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  1. I know, I hope the same!! Thank you, you do the same...have a great cruise and a wonderful stay in London!
  2. That will be a fun cruise!!! We will be on the NCL Star 6/28- 14 day Norway, Iceland, Ireland sailing.
  3. Thank you for positive feedback on the Premier Inn County Hall. When in June is your cruise? We will also be cruising in June and will be staying there prior to our cruise out of Southampton.
  4. I’m not really sure. I guess either would work. We just need some sort of tour to pass the 12 or so hours so we aren’t sitting at the airport all day long.
  5. Thank you. I’ll have to do some research to see if any companies offer this sort of tour with pickup at the Southampton port and drop off at Heathrow.
  6. Lol 😂 ya we definitely won’t see and do all that London has to offer in those two days. The cruise ship has a 7 hr tour that takes you around London on a bus which is pretty much what we will do one day on the HOPO bus. I was hoping to see something/do something different.
  7. Hello! My husband, 8 year old son and I will be coming off a cruise in Southampton. Our flight out of Heathrow does not leave until 8:30pm so I am looking for a company that would pick us up at the Southampton Port and take us on a tour for the day and then drop us off at Heathrow the same day. Any recommendations on a reliable tour company that can do something like this? We will be staying in London Central 2 days prior to the cruise and will be doing the HOHO bus one day and walking/taking the tube the second day so we will have hopefully seen a lot of London in those 2 days. I was thinking maybe Stonehenge but am open to other suggestions.
  8. Thank you for your responses! We decided to book the Premier Inn County Hall for our two night stay prior to our cruise this June. I added the paid breakfast onto our reservation so that we can eat breakfast without wondering where we will eat, this should hopefully save us some time.
  9. wow, thank you so much for this...Great suggestions. I had never heard of the Horse Guard Parade so I'm definitely going to put this on the list. Yes, the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels is something we also want to see and maybe do a river cruise on the Thames.
  10. Since so many of you are so knowledgeable about London I figure I miles well ask this question.... What are the must do things in London with a short one and a half two day stay with a boy who is going to be 8 Years old other than his must do items of riding a double deck bus, taking a ride on the London Eye, seeing Big Ben, The Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace? I want to make this trip as much fun for him as seeing London has been on his bucket list for years. Thanks!
  11. This is great info! Definitely the way to go is the Original HOHO bus company. We are in the same boat as we don't know what time we get to the hotel to drop our bags off after arriving on a redeye at LHR. Say we don't get on the bus until 1pm Friday we have until 1pm on Sat to use the bus which is great.
  12. Awesome, thanks making note of that on my London info sheet
  13. I will definitely look into the Megbus. thank you! I just downloaded the Citymapper app. thanks I'm excited to check it out. I will look into the Oyster card. Might be good to use on the second day to get around.
  14. Thank you. I believe it is cheaper to add the breakfast on to the reservation when booking
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