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  1. Let the fun begin; or in your case; it has already begun. Cheers and have fun out there
  2. pasta1, you may encounter rough seas the first two days; if November has a warm streak then you may be ok; at this point no one knows. Just have fun indoors if the outside weather is bad
  3. what class ship is this above? I have only sailed grand class. Thanks
  4. What's not to like about this window suite on SKY. Add in the suite benefits and you have one awesome vacation.
  5. To the OP; yes to sailing in a suite. It is nice to be pampered on vacation. This is one way to do it; so go ahead and do it.
  6. Princess offers a relaxed calm cruising environment. There are no water slides, rock walls, ice skating. They do offer kids clubs and have pools and hot tubs. The food is good, and the crew has always been polite and friendly. I have no problem recommending them for your transatlantic vacation. Which ship are you looking to sail and maybe someone can give you more info on that ship. I have only cruised with Princess twice and both times were awesome.
  7. If I read your document correctly; it says it does not apply to Canadian which means you don't need one
  8. Wow that stinks; I had to do something similar to you. Princess couldn't find my account so had to use different email and new password. All is good now. Have fun out there
  9. I am getting excited; this thread will be useful. We are sailing on our first river cruise in May. Ama Stella. Basel-Amsterdam. We have two nights pre cruise in Zurich and two nights in Lucerne. Look forward to a new experience. Cheers
  10. This thread is going to be wonderful. Two weeks with a detailed review of Sky and with pictures to boot. How great is that? Thanks for taking me along on your B2B.
  11. twodaywonder and Astro Flyer; thank you both for posting pics of outlets. Astro Flyer is that black euro plug from the lamp or is that something you plugged in? And that outlet was under the bed? I guess I will have to bring my euro adpapter and my us adapter with usb outlets in them. Thanks again, this helps
  12. Thank you for taking time to write a in depth review. Have fun out there
  13. ambelina, I have been on four Med cruises; and never had much movement at all.
  14. I am a retired flight crew member; yes they do shut down incoming and outgoing flights due to fog.
  15. I don't know if you will need to link the reservations. If your main purpose is to communicate via phone; you will be able to do that once onboard the ship. You don't have to link accounts to communicate. What is your main reason to link the bookings?
  16. You family could book a clubclass mini suite; and then they could join you meals; but they still won't be able to join you for your other suite perks. Sorry
  17. I was on Caribbean Princess in Feb; I totally disagree with everything Mister 67 said of this ship. First off, this ship has been to dry dock since Mister 67 sailed her. She was the first ship that was totally retrofitted with Medallion Net. All new tv's, bedding, carpets etc. The crew was excellent. CD was excellent. Food everywhere was fine. I would sail this ship again with no problems.
  18. Thanks John, that is one huge balcony
  19. Although I have not stayed in S103 on SKY, I have stayed in D106 on Emerald, which is all the way forward; and did not have any motion issues. I have S108 booked on Sky this year. Look forward to the cabin.
  20. What cabin# is that balcony in the last picture? That is huge
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