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  1. I love lighthouses too. Anytime, i am near one, I am there.
  2. Sorry - had a brain freeze, I meant the Gulf Bridge with the Amsterdam luggage going through the Panama Canal.
  3. Someone please post on Cruise Critic once the time the Amsterdam goes through the Canal is known. would love to watch one of the webcams to view her last transit.
  4. Love the Daily Report. Thanks for doing it. And Jacqui, all the photos of your gardens are so beautiful.
  5. So sorry to read that . I was so rooting for the Wilderness Adventurer to have a successful week.
  6. A beautiful sunny day (finally) in Juneau - 67* - and two small ships in - the Wilderness Adventurer and the yacht Michaela Rose. Would love to be on either one of them.
  7. Many years ago, we did the 14 day Alaska cruise in June and I can remember sitting out on our veranda about midnight in Anchorage enjoying the daylight. One of many fond memories on the Amsterdam including 3 times through the Panama Canal. I will miss her.
  8. Thanks Scott but not the one. California Coastal from San Diego on October 17th. My traveling companions on this cruise told me that they had read neither Monterey or Santa Barbara were allowing ships in and knowing what San Francisco has become during the last few months, it is not appealing to me. Thanks Kazu for the reminder on the cancellation date. I doubt this cruise is going so will cancel this week to avoid losing the deposit in whatever form it is returned.
  9. It may have been posted here but I can't find it. How far into 2020 has HAL cancelled cruises? I am booked on a Coastal Oct 17th and I assume it will be cancelled but it still appears in my account. I seem to recall also that final payment is now 60 days rather than 90 and that does show on my account. Is it better to cancel now and request the deposit back or FCC that my traveling companions have used for deposit, or wait until the official cancellation. Thanks for responses.
  10. Thank you geocruiser for the Brown Bear web cam. Love tuning in on it several times a day. That and the Juneau webcam are my substitutes for Alaska this year. Not as good as the real thing but better than nothing.
  11. Staying home as I don't want to fly yet and am not a big fan of driving as a single person. I may go to a local resort for a couple of days for my birthday in August.
  12. Now there is a yacht I would like to sail on. Ditto on a beautiful day after so many days of rain in Juneau.
  13. Since HAL has not repatriated all their crew yet, I wonder how they would be able to start up again as soon as the fall. It seems impossible to me.
  14. American Cruise Lines which has small ships under 250 passengers, I think, are about to start cruising again in the U.S. - river cruising. On their web page, they have a section called Covid19 Operating Protocol which I found to be interesting reading. Because of the size of their ships, I think it is doable. I don't know if the larger ships could do it. http://www.americancruiselines.com
  15. Sorry I missed that. Guess I still have the Amsterdam on my mind and wondering why it is still In Manilla Bay - same reason I suppose,
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