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  1. Essiesmom; oops you are correct. We had Aft cabin C748. No noise but from above, it was excellent cabin; but we were two decks above your deck
  2. Do the police do anything about people ignoring the quarantine?
  3. scubacruiserX2; your pics above are so clear. Thanks for posting
  4. We had both Mr. Softee and Good Humor trucks
  5. I had my Oct 27th cruise cancelled by Princess. Received an email in May; so that was a six month notification. What ship are you on and what is your cruise date?
  6. Thanks Steelers36; I will check it out
  7. Hank it will be a tough two years for all the major cruise lines
  8. George C; yes I say they will extend your gift card
  9. snowmen; what ship is this cabin on?
  10. You log into your online account. The check in that Royal is talking about is getting your passport info, credit card info etc. You do that online and once they have all the info you should see a msg that says your boarding pass will be available to print 90 days prior.
  11. We can hope for the best. Hopefully by Oct we will know more than we do now.
  12. With the latest data about Europe putting out guidelines for cruises; I don't think there will be any European cruises this year.
  13. And these clam shells are on Princess Private Island called Princess Cays? I have not been there; so I am asking. Thanks
  14. I had cruise cancel but had only put a deposit down; so right now I am out $200; but it is in my account and I hope to use it sometime next year.
  15. geocruiser; I am hopeful that things around the world get better and a vaccine is developed and we get CDC and WHO clearance to sail again. You have to have faith; so keep the faith
  16. If things go really bad and the ships end up with the lenders; they will then sell the ships to lowest bidder. Somewhere down the road cruise lines will sail again.
  17. Looks like people are having fun all over the world. I hope things calm down.
  18. Yup that's the one. And the Big Mac's taste just like the ones from my local Micky D's
  19. It is on the local news here in the United States. So maybe it's fake news; but this is what they are telling people here
  20. Here is a link to the largest in the world. I stopped here on my way to Disney World. https://www.wheretraveler.com/orlando/worlds-largest-mcdonalds
  21. I have been to the one in Rome; I think it has an expresso bar plus the bakery or patisserie.
  22. So you have contacted Princess and they say this cruise is still going? What ship are you on?
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