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  1. Hi. Once you purchase insurance, can you cancel it? i know the pros of having it, just wondering. Thank you.
  2. WOW, that is a fabulous price. Escape is my favorite Haven. I cruise, too, every February but I go with my mom and not my family. About three years ago, we were booking the Haven on I think Getaway and started reading about MSC YC. It was thousands less than Haven (still is but prices are starting to creep up). We ended up booking that and now every February we sail MSC Yacht Club. We paid right under $4,000 total for the two of us in the Yacht Club in a balcony cabin, with the drinks and spa included. IMO the YC far surpasses the Haven but my family much prefers the nightlife on NCL so I just sail MSC with my mom (although I would sail with my dh if our adult kids weren't always coming along LOL).
  3. Thank you. I wonder if I should purchase a "regular" cabana too if the YC area won't be completed February 2020 and then cancel one once we get on the ship or a week prior when we know more. I'm with my mom on this cruise and leaving my family at home so it's important to her to have the cabana and relax in the shade, but if the YC area is open February 2020, I'll just rent umbrellas and some beach mats for the ocean and hang in the YC area. I know, first world problems but lucky to have them.
  4. I sail the week prior to you and I purchased one but I do not want it if not in the YC area. I could just purchase a "regular" cabana in the area. I would prefer to be in the YC section of the island so I guess it is just wait and see and can always cancel if they are in another area.
  5. Just FYI, this post was my first ever "like" on CC.
  6. Last Thursday or Friday, I booked a $450 YC Ocean Front Cabana. However, if it is with the "regular" cabanas, I don't see a reason for my having to pay extra since it won't even be in the YC area. Will there be a YC area on the island for February 2020? If so, I will cancel my YC Cabana that won't be in the YC area. I'm so happy I read that post but guessing I will just wait and see since I can always cancel.
  7. Thank you. I wonder if I should just book a non YC cabana and save $100+, isn't it the same thing if not in the YC area? Do you know if the YC area of the island will be completed and just the cabanas in the YC area won't be done? If so, I think I would rather be in the YC area of the island. Thank you.
  8. Thanks. I just saw it here now for first time. I guess Il wait and see. I do not want a cabana in another area. I would rather be in YC area with umbrellas that I rent than a cabana somewhere else. I wasnt aware until reading above and just silly they let me spend $450 for something that wont happen.
  9. How are you made aware of the evening? Do they tell you the night prior? I would like to go but want to make sure its not a night I booked a specialty. Thanks.
  10. I wasnt aware until reading your post that the YC area wasnt going to be ready until March. I just booked a $450 YC Cabana yesterday for the February 22 sailing. Where would the cabanas be located for YC?
  11. I would love to do something outside, even if up on the pool deck. I hope this is an option in February. But, I thought I remembered reading it was more of a party, but if it is dinner, that would be fabulous!
  12. Saw that on the "Book" too. I also noticed that the YC Beach Front Cabana for my sailing is no longer listed, just the Ocean View, so thinking the Beach Front is now sold out? I also read on the "Book" that there were only eight total.
  13. These are still less than the Disney Castaway Cay cabanas and I believe we paid the same/more for our NCL cabana (which was beautiful). On NCL, we still had to pay for our food/drink.
  14. Hi. It said lunch but didn't say alcohol beverages but we can drink for free, correct, if in YC?
  15. Thank you! Happy planning! You too!
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