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  1. I'm not a seafood fan, but here goes....what about Casablanca on the river? No one has mentioned that and it is a favorite of many locals. I go there with friends, but I don't like fish and seafood, so I get something different while everyone else gets seafood and loves it. That said, I've heard the best seafood around as being Garcia's and that's from the locals.


    I wouldn't call Monty's good food. They have a great happy hour, but the food is just bar food; nothing special. I live right here on that very waterfront (the Grove) and frequent Monty's often. Never have been impressed with the food - it's good when you're starving after a long day on the water.

  2. Most of those "glue on" devices will come off - you just have to pull them hard enough - hard to the point you think you're going to break it, but you won't. I had one left on my windshield after I moved off of Key Biscayne and down to the Grove. I never renewed my device since I wasn't commuting over the causeway anymore. That thing sat there for over a year as I was thinking I could not get it off because it wasn't budging when I tried. One day, determined, I reached up there and pulled real hard - it came right off and so did the "glue" which was like a really, really heavy duty rubber cement type substance. Now, it's been sitting in the console for a year. LOL One day, I'll turn it in and get my deposit back.


    I have friends who have these who never put them on the windshield because they use them in different cars and they seem to work for them. They hold them against the glass when going through a toll.

  3. I wld really appreciate knowing exactly what ingredients go into a 'mimosa' and what other foods can u or should u drink them with?

    Plus, what is a 'cortadito' - sounds exotic and likely 'yummy'?


    Thankyou so much..


    A mimosa is quite simple....champagne (I like extra dry) and orange juice. I mix it 50/50, but you can mix any ratio you want. For a change, I also like a 50/50 mix of champagne and a fruit nector which you can by in the canned juice section of the grocery store. These are served in champagne glasses.


    A cortadito is generally a Cuban thing....it is mixture of half warm cream and half colada. Colada is a very strong, sweet expresso which is often served in a small "shot" cup. Cortadito is served in a regular expresso-sized cup. However, when I make it for myself....I make a coffee mug full!

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