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  1. My phone stays in the cabin. My husband carries my cruise card and a lip stick for me.
  2. I was always under the assumption that the card was good for that cruise - just like the drink package. When I had punches left, I use to spend them all on the specialty coffees and give them to the staff at customer service. I think the coffee card posts need to die and never come back.
  3. I did look into booking one of the airport hotels. They are all booked for our date. I was looking at Princess's excursions and now there is one showing for Singapore for people with flights after 8pm. I need to call because the details do not include pickup or drop off time. I would think 5pm would be the latest. I can keep checking the hotels - maybe something might open up.
  4. Last time they told me to go to the Apple store. I will try another one in town..thanks
  5. Thanks for the info. I will stop at the Apple store and have my phone checked out
  6. I guess I am mixed up. I am thinking of the Thermal suite. The enclave is on the newer ships - Royal -Regal, etc. and They have no Thermal suite. I have never been to the enclave. That is not included in the suite perks.
  7. Will you really use it enough to make it worthwhile to spend so much money on a week pass. An unlimited pass is given when you book a suite. I think the most we have gone is twice during a five week cruise. I would not recommend it on a Christmas or other holiday cruise. Those are the only cruises that it is packed I don't get real excited about about the bed/benches and only can last 15 minutes at the most. . First time I used it, there were two gentleman on each side of me. It made me very uncomfortable. I know in some countries it is no big deal but I would prefer a woman's only room. After the first time, I have only gone with my husband. We also hardly ever use it in warm climates. We have noticed that some people use the benches as a bed to read books and the staff said some stay for hours. I don't know how much it is for a single visit but I think I would try it before getting a weekly pass unless you use something like it in other locations. Who knows - we may be the odd balls
  8. I think it also depends on the rep. I call Princess rather than bothering my TA on some issues. I know what is going on and have certain questions about - they may be very minor things but I like to have everything printed off and in front of me. I like to control my cruise and am not happy that I now have to transfer it to my TA within 60 days of booking. I use to wait until a few weeks before final payment. If you are with a TA, then you are not suppose to call Princess and some reps are very strict about that but I have had others that have helped me out.
  9. I have tried to call several times. First you need to talk to a regular rep and they then call the air department and pass along the information. They would not connect me, We went back and forth for a long time. I asked why I could not just talk to them directly but she just said this is the way we do it. After several calls about an issue, they finally let me talk to an air rep. It was so nice years ago when they transferred you right away. Not sure why the change but I bet many people called to have them book the flights for them rather than doing the research themselves, especially since many TA's will no longer handle booking flights.
  10. Depends on the water temps. I am a diver so I have numerous weights of wet suits. In most tropical locations I just wear a skin. I like to have protection - never know when a wave can push you into a coral.
  11. We book the aft suites and love the view the best but having to walk a distance is a plus - we have never gained any weight .
  12. I like to use it for data. I would do the monthly plan. We will be on a ship but I would use it in ports. I know I can download maps ahead of time but I usually don't. I have used it to find a scuba shop and things like that. I have minutes on the ship but I like to check emails and stay in touch with family and friends by FB when we have extra time in ports. I had the monthly plan several times in the UK and it was great but like I said, I could not get any signal in half the ports on our Baltic one. I use Whatapp for the few calls I make. I have never heard of Google Fi - I saved the link and will read it over tonight. thanks
  13. I am debating if I should sign up for AT&T's International passport. I had issues on a Baltic cruise and could not get a connection in several countries. Anyone with any experience? Thanks
  14. You might be correct but I know the gal who has done mine is good - use to teach it. But everyone I know that scuba dives, has issues. Was just with a gal who said she never has had them come off. Guess what - our third day diving, she lost one. Then another one the next day.
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