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  1. We will be back home by then. Thanks for the information.
  2. Thanks for all the information. I know we can not do it all in two days, and really want a nice place to stay to wind down our fast pace cruise before going back home. We are walkers and enjoy walking and don't have a problem riding the tube. I think we will go with the Great Scotland Yard. Thanks for all of your help. Looking forward to visiting London and not just passing through. It will be an excuse to come back and explore more.
  3. We will be heading to London after our British Isle cruise in July for 2 nights. We have narrowed our choice to Great Scotland Yard Hotel or Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill. We will be staying on points. Which is the better hotel for visiting all the main sites before heading back to the airport. We plan on walking off the cruise ship with our luggage and taking the train to London. I am leaning toward Great Scotland Yard Hotel but would like input since we have never been to London before.
  4. We do carry on all the time. My husband does not bring a suite, he just wears a dress shirt and a tie. He brings 2 pairs of pants, several shirts, jeans and the zip off pants. He wears his shirts more than once since they are only used in the evening. He packs underarmour shirts for the day that can be rinsed out in the sink and re-wear along with a sweatshirt. Same for underwear and socks. Buy the kind that dry quickly. We purchased ours on Amazon. I bring a couple of dresses, several pants and tops and make sure I can mix and match. We usually wear a pair of shoes and pack the dress shoes. Again clothes that can be washed out in the sink and re-worn works great. They do have laundry if you do not want to do this. We have never had any problems traveling with carry on. This allows us to bring our luggage on the ship and not worry about the luggage not getting to our cabin. We also walk off the ship with our bags beating the crowds.
  5. We are on the same cruise. We booked with Alla Tours for St Petersburg and Berlin/Rostock. The remainder of the ports we are doing on our own. Purchased Rick Steve's book Scandinavian & Northern European Cruise Ports. Will use this information to do walking tours and getting around. Much cheaper than the tours through Princess.
  6. We used Norway Excursions in July 2017. We booked a tour in Alesund and 1/2 day in Geiranger both really worth it. They are expensive but everything is expensive in Norway. We did get a discount for booking two tours.
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