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  1. I have not thought of traveler's cheques for quite some time! Amex says their cheques are good "forever." https://www.americanexpress.com/us/travel/travelers-cheques/index.html
  2. I think the cruise lines will be in for a tough time obtaining vaccines for crews. Their best bets would be in India and China. China and India are especially eager to pursue "vaccine diplomacy" to strengthen their industries. However, these vaccines might not be universally recognized for some time. Makes sense to me. I have a feeling this may also effect tourism if vaccination become a requirement for entering certain countries.
  3. Close. I first saw this in the shopping magazines that existed on airliners in the past. Remember those days? It was when I was working as a consultant and away from home all week long. Reading that made me feel somewhat sad as it was when my kids were young and I ended up missing out on things to make money. That was really my original point. The vast majority of us will not make a difference. The best the vast majority of us can hope for is to have a positive influence on our kids/friends/colleagues.
  4. Totally agree with this point! This also will complicate the start up of cruising in certain areas.
  5. Remember that the population of the world is about 8 billion. It will take time especially when the logistics are factored in. The good news for the lines is that perhaps money rather than health policy will determine who receives the vaccine in some of the countries were crew members live. It will be curious if these other vaccines will be considered valid vaccinations? Are they truly effective? Will they be accepted for visitors entering other countries? I am not passing judgement on Chinese or Russian vaccines, but again it sounds like more complications are coming.
  6. good luck with that NCL! Again, it seems more about protecting the company than the crew.
  7. This is really interesting in at least two areas 1) Why is Saga not requiring the crew to be vaccinated? My suspicion is that they are more worried about liability claims from passengers than the crew. 2) Where will they get the vaccine? It seems that vaccines are in short supply and governments are controlling most of the distribution. Will the ships be using vaccines that aren't approved in the areas where they are sailing?
  8. Interesting point. If this is true and COVID follows the "normal" pandemic trajectory, I wonder what the real impact of all our control measures will turn out to have been. Perhaps we will have reduced the number of people that would have died even though it will be impossible to measure the unknowable alternative. To me the main problem is that many university degrees are entirely worthless and don't prepare the student for what comes next in there lives. I was lucky, one of my kids studied engineering and the other biochemistry. Both came out the other side with goo
  9. Great point. I just wonder about the facts and theories being taught at school these days. With "traditional" values currently in low regard, I am also interested in the culture and attitude of the "typical" home. Another great point. Abdication of responsibility is rampant across society today. Many/most want someone else to fix their problems for them. The old quaint notion of individual responsibility is just that, a quaint notion.
  10. Who knows? I'll bet a lot of today's studies goes beyond the classic reading, writing and arithmetic. History is likely low on the list as well except in the context of critical theory discussion.
  11. My own gut is that this is why it has been so difficult to control the pandemic in the US. Since the 60's, the Baby Boom generation has largely promoted narcissism as its leading cultural norm and were able to "teach the children well!" I liked this story: https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/usappblog/2017/06/28/a-rise-in-narcissism-a-root-of-americas-crisis/ Authors Twenge and Campbell trace the earliest roots in narcissism back to the 1950s. The Baby Boomers were the first generation to grow up in a post-war era of greater consumer plenitude and less existential har
  12. I totally agree that Barbados could be a fine option. If the US becomes unfriendly to cruising for health and/or environmental reasons, other locations most will rise up and fill the void for Caribbean cruises. To me the necessary criteria for success in creating a cruise port would be: large capacity airport with good connectivity Hotels to deal with passengers before and after cruises Port logistics to replenish ships Good terminals to process passengers The real sad part for me if the US goes down this road will be that passengers with lower/fixed i
  13. I am not sure what your age has to do with respect to your comment, but cruise ship deaths do occur on a regular basis from what I understand - just like in life elsewhere. Here is some discussion on the subject: https://emmacruises.com/die-on-cruise-ships/#:~:text=200 People Die on Cruises,and What They Die Of There are many sources which quote 200 as the number of cruise ship deaths each year. The real number is likely to be higher as not all cruise lines and countries share their death statistics. The majority of deaths that occur onboard cruise ships are from
  14. It's just not clear what works in terms of management without real draconian measures once community spread takes hold. Not a perfect study, but the article below at least discusses some of the issues. It could be that cultural norms are more important than lockdowns. https://www.newsweek.com/covid-lockdowns-have-no-clear-benefit-vs-other-voluntary-measures-international-study-shows-1561656 "We do not question the role of all public health interventions, or of coordinated communications about the epidemic, but we fail to find an additional benefit of stay-at-home order
  15. Probably. You also won't have freedom to go into any store and be likely restricted to the stores of the tour. Just curious if you have considered renting a mobility scooter for your cruises? It might make it easier to see more things / go further.
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