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  1. Princess offers a relaxed calm cruising environment.  There are no water slides, rock walls, ice skating.  They do offer kids clubs and have pools and hot tubs.  The food is good, and the crew has always been polite and friendly.  I have no problem recommending them for your transatlantic vacation. Which ship are you looking to sail and maybe someone can give you more info on that ship.  I have only cruised with Princess twice and both times were awesome.  

  2. twodaywonder and Astro Flyer;  thank you both for posting pics of outlets.  Astro Flyer is that black euro plug from the lamp or is that something you plugged in?  And that outlet was under the bed? I guess I will have to bring my euro adpapter and my us adapter with usb outlets in them.  Thanks again, this helps 

  3. On 1/15/2020 at 11:12 AM, RobinKY said:

    Me (48) and SO (46) are looking at Mediterranean cruise either next summer (July-August) or fall (Sept to early Nov).  We have only done Caribbean cruises in the past.  We are just beginning our research and it's overwhelming.  We will not be bringing our kids.  She wants to try MSC or Costa to get the European experience.  Any tips you have?  Mainly about:


    • Summer or fall?  Fall seems to be cheaper.
    • If you can try for May.  The weather is in mid 70's; the med sea is very calm almost like a lake.  I have done four med cruises in May
    • Pre-cruise trip stay (Most likely Rome)
    • Lots to see in Rome; if you can spend a few days prior to take in all the wonderful sights. The Hilton at Vatican City is awesome
    • Ships to avoid
    • Best ports and tips on exploring or excursions
    • Venice, going to St Marks SQ and walking all around that area. Santorini and Mykonos in Greek Islands;  absolutely stunning places.  I have lots more but these are a few
    • Safety tips while in port
    • Currency
    • Most places take credit cards;  however you can get some euro's at atm machines for places that take cash only
    • Drink packages (MSC offers one but it's only on drinks up to $6 - maybe drinks are cheaper on Med cruises)
    • Look for sales that offer drink packages
    • Dining - we are use to American food.
    • I would choose an American line like Royal Caribbean, NCL, Carnival, Princess;  they will always have american food.  
    • Items to pack
    • Don"t overpack.  Princess ships; if you were to book them; has self serve washer and dryers on almost all decks
    • Communication back home.  We both have teen kids
    • Other

    Hope these tips help.  

  4. I was on Caribbean Princess in Feb;  I totally disagree with everything Mister 67 said of this ship.  First off,  this ship has been to dry dock since Mister 67 sailed her.  She was the first ship that was totally retrofitted with Medallion Net.  All new tv's, bedding, carpets etc.  The crew was excellent.  CD was excellent.  Food everywhere  was fine.  I would sail this ship again with no problems.  

  5. My choice for my last four med cruises; has been May.  It is the beginning of tourist season so it's not over crowded; the weather in Spain, Italy, Greece, etc is high 70's and the water in the Med is calm.  No waves.  It always seemed to feel like we were cruising on a calm lake.  

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