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  1. Thank you. My dh won't drink enough to upgrade $250 for him, I would LOL This may be a good Christmas gift for my dd and her boyfriend that will also be sailing with us in their own cabin. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you. Is there a specific group on FB that I can find these pictures and videos?
  3. WOW! Just read the full review so far and LOVE it! We are sailing Encore in August and cannot wait! LOVE Bong and Chocolate Cowboy! My dh and I ended each night of our Escape cruise with Clarence at the 5 OClock Somewhere bar. Cannot wait to hang there every night after making our rounds to other places. Do you know the approximate price in total it was to upgrade your drink package and by chance do you know if both people in the cabin have to have it upgraded? For instance, I would certainly make use of the upgrade while my dh would be fine with the regular alcohol package. Your pictures are fabulous and I LOVE your shirts. I may have to google the bacon flag and get that for my dh LOL Enjoy your cruise and thank you for taking time out of your vacation by taking us all along!
  4. Oh, what and where is this elusive group you speak of?
  5. It is ugly enough but when they make it red, well....maybe I'm the only one seeing it since I'm a woman, not sure. Gross LOL
  6. Well, I wouldn't see anything wrong with that picture 🙂
  7. Had to make sure it wasn't my dh typing this LOL First time follower, can't wait to read. One page one.
  8. Thanks. I'll guess I'll be reporting before you. If the last photo is of the YC area, I guess it looks like we can drag a couple of loungers up. I have been to many cruise private islands as well as renting the cabanas and this is lacking in comparison to some of the newer ones being built. I hope I am able to find the difference between the ocean view and the regular cabanas. I paid extra for the ocean view but looks like they are all the same??? Our last one was when we cruised NCL and had our own bathroom, air conditioning, shower, and sitting area with music, fruit and stocked fridge with non alcoholic beverages. Oh well. I'm still very happy we rented. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you so much! Are the loungers in the last picture in the YC area. It is disappointing that there aren't loungers for the cabanas. If there are just chairs, is it easy enough to just drag a couple of loungers up to the cabana? Were you on the island or are these pictures you found? I'm wondering what is the best cabana number to request and hope to hear from someone that rented one. This is our only day we are doing off the ship LOL I plan on renting a cabana, as we did the last two years, in the YC area, and just hanging there and the spa during the day. Thanks so much for these wonderful pictures. I appreciate it!
  10. Hi. Where are the pictures of the YC area? Thank you.
  11. I would love to see some pictures. I really have only seen these and nothing on FB. I would love to see the YC cabanas, beach, restaurant, etc., anything really LOL
  12. Hi. I don't arrive until February 2020.
  13. Although it was steep, after seeing the "loungers" which look like they are blown up, the lack of shade, etc., I am very happy I booked a cabana in the YC area. I appreciate your sending the pictures. Thank you very much!
  14. I just had a bottle of wine on my own tonight with popcorn for dinner watching Imaginering with my dh lol Keep the faith!
  15. I only travel in the Haven when we sail NCL but if I were going with another couple that werent sailing in the Haven, I would move to a balcony if you plan on being with them during the day. You have a couple of sea days on your way to Bermuda and you wont be able to enjoy the Haven amenities if you are with your friends all day. Just my opinion but you wont get the full experience.
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