imagine the outcries when those with higher D+ numbers no longer get 2 or 3 gifts because currently cruises from 3 to 6 nights only get one gift, regardless of C&A points. The list goes on and on and on..... I have several sets of B2B ( and one B2B2B) scheduled for 2021 and 2022. I am interested to see how that transpires. I already considered that we might have to leave the ship/terminal for several hours to allow for ship cleaning, but I never considered we'd have the extra expense and hassle of mid B2B hotel stay and maybe a rental car or transportation costs. Back to the beginning, cruising as we know it will certainty change. How it changes, is anyone's guess . M
  4. Not possible unless the model of many 7 night cruises coming in and going out on Saturdays and Sundays is changed. Maybe seven night cruise us would have an extra weekday added (Sunday to the following Monday) or perhaps cruises would have to be six days instead of seven. We can’t cram all the ships into the ports on Saturday and Sunday. They must stagger. The beauty of many weeklong cruises was that the majority of passengers with one week off of work can take a cruise. Of course, along with many other things, we may have to change our concept of a “cruise week“ to adapt. In the short term, in 2021, many people have already booked back to back cruises. This concept makes them invalid. One thing I’ve learned, never say never m
  5. We have not purchased it in the past, and likely will not in the future. We like the “regular” beach, the food at the snack shack or buffet, and while we find the pool a bit noisy, we only use it to take a dip now and then. We spend most of the time at the beach. I’m sure the lunch is nice, and the pool a bit quieter than the large pool, I don’t think that would be worth an extra $100 - $200 for the two of us. Folks make nice reports and like the area very much. m
  6. Perhaps in your area. Summer in SC has had dramatic increases. Our worst month was July. Spikes in cases and sadly, deaths. Now I can't visit family in many other states without quarantining for 14 days when I arrive. That makes a trip to visit family in NJ and NY almost impossible. The 6 day visit turns into 28 days, 14 days in each state. With cases developing when ever there is even a small group ( think baseball teams), I can't see how large scale cruising can resume. I am concerned about the solvency of the industry. I took a refund for all cancelled cruises but do have several cruises booked in 2021 and 2022. I may cancel since we are not within final payment, take whatever loss on NR deposits and get out while I can. BYW - we are booked for early January ( 7 night) but can't L&S because it is a casino comp. I do not expect to sail. M
  7. So what about those who are booked in an inside cabin. Will they be moved (upgraded)? m
  8. Abiding by the rules? How else would one become pinnacle (or any level for that matter ) if not abiding by the rules? Serious question. m
  9. Those extra benefits you propose to give D+ are what those who reached pinnacle receive. D+ (at 340 or 525 puts) already receive some additional benefits, many of which already are the same as pinnacle benefits. (Three amenity gifts-same list as pinnacle , similar on-board coupons, a loyalty lounge, concierge services, evening drink vouchers, meal with an officer etc. Save something for those who have reached pinnacle! And yes , it can take a long time to reach pinnacle. Many pinnacles don’t live in Florida or don’t live near any RCCL. m
  10. This might be a great time for me to try to sell both my Sovereign and Monarch crystal blocks. Interest and sentimentality seem high. A quick check on eBay shows that ship blocks are going from $25 - $225. A huge range. m
  11. These days the corkscrews are not branded and are simply white. Generally not worth taking unless you really need a cheap 99 cent corkscrew. Of course it is worth MUCH more if you need to open a bottle of wine. 🍷 M
  12. So did they award the grand suite as a bingo prize - or the royal suite? Weird that the bingo room would be crowded for the grand suite. I thought they gave away better suites. I hope those paying for an owner's suite or the royal suite did not pay to play. Can you imagine wining a suite that is not as nice as the one you currently booked? M
  13. Didn't they used to have a "refer a friend" program or am I confusing that with my TA? M
  14. I won the grand prize at the Spa raffle giveaway a few years ago. It was $250 worth of spa services, that can be used towards a specific list of services. Of course, it doesn’t cover the gratuity so you do have to pay a bit if you want to use it. Had a terrific massage and facial. Our group tied at trivia once, and we got highlighters. m
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