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    Cruisefan123 ~ Thanks for your reply. I have always thought of an emerald as darker green, but are those more expensive and more rare than the blue green ones? I actually would be fine with either, as my favorite color is more blue than green. Sorry if that is confusing, but I guess I am confused. I would not want to spend more than what you did for sure, and would be happy if I found something I liked in a lower price range! From your input I do know that I can afford to buy something nice and not break the bank. We like to travel, so I would not want to put a ton of money into a piece of jewelry at this point. I would rather upgrade my diamond another time...lol! I have looked on the Mr. Emerald site at their designs and have seen some very nice ring styles. Sorry, but another question. Is Mr. Emerald located in the old, walled city? I was just looking at ways to get around in Cartagena to do our shopping. We are considering the hop on, hop off trolley. Did you do a land vacation? We are doing a Panama Canal cruise at the end of September. It's my husband's bucket list trip...mine was the Mediterranean, totally different, but I think I will end up liking mine better!!! Except for maybe buying an emerald ring that is!
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    SimplyMarvie ~ Just wondering how expensive rings are as I am thinking of purchasing an emerald ring on our trip in October. Is the price for a decent ring in the $1000 range, or would I need to think more in the $3000 range? Also, did you feel that Mr. Emerald was more reputable than the Emerald Museum, or was it just the hard sell that helped you decide? Is the selection pretty good at both places? I have also read about Lucy Jewelry, but their merchandise looks pretty upscale and maybe out of my price range? Thanks for any info. Linda
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