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  1. I went at 9:30am and it was mobbed. I paused in front of the paper towels and a woman yelled out to me, "just buy it!"
  2. I think you pay a $100 per person admin fee and for the rest you get a FCC.
  3. I wait til the audience starts clapping for something and then I run out.
  4. If you don't have any issues or requests on your cruise I can see how concierge services would not be of value to you.
  5. My limit is 1 😉 (really). I have to say that most concierges have gone above in beyond with requests. It has objectively been a better value than free alcohol. But if you are a heavy drinker that would be up for debate.
  6. Seriously? You have never needed to go to GS for anything? Nothing 'requires' a concierge, but talking to the concierge can save you from going to GS for whatever problem it is that you are having, minor to major. Non-working room key, over charges, wrong charges, room issues, dining reservation problems, internet log in problems, anything that you would typically go to GS for, you can ask the concierge. In the beginning I would always do things myself. Sometimes they would get fixed, sometimes not. Then I started using concierge and I never had a problem. It's a reall
  7. If I had a problem or request I would always talk to the D concierge before going to stand on line at GS. 99% of the time they can do whatever it is that needs doing.
  8. No bingo, trivia or Matt Yee. Tried them all.
  9. This thread is great because it consolidates all of the random observations/complaints into one bundle that can be deleted when the time is right. Neat and tidy!
  10. I think they would find you another option as they want to keep your money. Worst case scenario they refund you.
  11. Someone can post something and 10 people see it 10 ways. It's nearly impossible to post anything and have no one get offended by it. If you see something that you think it against the rules, click the 'report post' button in the upper right hand corner and the mods will take care of it.
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