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  1. I thought that I finished my last one yesterday, but I found one more!
  2. And I thought trying to get my parents from Bradenton to Indiana was tough! Can't wait for the reunion photo.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I got the chips at the cashier when I went to ask about the DOU card.
  4. I should have clarified that I was the only person sailing under an offer. My husband was not, but the OBC got split between us.
  5. My recent casino experience. YMMV: In December I cruised under a casino offer. $50 OBC, Drinks on Us card, and $50 freeplay. The $50 OBC was split between my husband and I - $25 each. The DOU card was only for me. It could only be used through a waiter in the casino. I could not walk up to the casino bar and get a drink with it. I did not have to meet the qualifying points before using it (but I have seen "offers" that stated that you did -so watch the wording!). The freeplay was only in 10 $5 "Funplay" chips. I could not get it loaded onto my card for use in a machine.
  6. Starfish island has neither good snorkeling, nor good beaches. Few fish, hard, coarse, man made beach and unpleasant odors from the "buffet" and restrooms.
  7. Altun ha is about an hour Northwest of Belize city. And Goff's cay is about an hour south east of Belize city. It would be very hard to do both in a day, and feel like you had really SEEN them. Sounds like you were priced private excursion, which makes sense based on your desire. I would be very reluctant to try to do both locations in the same day.
  8. While I can't answer most of your questions, i will say that the kayak excursion takes place in the lagoon, while the rentals take place on the beach. I did the kayak excursion in Oct with my teenagers. We are not super experienced, but not newbie kayakers either, and if i could have gotten my money refunded, i would have. The excursion was terrible.
  9. I have tried to do calling over Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (not video) using the social plan, but it lagged so badly that I gave up. I know others have had better success but I wouldn't rely on the social plan if you really need to stay connected via voice. Text messages worked well over either app.
  10. I hate to hijack this thread, but I can't seem to send you a DM. My son is starting college this fall for hospitality and Hotel/tourism management with the goal of being on the Fun Squad and maybe becoming a Cruise Director. Did your son follow a similar path?
  11. Taken from the Hilton Riverside this morning so it's a little foggy. I think she looks pretty good!
  12. I've tried to get seperate cabins when we have cruised before, but have always been told that I couldn't do that without a person over 24yo in the cabin. This time there was no problem. Maybe it was because I used a PVP this time. I don't know how that worked, but I did ask the PVP about the age requirement, and she said that there was no problem. I think the answer is that we will all go to our assigned muster stations during the drill, and then I will go to guest services and see if my husband and my oldest can switch places on the muster list. That way if there really is an emergency, there will be a parent with all the children. This wouldn't affect the number of people in the muster station. It would just be a switch of names.
  13. Thanks to all who have responded. The kids ARE able to attend muster on their own. They've done it many times and know the process. Unfortunately the 16 and 17 yo are the more responsible ones, but they will make sure the 19 yo gets there. My concern is mainly for a real emergency and having my kids in a different lifeboat. I'll go ask at guest services once we are on board.
  14. One cabin in muster station G. One muster station E.
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