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  1. MDR full menu is only available for GS & above but you CAN order room service beyond breakfast for the aforementioned $7.95 fee. There should be a menu of pub type food in your room or on the app. Burgers, sandwiches etc.
  2. I think OP meant to convey that they said no closer than 14 days prior not that they had to wait UNTIL 14 days prior. Either way, it’s not correct.
  3. As far as I can tell, RC has no rules in place for requirements or timing of a booster shot so I believe the call center answer is wrong. I would give it a little time in case you have a reaction. I got mine Thursday and am a little tired & achy. Nothing that would stop me from getting on a cruise but also not up for anything strenuous.
  4. Not when it leaves you without a viable vacation alternative.
  5. Explorer October 2022 out of Miami to ABC’s. Has not been that high since it first showed up and it didn’t show up when I first booked.
  6. I checked with my TA on this too as our OBC would be $300. But our current price is still lower than the sale even taking into consideration the extra OBC. We got a military discount of $620 for the cruise and it’s down to about $200 for this sale.
  7. My brother is taking his first cruise in March on Harmony with my family. I keep trying to ask questions/preferences and he looks at me kinda funny & says can’t we figure all that out when we get there?!?! He’s gonna be the death of me!
  8. All for getting the booster, hubby & I got ours yesterday. But remember you are considered fully vaccinated with the second shot (or one shot of J&J). At least for now, the booster is NOT a requirement for being fully vaccinated.
  9. I still don’t understand where they’re gonna dock the third ship?
  10. Mine has been the same off sale $67, on sale $58 (both not including gratuities) since last year. So same old same old. I check every day for a better deal but it never moves.
  11. It has been well documented here and on other forums that the “old” version of the cruise planner includes gratuities at the start. The “new” planner adds them once you put the item in your cart. For example, my Harmony cruise uses the new planner and lists the DPB for $57.99. Once I select it, gratuities are added for a final price of about $67 which is the original advertised price on my Explorer cruise which is still using the old planner. Bottom line is really exactly the same. Like anything else, you have to read carefully before purchasing.
  12. OMG you are making me hungry!!! I want to eat that entire turkey!!!!
  13. Don’t really get why people have issues with SWA’s boarding process. Yup, you have to line up and read both your boarding pass and the poles to line up. I’ve flown traditional seating airlines & everybody crowds the gate area even if it’s not their boarding group. It’s the same cluster #%##. SWA open seating - oh a crying baby/restless child/semi drunk adult - let’s sit somewhere else. Traditional seating - so sad, too bad. I’ve also found, in my experience, the plane fills more efficiently with open seating - pick a seat & put your butt in it. Traditional seating - is this row 20? No lady it’s row 6. Keep moving!!
  14. No reports of the solarium bistro being closed for dinner that day be seen. And dinner menus show in the app. 🤷‍♀️
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