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  1. Paul, so great to see the finished product! Great job, I know how much you enjoyed the experience.
  2. No, there are 2 offerings for each course and the menu is the same every night. The reason I was eager to go back was because there were a couple of items I wanted to re-order and there were a few courses where I wanted to try the option I didn't have the first time. The size of each course was perfect and I did not feel like it was too much food at all. I thought I had a picture of the menu, but I do not, I know there is one on here somewhere. I'm thinking its within one of Marilyn's (VTCruising) reviews. It may be enough for some to go once, I tend to be of the type that if I like something a lot, I like to go over and over again
  3. This was also a concern of ours however our experience in late February was that there was very little interaction especially while we ate. The interaction was mostly abstract and in passing during dinner. Example, a performer juggling off to the side, another just walking by in a regal fashion and it was so quick, you may not even notice. A couple of the courses were presented with the server and a performer but it was swift and not obtrusive. The meal was one of the best I've ever had on a cruise and we wanted to dine again but unfortunately the timing they offered conflicted with another specialty dining reservation.
  4. I am happy to say that I enjoyed sailing on Edge much more than I anticipated and I definitely enjoyed the "Suite Life" and our S3. I honestly thought Edge would be one and done for me, but I find myself really wanting to book another cruise either on Edge or Apex. Just waiting to see if the pricing comes down to a more reasonable cost. We booked Edge on the first day it was available and the price we paid we now think of as a bargain. Not sure I want to pay that again though (or higher) for an S3 for a 1 week cruise. I thought the food was some of the best I've had on any cruise and Eden exceeded my expectations, easily my favorite area of the ship along with the Retreat. For us, the Retreat has elevated the suite experience that I think will make it hard to not to sail in a suite again. Currently considering a cruise in November on Equinox because I am curious to see the changes and how the Retreat area is done.
  5. Funny to see we weren't the only ones who thought it was a fake Sephora!
  6. I can see it now... listings for patio/balcony furniture on Craigslist... "No reasonable offer refused, you must pick up" I did ask where all of the rockers went but never received a straight answer there.
  7. Hi Jeff, really envious of your upcoming B2B!! If you have any other questions or would like additional photos/video of 12160, please let me know. In case you missed it in a previous post, when we arrived, there were 2 loungers in addition to the 2 chairs and table, so hopefully those will have remained but I don't think it would be an issue requesting them should they not be there. I think the crew is doing all they can to insure you are happy in the S3's.
  8. Yes, you read our minds! We thought and said the same thing about Paul & Edward being moved. I think it could very well be the case and I am just happy it all worked out so well for us. I think it was forward thinking on their part and quick action to offer us the upgrade as well. Regarding the balcony, while we didn't ask and confirm. The balcony partitions did definitely have hinges in the typical front part and way to "unlock" the partition to allow the balconies to connect. We would have definitely requested this if they didn't move. I don't think I have a photo but my video of the balcony may have caught it, I'll have to go back and check. Edited to add - I have a screen shot of the partition from my video but Tapatalk isn't cooperating right now but it basically is how I remembered. I'll try to post at some point.
  9. I knew there was something I wanted to add to this thread, just remembered this morning. Talked with Priscilla regarding Apex and asked her about the Sky Suite balcony furniture and if it would be changing, take this for what its worth, but she said no because the balcony furniture had already been ordered for Apex. I've personally decided to take this info with a grain of salt. I'd like to think that while that might be the case, there is still opportunity for X to make changes. Please don't kill the messenger!
  10. We found that the MC wasn't parked on 14 all that much (unless we were just missing it) but yes, those spikes were kind of an eye-sore but after awhile I didn't think of it much. We had quite a considerable amount of sun in the afternoon and would spend some time out there to get some sun, I wasn't expecting to be able to do that, so we were pleased! I think if we were to sail on Edge again or Apex, I'd like to try the end room with the window box - we found that to be very cool as well, LOL! After our initial conversation with Joao when we boarded, he said it would "be better for us" meaning better for Celebrity, to move us to the S2. My guess is they were trying to stay ahead of complaints and negative feedback with these S3's. Priscilla then showed us the S2, we wanted to make the best decision and they were patient and kind enough to allow us to do so. Just about every day, Joao would ask how we were enjoying our cabin and to let him know if there were any issues. So bottom line, they are aware. The only negative we had with regard to the location and the MC was the strange noises during the night that started occurring the last few nights of the cruise. At first, it was no big deal, but that last night? It was bad. I hope they figure out what could be causing the noise. I'll be curious to know how these S3's will be marketed in the future, will they mark them as obstructed views? Oh and in case anyone is wondering what happened to Paul & Edwards abandon S3 next door to (we are still getting over their decision to move away from us, ha!) By the next day, it was occupied. I don't know if I have this story straight, but the gentleman now staying there said they originally had 4 people in their stateroom and thought it was too crowded and was offered this S3. I don't know if it was a lateral move, an upgrade, a paid upgrade as I didn't ask.
