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  1. As others have said, Sales Force, et al, are the reason for the lack of lodging. We only live across the bay and thought it might be nice to stay one night before our cruise a couple years ago. Nope. $600 a night was the average rate for mid Oct.
  2. 4cats4me

    Serious incident on Royal

    So tragic. 😪
  3. 4cats4me

    Long Review of Crown Princess Med Cruise 10/23/18

    Loved your review. We were on from Oct 2-13, same itinerary and I concur with you on just about everything. We missed Mykonos, so it was nice to read your take on the Mykonos port. We loved the Crown and the crew. Loved the street tacos, too. Santorini we did on our own this time via city bus. Had a great day at Oia. We too had a frustrating experience in Florence with a Princess tour (we rarely take ship’s tours but this was a freebie) and we were told we would get “six hours on our own” when in fact it was more like 3:30 hours, and we we delayed by 30 minutes so as to accommodate one selfish person who should have book a tour designed for his her limitations instead of inconveniencing the other 46 People on our bus. I feel that Princess is rather disingenuous when describing their tours, ie, actual length of time spent at various sites, AND perhaps these delays are more commonplace than not. I let my dissatisfaction be known on their survey. We thought this was was an excellent itinerary, and we can’t wait to go again sometime. Once again, thanks for such a well-written review.
  4. 4cats4me

    Tendering process - no priority

    Not sure about Thailand, but on our last cruise in Europe, we had three tenders ports, and one of them was quite problematic for those with no elite status or ship’s tours. Because of a delay, all princess Tours were pushed out two hours later, so the independent people could get off the ship earlier than those with tours from princess. However, everyone else was put on hold for at least two hours while princess got their people off the ship. And Many did not even get to get off the ship , Or I should say, chose not to disembark since they wouldn’t have had much time To enjoy the sights since they had been significantly delayed However, at the other two tender ports, the captain made an announcement early on that it was a good time for those with independent arrangements to go ashore, as there were virtually no waits, two very popular ports. We strolled off at eight am at one port, and were on our way by 820, and at another port we were at anchor at 7 AM and disembarked at 7:20 with no issues whatsoever. My motto with tendering, the earlier the better 🙂
  5. 4cats4me

    California Wildfires

    This is unbelievable. Also, I’ve just learned that THREE separate households of relatives ( my cousins) have lost everything in The Paradise fire. Depicted: Poor air today in the San Francisco Bay Area today and yesterday, 150 miles from the Northern fire. The smell is awful.
  6. 4cats4me

    California Wildfires

    We had 2 hour delays at SFO due to smoke. Air quality is awful throughout our state. The Southern fires are a decent distance away from your cruise port, northwest. Hopefully, you won’t have the poor air quality that we’ve all been experiencing.
  7. 4cats4me

    A Regal view.

  8. 4cats4me

    Royal Princess Delayed Embarkation Nov 9

    If the terminal is closed, then why would you want to arrive extra early for a chance to board early, even though you already know that your boarding will be extremely delayed? I will say this, a couple years ago we arrived at T2 around 12:45, and it was so chaotic. What we didn’t know was that the ship had been delayed due to weather issues , so lucky for us we had just arrived as opposed to our original plan of arriving at 11:00 am, as the doors had opened only five minutes before. The amount of people waiting to get in was astronomical, and busses and taxis were stuck in one spot for what seemed like an eternity. We sat on the shuttle van for 30 minutes very near the terminal, until our driver asked us if we just wanted to get out and walk the rest of the way, which we did. It was so chaotic. You have two choices: Make life easier by arriving later, OR arriving early and risk standing around for a long, long time outside the terminal. Whatever you choose, hope it works to your satisfaction.
  9. 4cats4me

    Help with Regal Princess cabin selection please!

    If pronecto motioN, definitely choose the aft versus the front. Hands down, the front has always been more wicked for us.
  10. 4cats4me

    Royal Princess Delayed Embarkation Nov 9

    If it were me, I think I would plan to check out of the hotel at the last minute, store the luggage, then kill time in Ft. Lauderdale having a nice leisurely lunch somewhere on Las Olas, or your hotel might allow you to have a late checkout for a fee, and you could at least relax there until it is time to go to the ship.
  11. 4cats4me

    Tendered Med Ports

    On our cruise last month we had three tender ports, Santorini Kotor and Katakolon, which was originally supposed to be a docking port. We were late arriving to Katakolon due to rough seas the day before, so the captain announced an arrival time of 11:00 am vs 9:00 am. Several of us had independent tours booked, and we were the only ones in the group with Elite tendering privilege. We actually arrived at 9:30 or 10:00 and got the all clear to depart the ship. Captain had announced the night before that all Princess excursions would now depart at 11:00 am, so we independents caught a lucky break! We arrived to a full dining room of those waiting to take the tender. Once the all clear came, we were the first group escorted off. The other eight people in our group got to shore by 10:30 and we all went on our way for the day. I found out later that many never made it off the ship duecto Princess halting all but those on Princess tours, and nobody could disembark from 11:00 am until approximately 1 or 2 o’clock and we were duecto leave at 6. Kotor: We had an independent tour with a meeting time of 8:30 captain announced at 8:00 am, our arrival time, that it was now an excellent time for those with independent arrangement to disembark the ship, so we and a handful of others did! Of course I have no idea of any delays after disembarking, but with tendering the earlier you can get off of the better Santorini: Once again we were independent so we arrived at 7 AM and my husband and I decided to get off as soodn as possible because we know that the longer you wait the longer the lines get, so we decided to not even waste time grabbing breakfast we just wanted to get on with it and the captain once again announced that it was an excellent time to go is short for those with independent arrangements that tendering was wide open I believe we left around 730 and we were on our way and on a cable car by 8 AM there was virtually no line for the cable car and we had a wonderful little breakfast at a café in the Fira, from there walked to the bus depot and caught a ride to Oia Had we waited until 9 o’clock, I am sure we would’ve had some issues, since that is when all the princesses tours also depart. We really did appreciate the option of priority tendering had we needed it, but luckily everything worked out
  12. 4cats4me

    Royal Princess vs Grand Princess

    We enjoy them both! Yes, we had buckets outside our stateroom to catch the water on the Grand, but that was part of the charm. LOL. On a previous Grand cruise the water was leaking in Explorers. We loved the food in the MDR on the Grand and enjoy the enclosed pool and the promenade deck. But on the Royal we love the buffet and the On Demand menu in the cabin. We don’t mind the very narrow balconies. However, we have an obstructed Deluxe cabin on Emerald deck for our next cruise on her which has a very large balcony, E108 we love the beautiful atrium as well, and the spa is very nice.
  13. 4cats4me

    Lobster revamp

    I miss eating lobster. 😪😪 31 years and counting. However, this latest post reminds me that I’m not really missing out after all. 😀
  14. 4cats4me

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I can’t read this script font.
  15. 4cats4me

    GRAND docking San Fran

    We were backed in in Oct 2016.