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    Cruisefan123 ~ Thanks for your reply. I have always thought of an emerald as darker green, but are those more expensive and more rare than the blue green ones? I actually would be fine with either, as my favorite color is more blue than green. Sorry if that is confusing, but I guess I am confused. I would not want to spend more than what you did for sure, and would be happy if I found something I liked in a lower price range! From your input I do know that I can afford to buy something nice and not break the bank. We like to travel, so I would not want to put a ton of money into a piece of jewelry at this point. I would rather upgrade my diamond another time...lol! I have looked on the Mr. Emerald site at their designs and have seen some very nice ring styles. Sorry, but another question. Is Mr. Emerald located in the old, walled city? I was just looking at ways to get around in Cartagena to do our shopping. We are considering the hop on, hop off trolley. Did you do a land vacation? We are doing a Panama Canal cruise at the end of September. It's my husband's bucket list trip...mine was the Mediterranean, totally different, but I think I will end up liking mine better!!! Except for maybe buying an emerald ring that is!
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    SimplyMarvie ~ Just wondering how expensive rings are as I am thinking of purchasing an emerald ring on our trip in October. Is the price for a decent ring in the $1000 range, or would I need to think more in the $3000 range? Also, did you feel that Mr. Emerald was more reputable than the Emerald Museum, or was it just the hard sell that helped you decide? Is the selection pretty good at both places? I have also read about Lucy Jewelry, but their merchandise looks pretty upscale and maybe out of my price range? Thanks for any info. Linda
  3. I hope we get a great ship on the west coast. We've been on the Miracle so many times and while we love it, change will be good. We've done the Splendor from out here, too. It's nice and we will sail it since we like to drive to the port and air fare is sometimes way too much, although we do fly to Florida fairly often anyway. I hope Long Beach and/or San Diego don't get ignored...we want a fabulous ship on the left coast!
  4. Thanks to all of you who took the time to answer my questions. Your info is greatly appreciated. I am going to let my husband decide what will work best for him. If all else fails, we can just hang out at the port shops and have a drink or two!
  5. I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me how long the walk along the "blue line" is into the historic downtown? My husband has a mobility issue and can't walk long distances. Also, if the walk is too much for him would we be able to take a pulmonia to downtown each way? Would we have to arrange for the ride back if we take a pulmonia into downtown? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  6. We have sailed on the Miracle several times and love the ship. However, we have had a hard sided suitcase bashed in on one cruise, and on our last cruise in September a wheel on another suitcase was broken. I am hoping to see that video as well. Accidents can happen with luggage, but if actual damage is being caused on purpose, it needs to be exposed and stopped as soon as possible. I am especially hoping it changes soon because we are cruising on the Miracle again in November! We would love to take our own luggage off of the ship, but my husband has a knee issue and getting off with luggage is just too difficult. I'm sure there are others with the same issues and cruisers shouldn't have to take their luggage off just because the personnel are acting like jerks!:mad:
  7. There isn't an actual Asian restaurant on the Conquest, but there is an area in the Hornblower buffet that serves Asian food. It's on the port side of the ship.
  8. TSFranklin is supposed to hit in the Gulf of Mexico. It won't affect the Pacific coast or ports...Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Bon Voyage! :ship::tropical-drink::champagne-toast:
  9. 14 days from tomorrow...can't wait! Miracle here we come! :D
  10. Oh no! I just read this and saw that the Miracle is leaving Long Beach...she is one of our favorite Carnival ships. In fact, we will be sailing on the Miracle again, for the 6th time, on June 3rd. Does anyone know which ship is coming to Long Beach. I hope there will be a ship to replace the Miracle out here??? My husband's dream is to do the Panama Canal cruise as soon as he retires or can get off work for that long. I'll have to check out the January 18th sailing. :loudcry:
  11. Tandemcruzr ~ I think you may be correct in saying that we need a different PVP. I called our current one again and she still said to hold on to the FTTF. I called Carnival and spoke with a much more knowledgeable PVP who told me I would be eligible to be a Platinum cruiser on our upcoming trip. She also helped me with another issue and even checked with a supervisor to confirm information for me. My question today is this...do you have any info on how I can go about changing to a different PVP? The one I have been using is nice, but doesn't seem to ever go out of the way if I ask questions. I think it's time for someone different!
  12. that you guys have the facts regarding turning platinum on a cruise. I am currently at 71 days and doing an 8 day cruise in 2 weeks. I called and asked my PVP what my status would be on the upcoming cruise and she advised me (on two different calls) that I shouldn't cancel my FTTF because I won't be able to take advantage of early boarding until after this upcoming cruise. i will finish registering for this next cruise and check to see what the documents say. I have used the same PVP for most of our cruises, but I am not sure she is savvy about details. Thanks for your help!
  13. c-leg5 & eandj ~ Thanks so much for your information and input on St. Kitts. I am going to check out the videos and the rest of the stuff you both shared. I really appreciate your help and the quick response. c-leg5 ~ we will be there in February, too. We are sailing on the Carnival Conquest on February 18th. Which ship will you be sailing on? Can't wait to walk on the ship and have a sail away drink!
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