  11. My pleasure, Bev, same here and if you think of anything else or would like more photos, just let me know. Have a great weekend!
  12. Hi! We absolutely loved it! We were offered an upgrade to an S2 but despite really liking the bed facing the balcony, we really liked the location of 12160 and the extra large balcony. We found the room to be so roomy and the storage was great. The few things that made us scratch our heads and wonder "what were they thinking?!" ... the location of the shower head in the tub, would have been much better on the right wall. The non-fog mirrors (took forever to clear) and little nuances like no caller ID or clock on the phone (but that is a cabin-wide issue). We had no qualms about the Magic Carpet and the limited side views. Didn't even notice the pole until late our first night. When the MC was above deck 12, the view was still just fine. If you have any additional questions, I'll be happy to answer as many as I can. Oh, our stateroom room attendant was David, he was great and Allain was our butler and he was fine too but we choose to not utilize the butler service all that much so I can't really comment on his service or attention. Very nice man though. If you haven't seen it yet, I did post our stateroom info along with photos on the Edge stateroom information thread. Enjoy your TA!
  13. I echo these sentiments! This is Dawn, counterpart and sister to Lisa who had the absolute pleasure of cruising with Paul and Edward once again, this time on the beautiful Edge. We met Paul and Edward one evening early in our Reflection cruise back in December 2015. We became fast friends and discovered we had quite a bit in common. Our personalities meshed so well and we continue to join Paul and Edward on cruises whenever we can. I just want to add how committed Paul is to putting together a great live blog while he enjoys his cruise! I was amazed at his dedication and desire to get questions answered as quickly as he could. I marveled at his tenacity, knowing I could probably maintain a live blog for a couple of days but would probably conveniently start to forget to check in. Not to mention he couldn't start any meal until all photos were taken! If you ever have the pleasure of sailing with these fine gentlemen, say hello, you'll undoubtedly make friends for life, like we have!
  14. Personally, I do not, I'd like to think it would fall under the hotel director's jurisdiction, but I could be wrong. Hopefully someone with knowledge will chime in. I haven't followed the spa-goings on with X lately, did they switch back to Steiner/Elemis? I know the switch to Canyon Ranch occurred a few years back.
  15. Hi Bo, cannot answer many of your questions but I felt it would be worthwhile to share some of our limited experience in the spa on Edge. We just sailed on the February 24 sailing and these were my observations: The Thermal Suite area. My sister and I decided to purchase a day pass on on of our port days ($69.00 less 10% elite discount + gratuity, came out to $73.28 total). They front desk staff placed a small "gem" on our SeaPass cards and then switched out our cards for ones that would give us access to the Thermal Suite area. No explanation of where to go, where the changing rooms were located, etc. When I explained that we didn't know where everything was located, she brought us down the hall and used one of cards at the entrance door and left us to our own devices. We found the changing rooms/showers and found open lockers with robes and spa shoes. Coincidence that the locker system was the exact same we had at the spa at our pre-cruise hotel, so we knew how to utilize them. There is a diagram with instructions nearby for reference. (I just thought it might have been nice to be shown where the room was located and how to operate the lockers, but that's just our opinion). So, onto the various rooms: a lot of options but we much preferred the "rooms" on Reflection. The inhalation room lacked anything to inhale... LOL, I felt all we were doing was breathing in steam. Ended up spending most of our time in the heated loungers and the dry sauna. Conclusion: I would not purchase the Thermal Suite pass again on Edge, but would not hesitate to on Reflection We were going to do some spa treatments, but after witnessing some other guests at check in, we decided not to and here is the reason why: on 2 occasions, we witnessed fellow cruisers complaining that they did not receive the treatments they had selected and subsequently paid for. One lady was simply trying to explain that she did not receive the choice of a service that was included in her service package. The spa manager was argumentative and didn't seem have any desire to fix the problem and put the responsibility of the missing service back onto the client. Another incident was a couple complaining on the time their massages actually ended up being and what they paid for. What turned me off was the spa managers stance on these complaints. She remained firm in her stance and not helpful or willing to do anything to compensate, or offer an apology. There were offerings for discounted services on some days, but not to level we have become accustomed to on other Celebrity ships. So, I assume that means business is good. The spa area is beautiful and I'm glad we took the opportunity to explore, but probably will spend our OBC/$$ elsewhere.
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