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  1. The Ocean Ready app has some issues. IT department is aware and are working to make the app less glitchy. I too filled out the app in Jan; had green checkmarks; ordered the medallions, to a screen shot of the bar code with green checks; a week later both my wife and my green checkmarks turned red. After trying to figure things out; called IT department; they said they knew about issues. Anyway. Got to port and showed port security our two screenshots of the green checks and they let us through. Once we got past security we showed our medallions and got onto the ship. Bottom line; the app has some issues; if you get green checkmarks with barcode ; take a screenshot picture of barcode and that is all you will need to get by port security. Otherwise just show your passport and boarding pass from your cruise personalizer.
  2. Take a look at Royal Caribbean and book a suite with them; there are a lot of perks that come with being in a suite; like priority seats in the theater for shows, lounge for suite guests, a concierge who will make sure everything goes well, being escorted on the ship on embarkation day, your own restaurant, reserved seats at the pool. The list goes on. Our fav ship on RCI is Allure; it carries a lot of passengers, but you don't see the crowds; because the ship is broken into five separate areas. We stayed in both Grand and Owners Suites with RCI. We have stayed in Penthouse Suites with NCL; we did a 14 night cruise in the Med on NCL Jade. We had penthouse suite all the way in the aft; but we had access to the Haven; which is a reserved for only certain suite guests. You have your own pool, lounge, and dining. The past few cruises we have sailed in suites with Princess. We love the ships, the crews are excellent, and food is good. Princess has less suite perks than Royal or Norwegian; but the crews make up for it by the service they provide. I have not sailed with upscale Regent, or Oceania. We don't drink, do not like fancy food; so we pay for what we like. Hope this helps
  3. American Cruise Line has small ships that sail this route
  4. Great review; loved the music to go with your video. Your boys looked like they had a great time; thanks for posting and sharing.
  5. I booked S107 on Sky next Oct for New England Cruise. I stayed in a family suite on Emerald in exact location as the WS on Sky. Our family suite balcony was unusable once we left port; it was too windy in that location; so figured why not get window suite since it will most likely be chilly with a balcony for New England. Got a good price and hope to get a discount prior to sailing next year.
  6. You need to have your travel agent link your booking number with your account. Like I mentioned above the same thing happened to me. I could only log on as a guest.
  7. How did you book, travel agent or princess agent. Like I mentioned in my other post. However the cruise was booked the booking number has not been associated with your account. That needs to be done; either by your travel agent or the Princess agent can link that for you.
  8. If I fly into EWR do I have to take air train from airport to Newark then to Penn station? I plan on staying in Times Square Hilton.
  9. who did you book with I found out on my first Princess cruise a few years ago; that my travel agent had a complete different user id email address for the princess website than I had. So maybe do what Sea Hag mentioned. If that doesn't work find out what email your travel agent used to book the cruise; or if your booked directly with Princess; ask them what email they used.
  10. But you will be at Disney; the happiest place on earth; how sad could that be. You are going on vacation; even if you are not on a cruise ship; you are on vacation.
  11. So Princess had a ship named Sky back in 2000? Or was it just the name Sky and another cruise line?
  12. That would make sense; They could have put an aircraft carrier there and then you would have covered the navy, Air Force, and marines.
  13. Coney Island will be off to the left of ship after you go under Verrazanno Bridge? Correct?
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