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  1. Yes I assume Enchanted Window Suite would be close to what Sky's looks like. Here is Sky's living room and master BR
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied about their feelings toward Majestic. I have not been on a Royal Class ship yet; I have only sailed the Grand Class ships. I had trips scheduled on Sky; but that is on hold until next year; thus my questions about the Royal class ships. Have a wonderful day.
  3. phabric; that extra savings will go a long way. Glad you got to change it.
  4. Here is a question for you azbirdmom; did you like the Majestic more or about the same as the other Royal class ships?
  5. I want to thank everyone who is posting on this forum. I have learned a lot about trip insurance; and will now have more knowledge when looking for trip insurance in the future. Cheers
  6. Thanks for the valuable feedback. I appreciate your wisdom and can't wait to sail again. My next cruise is still way out; like Oct 2021 to New England and Canada. Gonna try a window suite on Sky Princess
  7. Has anyone had to file a claim with Geo Blue? Curious about how their reimbursement process went.
  8. compozer; I get it. I have only sailed twice on Princess; both time in suites; so I do not have anything to compare to. I came from Royal Caribbean and Norwegian and they both have some suite perks that were nice. caribill; with the new Princess all included pricing; unlimited internet will be included with that package pricing.
  9. ellie 1145; I will take one of those pizza that were sitting on the counter in Alfredo's. I hope they have tabasco for my pizza
  10. Bake apple; our next cruise is for Oct 2021; Canada and New England out of NYC
  11. I think you will have to look at the itineraries a little more closely and see exactly what you would like to see and do. I have been to all the places you mention and they are all beautiful and each city/town/island has unique charm. I have not been on Pacific Princess; and I know a lot of people love this ship; however, I would get bored with it. There is not enough on this ship to keep me interested. They do not have a main theater; it is more of a lounge. There is no int'l cafe; which you said you liked hanging out in. Good luck with planning your trip. I prefer the larger Grand or Royal class ships.
  12. Here's the deal MudderBear; you want to buy insurance to cover the following; 1. Death in the family day of cruise 2. Emergency medical prior to cruise 3. You or someone in your traveling party breaks your leg on the cruise and you can not continue with the cruise 4. You or someone gets sick and has to be medically evacuated from the ship **** the above have happened to me or my family. This is why it is a good to look at what the travel insurance covers. If the ships insurance will covers these than use them; otherwise take a look at what other companies offer. Good luck
  13. All I can say is; what a year this has been. Before we know; this year will be over and we will look to 2021; I wonder what next year will bring? It's anyone's guess; lets hope it brings cruising back.
  14. I have noticed people here saying that suite perks are being eliminated; I have to disagree. Everything that is listed on Princess website regarding suite perks; are still there. It's all good. Now what the cruise line does after they start sailing again; it's anyone's guess.
  15. ellie1145; just so you know; I do like Burger King too
  16. I guess Love is in the Air; or maybe not. Have fun out there
  17. All your flower pics from this island and the last were very clear and pretty
  18. Yes you saw me; but I took did take away; that way I can sight see and eat at same time. Some people call that multitasking
  19. Hold on now; Love is in the Air. https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/troggs/loveisallaround.html
  20. September 10, 2011 1,675 posts Hampshire, UK Report post #1015 Posted yesterday at 05:02 AM (edited) 🎵 Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot! 🎵 http://www.songlyrics.com/buster-poindexter/hot-hot-hot-lyrics/ ellie1145, this song was written by Buster Poindexter; but that is not his real name. He did not want to take credit for writing this song. The performers real name is David Johanson from NY. Great performer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Johansen
  21. Russia just announced they have a vaccine that passed the third trial and they are sending it to get approved. This was on this mornings NBC TV news. https://www.complex.com/life/2020/07/russia-reportedly-plans-to-approve-coronavirus-vaccine-in-weeks Some people will not believe this and some will. All I know is hope is alive
  22. No worries. I took a cruise to eastern med; and could not find Starbucks until we got to Turkey. McDonalds was everywhere; Greece, Turkey, Italy. It's all good
  23. The island makes some good money that helps them keep going. Thanks for stopping at that small island
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