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    Air France

    Flew AF a couple of years ago when my budget wouldn't allow biz class. Decided to try their Premium Economy and wasn't a fan. The "shell" seats were not comfortable at all. For the minimal comfort/perks that I got above and beyond regular economy, it wasn't worth the additional cost in my opinion.
  2. On the flip side, taxis are lined up ready and waiting. With Uber/Lyft, while it doesn't take a terribly long time (they can wait nearby), you still have to wait for one to get there after putting in a request for a car. Pros and cons for both.
  3. We either dress for the pool and spend the day like that, or I'm in shorts with tee/tank or possibly a casual sundress (Columbia PFG)
  4. Not yet, but am doing a land-based trip to Alaska in August. That said, you are limiting my comparison of cruise vs. land-based to Alaska and the Caribbean. When I said land-based trips are often a very different experience than a cruise, I was thinking more globally. You're right about the Caribbean- many islands are small, and what you can see/do on an all day excursion might give you a very similar experience as a land-based trip, unlike Alaska. But that isn't necessarily the case if you're talking about cruises to Europe, South American, Asia etc. Those are much like Alaska- you get a very different experience on a cruise than you do staying in the interior for a week, soaking up the real culture in small towns, visiting secondary tourists sites etc. Ex. doing a ship's bus tour from Livorno to Pisa and Florence for 8 hours will never compare to spending a week in a villa in the Tuscan countryside. Still, a cruise can be a good intro for anywhere, and help you decide where you might like to go back and do a land-based vacation.
  5. I think the OP knows that, but is wondering about cruise ports.
  6. Airfare won't be available for January 2021 until at least February 2020, and later for dates later in 2021. Not sure where you're seeing airfare for those dates but I would consider it to be inaccurate. Out of curiosity though what price are you seeing that you consider to be a dealbreaker? That's actually true of MANY, if not most, places one can visit on a cruise. I wouldn't necessarily use it as a "go here on a cruise but not there" decision maker.
  7. I believe Delta is flying 757s from the northeast to Iceland, but I'm not positive. From NY or BOS, flights to the UK, Ireland and Iceland are relatively short - not that much more than some transcontinental flights across the US- so they can be done in what's typically considered a domestic aircraft.
  8. I've re-read everything and here's my guess and what's happening: A. OP booked a ticket at a price they liked. HAL reserved seats but hasn't purchased the ticket/Delta hasn't issued it. B. A schedule change has resulted in a connecting time that is less, but still legal. C. Since the ticket hasn't been issued, there is essentially nothing for Delta to change; hence the OP getting nowhere with DL. D. HAL will change the reservation, but again- they can't go to Delta and say hey you changed the schedule and it doesn't work so give us something else at the same price, because the ticket hasn't been issued. i.e. there is no ticket to change. E. Flight with better connecting time are available from Delta, but at an increased price of +$300. Because no ticket has been issued, there is no ticket to change, so reserving these flights would be a brand new transaction. It would be kind of like me calling Delta up and saying "hey I looked at a flight a while back and it was $200. I didn't buy the ticket but I made a mental note to do so down the road. Now I'd like to buy it but that flight time no longer works for me so I'd like to buy this other ticket for another flight that you're selling for $500, but I want you to give it to me for $200 that I could have purchased the other ticket for if I'd done so way back when." It ain't gonna happen, and in this example we can all understand why. Sounds like it's essentially the same, except that instead of just considering the original flight, HAL had the ability to reserve a seat. But without actually purchasing the ticket, they and the OP have no leg to stand on for getting a change made to a non-existent ticket. Since the connection is still legal, the only recourse is to do a brand new reservation at the prevailing ticket price.
  9. Did they announce WHY these flights were being canceled? I suspect it was something other than the MAX issue, as they would have known long before pax were in the airport that those flights needed to be canceled and pax reaccommodated. I know there was a big spring storm in Denver this past week; was it related to that?
  10. I believe maybe you're thinking the OP is going from Port Everglades to MIA, but they are only going from the Port of Miami to MIA. That would be much less than 45 min
  11. Haven't done a Royal tour of Pompeii but visited on our own during a land-based trip. For various reasons we only had about 2 hours at Pompeii and I felt very rushed; would have preferred 4+ hours onsite. That said, I took 2 years of Latin in school, which included a lot of Roman culture so I found Pompeii extremely interesting. If you just want to visit to check it off a list, 2.5 hours might be ok.
  12. Forecast here for Friday/Sat/Sun: high each day of 77-80, overight low in mid 60's; chance of rain each day 40-50%. Pretty typical for this time of year
  13. I get chilly easily, but seldom have an issue inside on a ship. Last summer we did an Alaska cruise and I generally wore sleeveless or short-sleeved tops for dinner/evening and was fine. YMMV
  14. It's pretty obvious that the poster who said "JB" means Jet Blue. The thread is about Jet Blue, and the poster said "Jet Blue" previously in their reply. The average occasional traveler likely has no idea the actual code for Jet Blue is B6, so JB is an obvious, if incorrect, abbreviation. (Same with the many times someone uses SW to refer to Southwest; we all know they aren't referring to Air Namibia.)
  15. My apologies. I acknowledged in my first reply that such airlines may have seating arrangements I wasn't aware of; thank you to BAcruiser for filling in the details. While I don't fly those two particular airlines, I'm sure the information will be helpful to others so I do appreciate him/her providing it. My main point earlier had simply been that the OP seemed to imply that perhaps that was an industry standard and it's not; I didn't want less experienced travelers to think it was. It was unclear if she was referring to a particular airline as she hadn't mentioned one at that point. (she subsequently did)
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