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  1. cvpends; thanks for the links to sightseeing. Have a nice day
  2. Me by the Sea; good story. Thanks for sharing
  3. susancruzs; what ships do you not like? I have only been on two Princess cruises. Emerald and Caribbean. Both were very nice
  4. I agree with the above post. We should not make fun of people and what they eat. It is our lives, it is our vacation. Let us have fun. Full disclouse. I am 5'7" and weigh 145; so I am within limits.; I am just saying please don't make fun of others
  5. Downtown Zurich is very nice and its great to walk along the water and see all the sights. You mention you are going to stay at hotel by airport; since you have two large bags I guess you could leave them at hotel then go downtown and then back to your hotel.
  6. I stayed at a Hilton downtown. It was very nice; there was a Starbucks across the street
  7. I can see by the view that you had to go over the bridge and around the corner
  8. your window had a great view of the ship. I guess it was about a ten to fifteen min ride
  9. Thanks ukestrummer for your quick reply
  10. All we can do is hope they work together and figure it out
  11. evandbob; I feel your pain. There is nothing we can do; and I am not going to worry about something I have no control over. Yes I do have cruises booked for next year. If we get to go then that will be great. Have a nice week
  12. Ride - The - Waves; didn't I read on these threads that Royal and Norwgian are working together with a team from both lines; plus members of CLIA, plus doctors and scientists; so they can answer the CDC's requirements?
  13. BarbaraB2; glad to hear this. It was late but made it.
  14. thrak and coo359a2; yes I found that info during my cruise last year; unfortunately I didn't find it until day 6. Better late than not finding it at all.
  15. gmjc2; oh a joke within a joke; very good.
  16. Everyone have faith; the scientists and drug companies are working overtime to develop a vaccine and have it approved in minimal time. Let's have hope that the virus will get under control.
  17. I went back last August for my class reunion. Flew into Newark and my buddy picked me up and we traveled to the Jersey Shore for my reunion. I stayed at the Marriott Newark airport. It was convienient; you can walk from hotel to terminal.
  18. My wife and I watched the show last week on Disney +. It was good; she wants to watch it again to see things she missed last week. I will not be watching along with her. Once was enough. Glad everyone is enjoying the streaming service. Here is a link that some of you may enjoy.
  19. Ellie1145; I know you will board the ship tomorrow; but my question for you, how many total pictures do you think you took from the time you left England to the time you got back home? My guess is at least 1100
  20. Thanks for your reply and update. Have a nice week
  21. Roberto256; I think Casofilia was joking. The Presidential Election is Nov 3rd; so our current President is hoping the virus is over so he can get re-elected; but this is not a political board so enough said about that.
  22. Did you have a good time on your river cruise. How was the weather?
  23. notarmermaid; did you guys cancel this years Octoberfest in Munich?
  24. Since this is July and the CDC has halted cruise ships from sailing until the end of this month; we will wait to hear from the CDC to see if they lift the ban on cruise ships or they extend the no sail order to later in the year.
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