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  1. Cruise Raider, I have read on other threads that if you have elite status; what ever your allotted minutes are for your elite category is applied to the $14.99 rate. So you may get a rate of lets say $12.99 per day or even less depending on your minutes. So in your case; wait till you are on ship to get the best rate. I have no status with Princess; so I will buy before I board; they offer a grate rate in my personalizer. Have a great day
  2. Astro Flyer, yea, I figured that; I am in the food service industry and know about shredded mozzarella and fresh (which is in a ball and you cut it up or slice it). Have a great day.
  3. My wife is a United Methodist Pastor. When we cruised she contacted someone on the staff; and they told her; she could conduct a Sunday Morning service; they provide the chapel, and she provided the bible and sermon. To answer the question and the Princess quote; it is up the guests to have a Sunday service; in Feb they had a catholic priest doing a service.
  4. Sandra, did you notice on your menu; where it shows the pizza's. All the pizza's have mozzarella, except the Princess Pizza; it says fresh mozzarella. Just curious about that ingredient
  5. Thanks for a nice review. I agree with you about your cruise director Micca. He was amazing on our cruise
  6. It is a nice perk to have. Normally you will find the two bottles on top of the mini bar area of the frig; where the ice bucket sits is where ours were every day.
  7. Here is a suggestion. Stay in Secaucus, which is 20 min taxi ride from EWR for the time you said you would be arriving. There are a block of hotels there; Embassy Suites, Hyatt Place, Courtyard Marriott, Holiday Inn; I have stayed at all of these hotels. There are places to eat at hotels, Outback Steakhouse, Chipolte etc. There is a Walmart to do any last minute shopping. Point is there is a bus stop right across the street from these hotels; and it has a direct line to NY. You and your mom could buy tickets and ride the bus into Manhattan. The hotels in Secaucus are a lot cheaper than NYC. This is just one option to look at.
  8. Most of the hotels right by BWI are in industrial areas; so the lack of places to eat where you can walk is limited. I have stayed at the airport Marriott, Embassy Suites, and Hilton. These hotels have shuttles to and from airport; but not to cruise port; which is about 8 miles north of airport.
  9. Hello, go into your cruise personalizer and under special requests it will ask if you are celebrating bday, retirement, anniversary. Put the dates in there and Princess will provide the cake. Or you can tell the head waiter in your dining room the day before the bday and they will take care of it. I have celebrated both bday, and retirements and Princess provided the cake and decorations. They did not charge me anything.
  10. Happy New Year to all. Thanks to everyone who has shared info on this thread.
  11. Great review; seems like you had an awesome time on Sky Princess. Safe Travels home
  12. I want to thank everyone on this forum who posted pics. All the pics are amazing and tell a great story. Have a wonderful trip and keep the pics coming.
  13. are you doing B2B next year?
  14. Princess has all ages. You will fit right in the middle; so with that said; go ahead and book this ship. You should have fun. You will be getting on a few weeks after I get off. I will be on the ship mid October doing the New England cruise.
  15. Great mini review. Appreciate your feedback on the ship
  16. Are you looking for a lively vibe or a more relaxed vibe. NCL and Carnival have the lively vibe. RCL has a theme park vibe with all the things to do on their ships. Princess is relaxed vibe; but still plenty to do with lounges. You will not find rock climbing walls, zoom slides, ice rinks or any theme park rides on Princess.
  17. That is a one big buffet. Lots of food choices for breakfast. Thanks for sharing with us
  18. lenquixote66, just curious about pizza in Manhattan; plan on doing two nights pre cruise next year; won't be going to Brooklyn except to board the Princess Ship.
  19. Treasure Hunter; where is Ray's Original located? I love pizza
  20. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you enjoyed your river cruise
  21. h-sar, isn't crème brulee on the menu every day?
  22. voljeep I meant the pro football was over for the week. Sun/Mon games; yes the college bowl games start Christmas Day, 26, 29, 31st. Pro football game on Sunday 29th. So there we have it. Sorry for any confusion.
  23. Are you guys using EZ Air to find a lower price than airline website; then if you have miles; do you use those to upgrade on the airlines website? Thanks
  24. So football should be over and now you can watch movies. The pics of all the desserts look great. Merry Christmas
  25. Merry Christmas; glad you are having fun in the sun
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