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  1. The August 3rd sailing was available on the website for one day last week, but then it disappeared. Hopefully, we’ll see them soon. Andrea
  2. I believe they’re called “family” because there’s enough room for 4 adults instead of two.
  3. FYI, You can book the August 7th voyage online now. Still the only one listed. Andrea
  4. I’m hoping for a British Isles itinerary once she’s done with the 7 days fjords voyages 🤞
  5. Thank you for “heads up.” AndreaB
  6. Sorry meant to say “you do Not get the full....”
  7. I took this tour with Princess a few years ago (I believe it is the same tour). It was a long action packed and very scenic day. I was very glad to have the opportunity to see the Falls and if it is definitely worth it. However, it is rushed, you do get the full sense of the falls from different sides and points and don’t have a chance to really soak it all in. If you ah e a choice, I would highly recommend going for the three day experience. Andrea
  8. Bon voyage! I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures! Andrea
  9. I wish I could answer the Prinsendam as I lived her size, classic decor, intimate feeling, elevated service and ability to travel to unique ports. But since I’m going to follow the rules I set up, my current favorite is the Koningsdam. While she is a bit bigger than I would like and I miss the wrap around promenade deck, the decor is lovely, the food options are varied, each of the many specialty restaurants are great and the varied music selection venues are fun. Also, the design of the staterooms, especially the showers, is very well done - yay no more water all over the floor. (But I will continue to hope for that new Prinsendam.) Andrea Colorado
  10. Thank you for the info. I hope they’ll include some unique ports. Looking forward to seeing the details (next month). Andrea
  11. Does anyone have any insight as to the itinerary details for the Ryndam‘s inaugural season or when booking may open? Thanks, AndreaB Colorado
  12. I know that There is not set schedule for when HAL publishes its future cruises. I am surprised and disappointed that we have not seen anything regarding the 2021 European itineraries. I was sure we would have them in advance of Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Has anyone heard anything? Thanks, AndreaB Colorado
  13. Hello fellow cruisers, I was on the Koningsdam for four back-to-back sailings this Summer and Fall and the internet worked as it had on past cruises. I was able to switch back and forth between my iPhone and iPad freely. I would get a message asking if I wanted to log off my other device in order to log in to my second device. Once I clicked “yes” I was logged in. Actually, I had been pleasantly surprised by the strength of the internet signal throughout the trip as it worked much better than other cruises I’ve been on. So I hope they’re not making changes. Andrea
  14. Hi Jacqui, Sorry you didn’t have a good experience and sorry you and Jose won’t be joining. It’s always fun to sail with you. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t appear they’ve opened any segments yet (perhaps that the reason for the waitlist notation). Hope you, Jose and the puppies have a wonderful summer. Andrea
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