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  1. I too recommend the Embassy Suites. It is very close to the port; has a grocery store right behind it and plenty of places to eat the night prior. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Thanks for sharing this video. Have a nice day
  3. CruiserBruce; I plan on taking Covid19 test 72 hours prior for my trip. If things change in my favor; that will be all the better. Seems like things change every few days. Thanks and have a great day
  4. Thanks everyone for sharing feedback of your promenade room experiences. Cheers
  5. For me I am taking a family vacation to Honolulu in June. We are flying in from Dallas. So being able to go without having a Covid19 negative test 72 hours prior; will be such a relief. Uploading my vaccine card to the Safe Travel Hawaii Website will be great. We will wait and see
  6. CruiserBruce; yes I agree with you. I meant to say I will take a picture of my vaccine card and load the pdf of it to the Hawaii Safe Travels site; I have already filled out all I can; just waiting on the final aprroval for the vaccine card and will upload it
  7. Things are looking up for my trip to Honolulu in Jun. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. Thanks for sharing this video. Were you on this sailing?
  9. Have fun on your cruise; post some pics from your adventure. 54 days at sea; wow
  10. I say we take a picture of our vaccine card; our name is on it and if it matches our drivers license name(which is required for the safe travel form); we should be good to go. Time will tell. Hope the figure it our soon; I have a 3 June flight to HNL.
  11. Yup; some really cool handles for people. And now we know the rest of the story. cheers
  12. Thank you for your service; Have seen Blue Angels Fat Albert many times during my career
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