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  1. Yes. Two years ago I did not realize we did not get one until we got home.. The last two cruises they were delivered to our cabin , like always. Maybe people complained.
  2. We also use to save everything. Several years ago, we tossed all the Patters. Now we save the last one with the ship's log. and our cards. We have a huge pile of them. Don't think we will save the medallions although we do have them from several cruises.
  3. Good to know. They told me : $25 per person per day for Drink package and wifi $30 per person per day to add Dink package and free gratuities $40 per person to add Drink package, gratuities & wifi. And she also said everyone in the cabin has to upgrade to this offer. Our next cruise is very port intense and we will get two bar setups. I don't drink much and I was thinking I could drink the mini bar plus our two bottles of wine and my husband could buy the drink package but that won't work out. We decided to just pay for drinks. We are getting free gratuities and we each have our elite internet minutes. So, that should be fine. We have a 33 day one next fall where we have the drink package included so she said we would need to be rebooked for the BEST sale. But our cabin category is sold out so we can't cancel and rebook. There are wait lists for it. As everyone says - if you do not like the answer from the Rep, call back and see what happens with a different rep.
  4. You should be able to change. They cancel your current cruise so the perks you originally received will go away. The problem is that you will have to pay the current price for the cruise. I just checked on one of my future cruises and the cost to change was $1300 per person. I was already getting free gratuities and 250 internet minutes for being elite and decided we would not drink that much. You will have to decide if it is worth it to you.
  5. I would not be surprised if they do discontinue it since they could say club class is taking its place. How knows! We have found on our last 5 cruises that we prefer club class for breakfast. It just is not the same as it use to be. The staff would change after a couple days. You use to be able to get to know them and it had a large family gathering feeling. We do long cruises so maybe it is different with the shorter ones. If you are in a hurry to get to an excursion, club class is much faster. On sea days, I still do enjoy Sabitinis - it is more relaxing.
  6. Never has happened to me. And hopefully it was just some odd happening. Being able to change my flight times and also take advantage of a price drop is why I stay with Princess,- (well, that has only happened once in about 20 flights.)
  7. We also think Captain Todd McBain is excellent. We will be on the Coral next November and are keeping our fingers crossed that he will still be assigned to the Coral.
  8. On every ship that we have used club class, the starboard side entrance to the dining room was for club class only BUT club class only uses tables on the starboard side of the walkway. You are confusing things by calling it the Club Class Restaurant. Club class dining is just served in part of a dining room. I am really confused about about this 7:30 opening. Both doors open at the same time. On some ships, they do use part of the anytime dining room at 5:30 for traditional dining and the tables are available for anytime diners around 7:30. Maybe we can help you out if you rewrite the question so we understand what you are asking.
  9. A little confusing question. Are you booked in a club class mini or full suite?
  10. I am not getting very many offers either. And the ones I do get, are ones I have no interest in. I have the AMEX platinum and the AMEX Delta Platinum.
  11. What about the Pacific Princess? Our first Alaskan cruise was on the Coral.. We loved it.
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