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  1. Husky61; thanks for your feedback. Have a nice day
  2. Me too. All the places you have listed I have been to; so I am looking for other options; it may be a cruise or may be land tour. Not going to worry about it until next year. This year is a gap year for me
  3. Husky61; when you visited the island; what did you not like about it? Was there anything that you did like? Curious about your thoughts and answer. Thanks
  4. got it I totally understand. Have a great day even though its very hot outside
  5. Yes I did. I have a coffee bean grinder at home; so I make my own fresh pour over coffee every day. But I still go to the Starbucks down the street because my wife drinks Chai Tea Lattes; and she won't let me make that at home. It's all good
  6. You quote some funny but true statements. Have a great day
  7. I went to one parade with grandkids; we showed up five minutes prior; we could see things; but kids were not on the promenade where they could touch the characters. We still had a good time. Lots of changes coming to all the ships.
  8. you sure stayed busy with your four days in Sydney prior to boarding the ship.
  9. I always wondered why people would stand or sit for hours waiting on a parade in the promenade; but they do every cruise
  10. Me too. Never had a problem with food, sanitation, or feeling cramped
  11. Assume the parades on the Royal Promenade will be changed. People line up hours prior to parade and are side by side.
  12. SargassoPirate; I think a lot of people share your view. Wait and see what happens. In the meantime there is nothing we cruisers can do to speed up how the cruise lines deal with changes. I read that Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have teamed up to work together to make necessary changes on their ships; once the CDC allows them to sail again. So we sit and wait. Not a big deal; just a little inconvience
  13. Jazz; where do the stairs take you? It looks like it goes to a firepit or cooking area.
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