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  1. As a smoker, I DO appreciate your effort. Thank you
  2. RicoRoxy, Thank you so much for posting the Compasses. We sail Navigator on a 4 nite on June 24, 2019. Really love to be able to pre-plan what activities I might want to attend. Thanks again.
  3. Looking forward to your review. We are on the same itinerary April 20th. I am a compulsive planner so hoping you will post Compasses. Have a great trip!
  4. I have not been on Symphony yet going in April. But I did read someone's cruise compass from the Western Sailing on January 12th and saw several themed parties listed. You can google Symphony compass if you want to read them. There is a Welcome Street Party with a Balloon drop listed for night 1 on the promenade. Hush Party night 2 . Caribbean Street party i listed for night 3 also on promenade. 80's party on the Promenade and White party in the Solarium for night 4. Red the Nightclub Experience is listed for night 5. Just be aware that they sometimes change the order of these parties from sailing to sailing so this is meant as a guide.
  5. Royal USED to allow parents to sign a waiver for BEER AND WINE ONLY. My son was 18 and got to do that for 1 cruise before that changed to the 21 and older on all alcohol. As many have stated she will be able to purchase and consume in ports as the drinking age is only 18. While it's a long shot on getting caught giving it to her on the ship, it's not worth the risk. Have a fun cruise!
  6. Royal is doing an amazing job handling the Noro situation. Staff must be exhausted as they are constantly cleaning sanitizing. All common items removed from tables. Purell wipe cannisters everywhere along with the usual squirt sanitizer. Jamaica did not allow us to get off and Royal gave everyone a 1 day credit to our accounts. There is a person standing at the freestyle coke machine wiping it after each use. Hoping to stay healthy and constant hand washing. We were told approximately 2% of those onboard affected. They took on extra medical staff in Jamaica to help care for the sick. Not sure whether we will be allowed off in Cozumel.
  7. hcat- “The purpose” show was just singing but we only stayed thru about 4 songs and I think there was still half an hour left so not sure what happened but it appeared to just be singing. Her voice was beautiful. Had it been songs I recognized. I probably would have enjoyed. I felt bad as I rarely leave a show mid stream as I feel it’s rude to the performers, but It was our last night of a very short cruise so really wanted to find something more enjoyable.
  8. Cloudybay- Thank u, we have not seen that movie but that explains why other seem quite enthuastic about it. We stayed thru about 4 songs and only knew 1.
  9. VT-Interesting about casino drink comp. we do gamble but nothing big by any means. On Royal u only get casino comps if yr a heavy hitter in casino
  10. For comparison purposes on Harmony /Royal drink hours were 5:00- 8:00. So 3 hrs vs 2 on Celebrity. 3 drinks were loaded daily to seapass including 1 st nite for use at most all bars, in addition drinks and hordeurves were available in the diamond lounge and did not count against the ones loaded to card. So Royal has a bit more value to us.
  11. We received the same card and the cocktail hour was 5-7. None were loaded for first evening because they had a captains club reception and provided drinks there. That was in the fine print on the card.We had dinner at 6 pm and were able to get the drinks at dinner. My husband was drinking wine which they refilled and did not ask for his card at all. Not sure if that was a one - off thing. Also last nite in casino at craps table he asked to purchase a wine and was told it was free. This may be only a temporary thing for Edge. We were told vouchers could not be used at Eden or Martini and so never attempted.
  12. Timbek2-some nice person on cruise critic posted the oasis deal and A few got it. Think it only lasted a few hours before price jumped back up. Gotta love cruise critic!
  13. I will try to do a review later and as I said we are Royal cruisers so will do a bit of comparison but think we need to do one of the traditional Celebrity ships to do a true comparison. We like to cruise often and the price point between Royal and Celebrity is significant. This 3 day was $1,100 in Oceanview with a $300 OBC. The next is Oasis on Royal 7 nights in balcony which was a steal at $1,290 with $100 OBC. But I truly did enjoy MANY aspects of the Edge.
  14. I have a few pics that are from the first night to post. My phone battery died so they were on husband’s phone n he didn’t have internet, so these are out of order. First night dinner was in Tuscan. Captain’s club first night reception. CE559BDD-C625-4A4C-8305-DA6AD3AA4FF8.mov
  15. VT- No , unfortunately not. In car halfway home already. We have a 7 night on Oasis with Royal Jan 6 th so cud not swing the pricing for the full week for Edge.
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