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  1. They certainly are! They are also mean and ornery. Once we had a roadrunner attack a bird in our backyard, it was on the top of our back wall and caught the bird in the tree. What a ruckus that created!
  2. Too cute!! Thank you for posting the picture.
  3. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your list Roy. BTW @rafinmd the link to the picture of the penguins didn’t work. I will celebrate spouse day. The meal suggestion sounds good but soup sounds even better. I like the idea of @ger_77 soup and have a chicken carcass in the fridge from a rotisserie chicken I bought for pot pie. I shredded the chicken and froze it for the future pie. We did get snow flurries, of course nothing like everyone north of us, but it’s always fun to get a bit of snow here. We are high desert so we get snow every few ye
  4. Good evening everyone! Such a rainy day here, even though we expected the rain it seems overwhelming to have so much and for two days in a row. I can’t remember the last time that it rained like this. And at 5:30 pm here it’s only 39 degrees, burrrr. Flurries are predicted for tomorrow, we’ll see if that happens. 🥶 Blue the hairless pup steps out on the patio and runs back into the house, even with a t-shirt and a sweater. He hates the cold and rain. Thank you for the Daily Rich! Thank you for your list Roy and good to hear your brother just has jet lag. None of the days
  5. Oh my! POA1........ I have missed you!!! Please post all your experiences with the new “Pandemic Beverage Package”.
  6. Love your Sahuaro! Does it bloom yet? We have an Ocotillo in our front yard but it rarely blooms because we don’t water it so it only gets rain water.
  7. @rafinmd I neglected to say in my first post: Thank You For Keeping Our Lists! You definitely deserve a shout out on Compliment Day. I know that it must take a lot of time to keep it up to date and we all appreciate your dedication. Also,I am continuing to pray for your brother. @cat shepard Thank you for keeping the wine of the day report! @summer slope Thank you for keeping the drink of the day recipe!
  8. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich! You deserve all the compliments for keeping this daily thread active and a fun place to be every day with our combos of days, meal suggestions, drinks, wine, quotes and where the beautiful HAL ships are. The meal suggestion sounds good and I looked up the recipe https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/feta-tomato-basil-fish/ All I need is the feta. Perfect timing because DH is picking up a few things that I forgot at the store. We will probably have it sometime this week because hamburgers are on the menu today. @ger_77 I
  9. @rafinmd Praying for your brother, you, your families and loved ones.
  10. Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich! Just checking in right now after reading all the posts and pictures. Doing some cooking that takes some attention right now. BTW I will never forget learning cursive in 4th grade, I missed the day we learned the letter F so in my later years relearned how to do it properly. I worked for doctors many many many years and can read most of their handwriting. You just get to know them and it all comes into focus. 🙂 Have a great day everyone!
  11. 1. 12 Day Med, Barcelona to Venice with a surprise visit to Potmos as a sub for Athens 2. 14 Day Panama Canal, Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego 3. 10 Day Canada/New England, New York to Quebec City 4. Alaska 5. 10 Day Southern Carribean The last two might get booted off in the next few years though, I'm hoping HAL brings back the Canada/New England/Greenland itinerary and any itinerary sailing out of or into New York.
  12. Good evening everyone! Thank you for the daily Rich! I'm late today, time got away from me. I finally went to Safeway, it was $5 Friday specials so it was crowded, which I do not like but I kept my distance while most people didn't. And don't even get me started on people wearing masks wrong. Hot sauce is celebrated here almost daily in some form or other, plus peppers. I keep about 3 different brands on hand because each family member has their own favorite. DH can't eat eggs of any kind without Louisiana hot sauce. I prefer whole roasted chili peppers like @cat
  13. I took some screen shots of the Navigator on our last cruise and as you can see the GF options are notated: HAL is very helpful with requests. Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  14. I agree with CruiserBruce. I don't think you will have a problem finding gluten free options on all the menus. And if you booked through a TA or PCC they should be able to do the leg work for you and request your preference and then reconfirm on board.
  15. Hi Jacqui! Please add for us: Zaandam 14 day Southern Caribbean departing 12/20/2021 So excited about spending Christmas and New Year's on board ship!
  16. Good afternoon.... again. Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone I booked our Holiday cruise, finally. I've been researching and checking deck plans and checking itineraries. Even though we have cruised in Dec/Jan before this will be our first actual Christmas and New Year's cruise. So excited!!!! Now I'm off to post to the Future Cruise Listing, here I come Jacqui!
  17. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. We don’t see many squirrels in our area but do when we rent the cabin in the mountains. The owner actually wants us to feed them, which we do, and they are quite characters. I prefer pajama pants to sweat pants and love the ones I bought in Alaska when we were on the Oosterdam. Both meal suggestions sound good but I didn’t make my pork tenderloin yesterday because I forgot to defrost the puff pastry, so that will be tonight. Thank you for your list Roy and prayers to everyone. @VMax1700 I am so sorry to hear about your cousin,
  18. I’ve been there (as has @Copper10-8 , we discussed it when it was corned beef hash day because they have the best I’ve ever had) and have to admit I’m one of the women who have visited the men’s room. It’s a special place for my DH and I because our first of many visits was on our honeymoon in 1974.
  19. @TiogaCruiser I'm loving all your pictures but I have to say this one is extra spectacular! It almost looks fake or like it should be in a movie, a Disney one at that!
  20. I would love for you to share this recipe! Thank you in advance!
  21. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. Love the combo of days. I feel really embarrassed to say I had to look up buttercrunch. Looks like toffee and the King Arthur recipe said it was good over ice cream..... YUM! And cheese? That’s my day and my desert island food. I couldn’t live without cheese in my life. I have been known to order the cheese plate for dessert at dinner on HAL. I also order it if the seas are rocking and rolling. Both meal suggestions sound good, we love steak around here but I have a pork tenderloin in the fridge that I need to use. I saw an Alton Brow
  22. BTW, if anyone is interested I discovered yesterday that there are new episodes of “Last Tango in Halifax” on Netflix. (Halifax, England). I have to have the closed caption on to watch it but it’s fun and enjoyable to watch.
  23. Same here. We were canceled too. It was a great itinerary. I have a feeling that it might be years before this itinerary comes back because of the fewer ships now.
  24. Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. And thank you everyone for your contributions. Because I started reading this earlier this morning I’ve forgotten what most the days are and the food and wine except memory day and that decedent cocktail that sounds like a dessert. My quiche was really good last night and I have more than enough for leftovers so froze half for a weekend lunch when I feel lazy. I still haven’t make a trip to the regular grocery store (Safeway) but I did go to Trader Joe’s this morning. As you enter there was a new sign:
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