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  1. We thought the bed was too soft. Had them take the pad off. It was a little better. But, I have my sleep number on 75.
  2. Agree! Five hundred less passengers, and the same amount of public space.
  3. I say it does. When they used to have a coupon for a percentage off liquor, you could combine it with your Elite discount. But, not if the liquor was on special. Meaning that if it was being sold as two bottles for a certain price, it was not combinable.
  4. We used the Crown Princess pool a few times in Sept 2019, on 28 day British Isles and Trans Atlantic. It was a little cold on a couple of days. Not too bad once you got in.
  5. The CVS, in the other direction, may be closer. I'm sure one of the gas station/convenience stores in the area will be open.
  6. Same experience. Probably the same cruises. Turnaround Sept 22, 2019.
  7. Great location. Only thing above is the back corner of the Horizon Court. The doorway you wondered about is emergency/crew stair well. It comes out on the Promenade Deck right outside you muster station E, the Vista Lounge.
  8. Have been on three Medallion cruises with no ill effects to my pacemaker. I do not wear the Medallion on the furnished lanyard, either in my pocket, or hooked to my belt. Some times, in my back pocket, it won't unlock the cabin door. Oh, and they are waterproof.
  9. If you used an agency, call them. Princess won't make any changes without their approval.
  10. The "Sip & Sail" runs from about the middle of June to the middle of July.
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