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  1. We canceled our Jan. cruise on the NCL Gem and booked a week at the Outrigger in Fort Myers with friends. This will be our first time spending time on the western coast of Florida.
  2. We only have 2 booked at this time: 1. 11/7/21 Celebrity Constellation; and 2. 1/9/22 Freedom of the Seas. We are expecting both of them to sail. We will not book anything the first half of 2021.
  3. I normally research most everything myself, but for the life of me, I cannot make a decision on where to stay before our cruise in Tampa. We will be traveling with 8 or 9 other couples and need a hotel/motel for one or two prenights in Nov. 2021. I've been reading lots of reviews on tripadvisor. I need a place that's nice, walking distance to restaurants, safe neighborhood, nice pool area. I usually like to stay in 4* properties, but I don't know if everyone will be willing to shell out more than $150/$200/$250 for a night. I've been looking at Tampa Marriott Water Street, the Westin Tampa Waterside, Quality Inn & Suites, Hampton Inn & Suites, even the Tahitian Inn Hotel Cafe & Spa, as it looks like it has a fun pool/bar area, and our friends like to have a few. :). I would be interested in getting feedback on properties you have stayed in, if it was a nice area, if the rooms were clean, what was around the area, and most of all, if you would stay at that property again. Thank you.
  4. We love the Sonesta in FLL. That's where we always stay now. Outstanding service, all oceanview rooms, many places within walking distance, including Galleria Mall.
  5. Years ago, chipping in for a horse with family, dressing the horse up in costume jewelry, scarfs, etc., and bringing the horse to dinner, shows, etc. Unfortunately, our horse didn't win the big race, but we had lots of laughs!
  6. We always stay at the Sonesta as we like staying across from the beach. All rooms are ocean view. Service is outstanding!! Galleria Mall and many restaurants within walking distance.
  7. I canceled out 10.17.20 Summit cruise on May 6. I was credited our funds to our c.c. on 5.16.20. I was pleasantly surprised to receive it so quickly.
  8. Our very first cruise, back in 1996 I believe, was on Premier Oceania. Very small ship. About 45k tons. My daughter, who was about 12 at the time had a ball. I would strongly suggest that you get your niece to join in with the children's gathering for her age group. My daughter did and made so many friends.
  9. When we were there in January 2019, we went to DePalm Pier. It was very nice there. We are due to go back to Aruba in Oct. 2020, and we will head back there.
  10. They are not always running this deal for all categories (except sail away categories), although, it has been going on for quite some time.
  11. They should be tipped when they take your bags from you whether or not they apply a luggage tag on it.
  12. I did book under this promotion a while ago for our 1/3/21 Gem cruise and it was applied after providing my latitude number.
  13. I believe the week of April 11th was school vacation week for many places. I know in our town though, there is no school for the upcoming week (maybe even longer than that), and I believe they have lost their vacation week in April because of it. My heart goes out to all those who had to book during school vacation time and now they no longer have this week off. These are definitely challenging times. Everyone, stay safe! This too shall pass.
  14. Found it. https://www.caymancompass.com/2020/03/13/breaking-schools-close-cruise-ships-banned-to-prevent-coronavirus-spread/
  15. Where did you read that Grand Cayman was closing for 60 days? I tried googling it, but did not find it. I also went on the Grand Cayman cruise board, and did not see anything there either.
  16. Where did you read this? Could you post a link of the article?
  17. I have a client who is booked with her family and is scheduled to depart on Rhapsody on 4/11/20. This too has not been canceled. However, because of the schools shutting down now, she no longer has this vacation time as she works for the school department. She will cancel, but we are holding tight and have not canceled yet and choosing to wait a bit to see if the canceled cruise calendar gets extended.
  18. I am platinum with NCL and I don't get the mailers either; however, my mother-in-law who has been deceased for a few years, gets at least a couple per week!
  19. This is the exact reason why I posted it, so if people had current holds on their cruises, they would deposit to lock in the price.
  20. About a half hour ago, I booked NCL Gem 5/15/20 for 3 adults in an I1 cabin. Price for all 3 of us was $1887.65. I just checked it again, and now same cabin category is $2639.
  21. Years ago, we took this excursion. However, I got seasick and was not able to enjoy the ride to St. John's at all. I have taken the ride over to the island from Red Hook many times and never got seasick. The crew were fabulous and gave me ginger and a green apple. As soon as we got to St. John, I jumped in the water and then felt better. On the ride back to St. Thomas, I was fine. There was an open bar on the boat; however, because of getting seasick, I did not get to enjoy it. My husband did though!!
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