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  1. I might add that one had to pay for not only for the luggage transfer, via FedEx, from FLA ( in our case, # 3 large duffels, # 2 small bags) that one needed to pay extra for >$100 insurance / bag, In our case, I didn’t pay for the extra insurance but ended up paying $500 for the baggage transfer that has yet to be shipped from the “warehouse”. Life goes on... I almost forgot about the Pitcairn island ball caps and honey until it was brought up recently. We’re still in the”Pending Shipment” category, no big deal for us really, but the PR, as mentioned, gives one pause to the Seattle management at the time. Be well. Don’t let the “drum beat” drive you crazy, Bob
  2. True. I guess I should have said a ONE time spill/discharge of gray water would be diluted enough to not effect micronutrients, cause algal blooms, etc. versus continual discharge that definitely would. And I certainly agree that non of the cruise ships are perfect in wastewater management (e.g. equipment failures, human errors, etc.) but do believe they've come a mighty long way from "way back when" on both land and sea.. As far as my credentials, I've been in and out of wastewater treatment & water management (land based only) since the mid-1970's. But no need to get in "the weeds", as it were. I certainly respect your marine experience & enjoy your 'inside' posts in the past.. In any event I'll attach a couple of 2019 report links regarding large and small cruise ships for those that would like to view specific parameters, etc. When reading scientific reports it's always been my habit to read the summaries & methods and only really "get in the weeds" (e.g. various tables, charts, etc.), if interested. https://dec.alaska.gov/media/19075/2019-large-cruise-ship-wastewater-report-final.pdf https://dec.alaska.gov/media/19076/2019-small-cruise-ship-and-ferry-wastewater-report-final.pdf Be well. Bob
  3. Grey water isn’t a big deal actually IMHO. Black water = raw sewage (toilet water) & kitchen sink (think chicken prep & other items not processed) and considered major contaminants if not treated via a treatment facility. Gray water = bathroom shower, tub & hand wash sink water only. I’ve had the credentials and opportunity to visit the wastewater processing facilities on several HAL ships (the smaller class from years past really) and I can say HAL has always, at least during my on- site observations & discussions with various Environmental officers to be outstanding regarding wastewater discharges. Perhaps there was a mistake of some sort whether it be a wastewater discharge incident or airborne discharge incident ( think carbon particles on the deck in the early AM due to a incinerating problem in the late night) but even considering the Alaskan environmental regulations me thinks HAL does pretty well, all things considering. Just the mere air and water volume dilution factors from potential air or water pollution events that occur, aka the human condition, should give outside critics some pause. And life goes on... Be well. Bob
  4. True. No vaccines are, due to an individual’s, dare I say, one’s unique, immunological response & processing. The agent injected whether it be a modified live agent (hope not, old vaccinations, old school) or newer viral clones / portions (dead, non infective) of existing viral particles that ‘fool’ the spleen and bone marrow ( the so called B & T cells, aka lymphocytes,producers) into making antibodies ( the ‘good guys’). Me thinks, and I will not be first in line ,when and if a vaccine becomes available soon. When it’s proven to be effective with minimal side effects I’ll be there in line. BTW, when a safe and effective vaccine / immunization for COVID becomes available I would think a proof of vaccination thereof, will be similar to the Yellow Fever vaccination certificates required for cruising and traveling in some countries henceforth, JMHO. No worries. How fortunate we all are to be just worried about our next “travel experience” aboard a cruise ship. Be well. Bob
  5. I guess I should of added that you certainly need to keep track of your on-board account regularly using the HAL app. regarding charges for PG dining, drinks purchases, etc. I've been pretty lucky in the past few years to be able to have PG dining items, aka freebies, corrected directly by the PG Manager. And, I do have the habit of going to the PG on embarkation day to sign up for the specialty dinners, mystery dinners, visiting chef dinners, etc. that are often offered on the longer cruises (e.g. Grands, WC's, etc.). The PG manager aboard the Amsterdam for WC's, for example, who will remain nameless for this posting board, always mentioned that I had been pre-assigned on particular dates (usually an early appointed time on a busy port day) for the Mariner meals which I would cancel and make other arrangements. And yes, way back when (sometime ago for us at least) one had to do the "front desk dance" to get the appropriate credit. It seems the accounting system has improved but we do, indeed, have a snafu every now and then that's needs to be corrected prior to disembarking. Don't wait until the last couple of days to review your OB account. As mentioned, we use the app to check daily and request a hard copy every 7-10 days (there's a machine available for that but it doesn't work half the time for me). Then it's just a matter of comparing receipts to the hard copy and then tossing the smaller receipts. Obviously if you bought a watch or something that has a warranty you'd hold on to that. Have a great Cruise! Bon Appetit! Be well. Bob
  6. Yes. However, the only reason to pre-book a reservation on- line IMHO would be for a special occasion such as a BD or anniversary at a specific time. Often with the 4/5 Mariner status the PG will have you already assigned to a particular day and time. It’s just a matter of dealing with the PG once aboard to change the day & timing to your liking. And as mentioned, if your make reservations ahead of time via on-line, your on-line payment will be automatically be credited to you on-board account or credited back to your credit card at the end of the cruise if you have a positive balance prior to disembarking. Have a great cruise ! Be well. Bob
  7. In one of my June CC postings I mentioned jokingly that we'd probably get our luggage around Halloween. Little did I know... Boo!!! 😀 Be well. Bob
  8. FedEx site has revised the departure and delivery dates to PENDING. Encouraging development, no? Be well. Bob
  9. Thank you for your impressions. We still might give ‘em a go sometime for a 7-14 day cruise when things settle down. Be well. Bob
  10. Need more information. I suppose research on my part might be in order. First, as mentioned, I would need to do a shorter cruise before committing to a 100+ day WC aboard FO. Second, the Liverpool / Southampton departs / arrivals would require us to do some TA’s aboard the “Queen” since I avoid flying whenever possible ( I like the Queen, only have done one, but wasn’t’ crazy about the dress code for the MDR. Thirdly, we’d have to pay for laundry & pressing! Well, so it goes... Seriously, we’ll be on the sidelines cheering everyone else on for the next year, perhaps longer, depending on the various outcomes / potential remedies yet to be encountered for the cruise line industry. Be well. Better times ahead. Bob
  11. Just an FYI, if interested. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8798957/The-covid-cruise-ship-graveyard-Passenger-liners-stripped-scrap-Turkish-dock.html Be well. Better days ahead. Bob
  12. Ditto on the 5th for scheduled delivery to Northern Arizona. Be well. Bob
  13. Good point for this particular story. I was just speculating when the re-start begins & the cruise lines start doing testing at embarkation ports (and I might add, prior proof of testing that may be required) & what remedies might exist for ‘false negative’ testing on-site. It’s all speculation at this point with no specific guidelines / mandates / protocols provided by the government or cruise line vendors. There is no antigen testing, antibody testing or vaccine protection, for that matter, that has been proven to be 100% accurate / effective (polio eradication in the USA and some others are exceptions to the generalities, I.e. yearly influenzas, vector borne pathogens, etc). I could be wrong. And so, the “human condition” continues. All please be well & remain to be so. Bob
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