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  1. Looking to book Jewel of the Seas for British Aisle Cruise 2022. They sail in Jun-Aug. Is there a particular month that is better for weather and port calls? Thanks, this cruise sails 12 nights roundtrip out of Amsterdam and goes to Scotland, Ireland, and England. Thanks for any info
  2. Ken, I was referring to next month. In Ohio after all health care and first responders; they go by age group. 80+ this week, 70+ next week and then 65+ first week of Feb. I fall into 65+. I already am registered with two different clinics. They will send me a txt for my appt. I have 24 hrs to get my shot; once I am notified
  3. Here in Ohio it has been a very slow process. Only health care workers, nursing homes, and over 80 have been vaccinated. Everyone else has to wait until they get more supplies. My calculation says my wife and I may get first shot by mid to end of Feb.
  4. wowzz, I don't know about paint jobs; I was more referring to mechanical and electrical; meaning all the cruise lines have had plenty of time to get the ships fixed with mechanical issues. Cosmetic issues happen all the time; and most likely when they get the go ahead signal to sail the paint jobs could be spruced up. Have a nice weekend
  5. like caribill mentioned; some provide great service; and some not much service. So choose one and hope that they want to make your family vacation special.
  6. I guess one good outcome from this worldwide pandemic; all the cruise ships should be in top condition when they start sailing again.
  7. maybe they could list them as club class cabins
  8. Bob I sailed a few years ago in D106 on Emerald Princess. Although the balcony was huge; when we were at sea the balcony was useless. The wind was so strong that our cabin steward had to tie down the balcony furniture until we got got into port. We could sit out there for maybe an hour after leaving a port; but then the wind would come and make the furniture fly from the front part of balcony all the way to the end. We loved the cabin and we loved having the large balcony; but we just could not spend time there while at sea
  9. It was a very nice ceremony. Lots of pomp during the ceremonies. It will be fun watching the special tonight.
  10. Disappearing cruise credit is not good. Hope you get it posted back to your account
  11. could you explain what you're trying to do. Did you book ez air thru princess? Normally EZ would be a separate charge from your cruise fare
  12. hallasm; nice videos; I may look to stay at the JW Marriott when I go back to Venice
  13. so did you take a pic of your vaccine card and add it to your apple wallet?
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