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  1. I don't think the people who are paying through onboard account are the problem. Even if they don't 'tip extra'. It's the people who are not tipping at all. And they are only a problem to the extent that other people are made to feel guilty for not tipping on top of their auto grats. 'Tips' are a subsidy. I don't know why that phrasing is problematic or why people need to say the company is going get it one way or another. We know that. What I don't like is people guilting other people into paying 'tips' their way. There is no 'right way'. Royal has a way they would like you to do things. Fine. They also accept other ways of paying, and will accept complete removal of tips. Fine. That is their business model. Royal says their 'tips' may go to the people who directly serve you but also those who are behind the scenes and in other departments. That's not really a tip. It's extra money on top of your cruise fare that some people pay and some people don't. I find the process annoying but I still follow it in some fashion (auto grats or cash). But some people do nothing. You can't change that, but I find it extremely annoying when people are made to feel insecure that they have not tipped 'enough' once they have paid auto grats. And Royal encourages this feeling.
  2. After all the posts I have read, thousands upon thousands, I can't believe I haven't read these words sooner.
  3. I wouldn't say the skimming comment is a lie, but poorly worded. Royal words their gratuity explanation to include 'behind the scenes' people in 'other departments'. Basically, they can do as they wish with 'tips'. The consumer doesn't want to think that their 'tips' are wage subsidies. They want to think that they are directly contributing 'extra' to someone. I feel that Royal encourages this vew. So I could see how this might be viewed as skimming. I have also been told by workers that they prefer auto-tips to cash.
  4. I think it's a combination of things. Maybe the $750 obc was a good offer but they presented it poorly. Double points cost them nothing and makes the customer happy (and was what the customer was expecting by booking the Jr Suite guaranty). The particular rep you get on the phone is a big factor, which is why I would always listen to the offer, think about it, and call back. Full ships does not mean you have to be uncivilized when a customer has just had their vacation plans reset at the last minute.
  5. It's happened more than twice on these boards. Maybe you can't find it in a search as their search stinks, but I would guess at once every 6 months or so this happens. Not frequent but gets a lot of outrage when it happens, as would be expected. I really think that Royal could make their mistake up to people so easily, and I am confounded when they don't seem to want to try. Royal gambled and lost so time for them to pay up.
  6. I would think about what you would like and come back with your own offer. I would want double points, difference in cabin price, and some amount of obc, at a minimum.
  7. They may. I have always gotten good service no matter which way I chose to tip. The times I got bad service it was just the personality of that person for ex. they just don't care no matter how you tip. Anyway much worse than not tipping and getting poor service is tipping and getting sub-optimal service.
  8. My neighbor gave these out back when. I never ate them, but I always went and got one. They are big and it made me feel successful maybe (compared to the people who gave out the tootsie rolls. Don't let this be you.)
  9. Possibly. But I will say that my service is the same whether or not I prepay, pay daily, or remove and tip cash. For the record, although I do not agree with RC's tipping protocol, I always tip. I may prepay. I may daily auto grat. And I may remove and tip as I see fit. I have done it all! And it all works.
  10. We don't know what other people do. I'm sure there are even more heinous stories that could be related. Be glad we only heard about the M&Ms.
  11. Ok settle down. THERE IS NO NEED TO TIP EXTRA ONCE YOU HAVE PAID THE STANDARD GRATUITIES. Also don't think everyone is throwing money all over the place and that you will look cheap by comparison. Um, no. If you are prepaying or daily auto paying gratuities, you are GOOD. If you come across someone who is trying to make your vacation THE BEST IT EVER COULD BE then by all means, throw them some extra dollars. Give it to them whenever the mood strikes you. But DO NOT FEEL THIS IS IN ANY WAY REQUIRED. Remember that there is a good amount of people who tip nothing. If you tip the suggested, crew is very happy. If you tip extra, they are super happy. But it is in no way expected.
  12. Yes. You don't have to re-book, you just ask for a price adjustment. They should tell you that it is non-refundable.
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