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  1. We've just had 2 more cancelled with this latest round of cancellations, some of them were rescheduled from last year, tried to call RCI this morning to move one from April to September but gave up after being on hold for a while, want to speak to them as it has a deposit and and FCC against it so want to move it all without paying another deposit.
  2. Hi, We've had a few cruises cancelled and rebooked some of them for this year and next year, I got a great deal on flights with Virgin and went with it as they are offering free rebooking, might be worth looking into it and just be resigned to the fact if it cancels you can get a credit but not a refund. Not much comfort but until things really improve anything could happen.
  3. It is strange, when I called they said the same 3 options, I pointed out I am in the UK and the cruises are from the other side of the world but it made no difference, shame though as the Transpacific cruises are more than double the price I paid so it would have been a good deal, even when I said that it was cheaper for them to let me move to a Transatlantic there was no movement.
  4. Thankyou, I did it on a different browser, it does just give me a choice of 3 Transpacific cruises from Australia to choose from, all much more expensive than the other transatlantic ones I would prefer. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Just called Royal, very strange, they offered me 3 lift and shift options for Transpacific cruises from Australia next year which are much more expensive but they will price match, Main issue is that with Covid I don't know whether we will be able to travel to Australia next year, also, it means two long flights instead of one long one and then sailing back across the Atlantic. I asked her to check it twice, especially as other Transatlantic cruises would be cheaper for them to let me swap over to. Normally I would just call again and see if I get a different answer. Any suggestions? Th
  6. Something else, does a lift and shift have to be to the same date next year? We have a Transatlantic for March which I don't hold out any hope of going ahead, there are none in March next year but a few in April, would I be able to move to one of those?
  7. Thankyou, will keep an eye out to see if it is extended.
  8. Hello, we've got a couple of cruises booked, some I don't think will go ahead, we have an Alaska cruise and landtour booked for June, I know a lot can happen between now and then but thinking about moving it to 2022 as there is one that has the same itinerary, Looking on the RCI page it only shows to move to a 2021 sailing, does anyone know if this has been extended?
  9. Thankyou, I am quietly hopeful but still mindful that it might not go ahead, buoyed with the news that a vaccine has been approved in the UK this morning so hopefully the world will be in a better and safer place by then.
  10. Hello We have a bucket list cruise booked for June next year to Alaska, we have everything crossed it will go ahead. it's a 5 night tour before the cruise and then a 7 night cruise, my question is with the CDC saying cruises can be no longer than 7 days if this will be affected since we are not on the ship, but will be part of a tour? Thanks in advance.
  11. Our last cruise was Tianjin (China) to Singapore in October 2019. We wanted to sail on Serenade around the UAE in Feb this year as there were some great prices but as we already had other cruises this year we did not have the vacation time!
  12. Reminds me of the days when they added the fuel surcharge when oil prices rocketed.
  13. Interesting, it's been way too long since I've been on a ship now with these cancellations, have nothing planned until March and everything crossed that it can safely go ahead.
  14. We've sailed on every class and sometimes done a cruise on a big one then got off and done another on one half the size (Freedom then Monarch) and although you notice the difference we've loved it. We've sailed Vision 5 times including 2 TA's, we don't really go to the song and dance shows but prefer to meet people and hang out with them so this size is ideal. Dining choices are limited but I've never lost weight on a cruise either! I would sail on her (or any other ship right now) in a heartbeat, the crew are so friendly it makes up for the lack of the bells and whist
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