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  1. Just got one Friday for a cruise in 4 weeks. Came in at 4pm EST. I had been expecting this since there were 9 Neptunes left on the Maasdam. Email arrived and I called within a minute- call was answered immediately. Since I had watched the cabins available, I asked and got our first choice. We always book direct and have frequently been offered upsells. Some we take and some we don’t. This timing was common thinking of past offers. Never on a weekend and usually within a day or so of the cruise being suddenly “sold out” and then being available again. Assume they are assigning the guarantees during that time and then figuring out the upsells. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. We have been checking hotels in Auckland for an upcoming visit. Several Novotel brand hotels have an inexpensive add on for early arrival or late departure. Found the option when starting a booking and it came up as an option. I hate sitting in hotel lobbies after a long flight, but feeling too tired to walk around. This will be a good option for us and less than the cost of the previous night add on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yes- I saw that by the end of the year is the plan. But someone just posted that they are on the Koningsdam and the old system is still in place. Hoping for the new pricing on the Nieuw Statendam for the first sailing!
  4. Does anyone know if Nieuw Statendam will have these plans? Thanks!
  5. We have T Mobile which works internationally but is not included with the cruise ship cellular. The solution is to be able to check which carrier your phone is using. With an iPhone, go to Carrier and turn off “automatic.” This will let you see the carriers available. Do not choose Cellular at Sea or the one with numbers only- sorry can’t remember what they are exactly. You should be able to recognize an appropriate carrier. Choose one and see if it works. Sometimes I need to try a couple but usually one will work. While sailing near land, turn to airplane mode if you don’t want access to cellular. From lots of experience with this, the ship may turn off cellular when no land is in sight but cellular on land can be picked up. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Thanks for the list of locations for the time zones! We always have a terrible time finding one for our iPhones. I will keep this for reference. Thanks for doing this. We are on the return cruise in April. And I am an internet user so I appreciate your comments on the service. I am sure I will purchase the unlimited and hope there is some connection at least most of the time. Thanks for the updates. Sue Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. We have done this at this port and others in Europe, Australia, and US numerous times. We travel light with 22” roll aboard and small carryon each. No problems. Never even a second glance from security officers. We love getting unpacked quickly and getting it over with. Have a great trip- Southampton is one of our favorite embarkation ports. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Hi all- We were on the Ocean Princess on her last transatlantic- Rome to Florida the first part of December, 2015. We love transatlantics and have done several in both directions. We even took an upsell to a full suite- front cabin port side. Everything was wonderful- ports, cool weather, Christmas shopping in the ports. That is until we started across from Madeira to Bermuda. Seven days (seemed like more but I think that is correct) of gale force wind and heavy seas. We are not usually bothered by rough seas but the combination with the location of our cabin and the constant rolling just about finished us. First- consider your cabin location. Usually we love the bow location but much more movement there. One of our neighbors was given another cabin to sleep in. Consider mid-ship and lower deck, especially if movement bothers you. Second- bring seasick medication. Really helped- along with spending some time in the center of the ship during the worst of the rolling. But did we enjoy the crossing? Yes- the seas were beautiful to watch and so interesting. Would we do it again? Of course! In fact, we are on the Rome to Florida sailing this December. Can't wait! Regarding the weather- bring layers and especially a good raincoat. Weather was warmer near Florida and everyone was ready for that. Sue and Curt
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