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  1. We cruise on March 15. You can’t beat free!!! Have a great cruise. I look forward to feedback.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. That is the sense I got from the videos I found. Thanks for confirming.
  3. Hi - I reserved an Ocean View Villa for our day at Great Stirrup Cay. I have a bad knee and find going up hill difficult especially in the sand. I see that the Lagoon Villa is now available. Is one preferable over the other in terms of distance and ease of accessing the beach? Thanks so much. Mary
  4. Foremost - hope person is ok and also hope they have adequate trip insurance.
  5. Quick update- Abe’s did not give me any issues returning for a full refund. B&H is delivering replacement today. Thanks everyone.
  6. Camera came and am kinda bummed. It appears that I received a used/open boxed/display camera. See photos. This is fresh out of the box. For the box tab to be so worn I imagine it’s bee opened and closed a few times. What do you guys think?? Purchased from Abe’s of Maine.
  7. Thanks for replies! I should have stated that I want to take pics while I am in the water but not under the water 🙂. Scared i am going to drop it. It seems like my only options are the clear dry bags that are made to go underwater or the underwater housings.
  8. Hi All, After reading a few posts on this board and doing some external research, i bit the bullet and purchased the Sony RX100 VI. It should be arriving today! Yay - super excited. We are leaving on a cruise shortly and would like to take my camera on some of the water excursions i have planned. We will be on catamarans and on beaches. What is the best way to protect my camera without purchasing an under water housing? Is that my only option? I found one for $400 but it seems overkill as i don't plan on taking it underwater. Any help would be very much appreciated! Best, Mary
  9. I am right there with you! I am very excited about this. We can both be silly 😄.
  10. Wow. Amazing! How much will this set me back? 😁
  11. I cruise mostly YC and Haven and the service I have received in YC has been superior to Haven. NCl rooms are nicer in my opinion. Food was excellent in YC with a different menu every night. Great bang for your buck!
  12. Love the bathroom facing the balcony. Just booked Bliss Aft Suite 11912 due to bathroom location.
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