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  1. I think it is possible, but I don't know if I would risk it. Less traffic on a weekend will make things easier. Slower going if you are trying to get to Newark on a weekday at morning rush hour. Most of the time you will be off the ship as scheduled, but there are the times when you are delayed an hour, and that can mess you up.
  2. They are professionals, and they can always tell you, 'sorry, I tried, but it is not possible'. They want you to ask for things. They expect to be compensated for their efforts. It's a business relationship, it's not your friend's grandma.
  3. I think you can ask them to do anything for you (they may or may not be successful), as long as you plan on tipping them at the end.
  4. Hopefully they will carry all perks over, plus obc for the inconvenience.
  5. The mod on a RC blog said that when he did the class two years ago, someone was allowed to watch without paying. (in case no one else answers you)
  6. Instead of 'Guarantee' they should call it 'Mystery Cabin'. Then people would have better expectations.
  7. I think the best solution is to change your own cabin to one that accommodates 3. Remove your daughter from the other reservation, and let your sister either pay the single supplement or find a reliable friend to jump in and pay the second person charge in her own room.
  8. I agree. If your kids like doing family stuff, or they have friends/relatives onboard, or if they like sports, it's easier. But they are at an age where they aren't allowed to be in the kids' clubs and they can't really do the adult stuff either. So it can be frustrating.
  9. I'm surprised they would process a price drop without the TA. If it affected their commission, TA would probably adjust your perks; mine always have.
  10. I don't think this is a big deal. You don't hand over anything of value to a stranger. I'm guessing those bags are mostly full of clothing. If it's jewelry, meds, cameras and cash, those people are stupid.
  11. Never read of anyone's car being broken into, or stolen, while parked at Cape Liberty. Never heard of anyone missing their cruise because there was not enough parking at Cape Liberty.
  12. This is for prepaid tips. A lot of people do the daily auto tips once onboard.
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