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  1. Hello Can anyone help regarding price protection, we've had a couple of cruises cancelled already, we have a Transatlantic coming up in September from Barcelona to NY which I really doubt will happen as the ship is not over here. There are other TA's which seem more likely especially as the ships are already in Europe, the issue is they are much more expensive, does anyone know whether Royal will let me move to another one if this gets cancelled and honour the price I have paid already? A few years ago we had an Australian cruise cancelled and they gave us a choice of a couple of others to choose from, just not sure how it works. thanks.
  2. Thankyou for this, I looked at the Grayline tours, will look again as they were not out for 2021 when I originally looked.
  3. Hi I know none of the Oasis or quantum class have free steam/sauna. We were on Vision and Independence last year and both of those had it, Have also seen it on most of Voyager class, but as some of them are going in for 'amping' they are taking them out. I believe that Radiance class all have them still. Hope this helps.
  4. Apologies in advance but I can't seem to search this for the answer. We now have 3 FCC's each and maybe shortly 4 if or when our September TA is cancelled, we do have one booked for 2021 but looking to make a new booking for Alaska, is there a limit on how many FCC's I can use against another booking? As they have to be used by the end on 2021 I am wondering whether to take some as a refund if RCI have any limitations on maybe one FCC per booking etc. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thankyou for this, it was a Panama Canal and a Transatlantic cruise cancelled so i have a bit of FCC, I think we are favouring going in July next year, I have read and viewed reviews and it all looks nice but with limited vacation time (we need to fly from the UK) we want to fit as much into about 21-25 days as possible. With the tour to Denali, would you say it's better to book it all with the cruise line or can it be booked with an independent company?
  6. Hello, We've had our cruises cancelled so looking to book an Alaska trip in 2021 with Royal Caribbean, We are ideally looking to fly in from the UK and do either a train trip on the Rocky Mountaineer or a pre cruise tour taking in Denali, then a cruise with maybe a few days at the end to explore before flying home, I had thought of booking the Greyhound tour of Denali beforehand, the cruising from Seward to Vancouver, spending a couple of days there and then taking the train to Seattle. Can anyone advise on this, I'd like to know the best month to go and what people think is a good port to depart from as RCI have 4 ships sailing the region next year, all advice and suggestions gratefully received.
  7. We have a TA booked on Vision in September, I thought I read somewhere that she was currently taking crew home so no clue as to whether there will even be a European season. Already booked on it for next year so cannot lift and shift. Hoping that as Allure is already over here she may do it and we can swap. I just wish they would be more upfront while we still have more time to make any changes to air travel and hotels.
  8. Many thanks, I have 2 fcc's for both of us for £150 each and two for £1000 and £300. I was happy to have them but as they are limited on where I can spend them I might just ask for a refund of the higher value ones, it's a shame as RCI seem to be shooting themselves in the foot here but imposing such limitations for something that is beyond everyones control.
  9. I have had two FCC's, can I apply both of them to one cruise as they are both smaller values?
  10. We've always been loyal to royal, we were due to be on Serenade right now going through the Panama Canal which was inevitably cancelled. As Royal don't do a lot of these we looked at other lines and have booked one for November with Princess, looking forward to going on a new line and seeing how they do things, not sure if we would defect permanently, the pricing is great and they do a good deal on drinks, tips and internet for £35 per day which I've never seen with Royal. Just hoping our TA on vision goes ahead in September.
  11. We did this a few years ago, we flew into Montreal the day before and stayed there, we got the train from Montreal to Quebec and it was a very relaxing trip with some lovely views. We got to the ship, checked in and then went straight back out, the muster drill was the following day before we sailed, we did speak with a couple who had just come on that day which they had agreed with the cruiseline in advance.
  12. Thankyou for this, one cruise is in September which right now I'm not convinced will go ahead as it's a TA, the other is a TA in nov 2021, but we do want to book for early next year so might be better to hold onto it until we are ready to book. Thanks again.
  13. Hello We had 2 cruises booked on Serenade which were cancelled, we opted for a refund for one of them and an FCC for the other one. Had the refund email yesterday, does anyone know how long from this point it takes for the refund to come back? Also, had an email with the FCC details this morning, we have 2 future cruises booked, can I use it to pay off both balances? Thanks.
  14. We had two cruises cancelled. opted for a refund for one of them, had the email saying a refund was being issued yesterday, not sure how long that takes to come back to my bank account. Had the FCC email this morning, as I have two cruises booked with them, does anyone know if I can pay both cruises with one FCC?
  15. It's confusing, we cancelled one cruise and are awaiting our depostit back as a FCC, that was about 6 weeks ago, Two others were cancelled by RCI about 3 weeks ago, waiting on a FCC for one of them, the other we opted for the refund, had the email this morning showing a refund so just waiting for it to be credited back, no idea how long it will take. We were going to keep them all as FCC's but as they have to be used by end of 2021 we have one other cruise booked for September which is a TA so not confident of the ships coming over to Europe and we may not be able to use them all.
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