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  1. Those are both Vista suites; I think they will be same size. They are both corner suites one above the other.
  2. That was a great story about your galley and all access tour. Glad it worked out
  3. So you guys like to decorate your cabin doors; and some other people don't like that you do this? That seems strange that someone would steal your decorations.
  4. Thanks for sharing your review of the ship and your trip. Have a great day
  5. It's good to be pro active; contacting them keeps your blood pressure in check. It's your vacation and you want everything to go right. All the Best.
  6. keri2000, I feel sorry for you; so many things went wrong with your order. I wonder if anyone else has had such an experience. Take care
  7. Thanks for sharing your reveiw so far. Keep coming back and update. Have a wonderful time on Sky Princess
  8. Well that stinks. I used it in Feb for CB. Wonder why
  9. Are you saying the retreat area is for suite guests only; or they have access to it? Thanks
  10. I am enjoying your day to day blog; the pics are great and I can visualize being on the ship. Have fun and look forward to more info.
  11. Thanks for all the good info on Sky. Great thread
  12. In my opinion Empire CLS is the best. I have used them for the past 20 years. They are more expensive; but have never let me down.
  13. Have you contacted your credit card company?
  14. TeaBag, thanks for your post. Princess is a good cruise line. We are taking our third trip next year. We are doing the Canada/New England in Oct
  15. I think the concierge on any ship on any cruise line are worth every penny. They can do so much for you to make your trip so much smoother
  16. For those who missed ports where do you go? Do you sit in previous port or do you go to the next port? Thanks have a great day
  17. I see you have Micca as your cruise director. We had him in Feb on CB. He is very good. Enjoy your cruise
  18. I have done snorkling there and beach day. Snorkling was not that great; the water was murky; so we really didn't see much; the next time there we took shuttle to the beach right at the port. You can see the umbrellas and chairs from the cruise ship.
  19. If you buy a photo package; pictures are tied to your cabin number; and the pictures taken around the ship are sequenced by a facial recognition program. It is pretty much the same as before the medallion program started. We had a photo package on our Alaskan cruise in 2017 and all our photos were tied to our cabin number thru the facial recognition software
  20. I believe when you sit down at the kiosk monitor and wave your medallion, the screen recognizes your cabin and name and pulls up any and all pics that have been taken of anyone associated with that cabin #
  21. I believe I saw a picture of the photo gallery area; and it shows monitor screens where you look at pics on the screen
  22. Wow, thanks for this info. I appreciate it. Looking at deck plans of ship the laundry facilities are on quite a few decks.
  23. I loved the close up of the Sea Witch and Princess logo. Thanks
  24. Hope you enjoy your mattress. Best to you
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