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  1. I am sorry for the statement concerning my comment. We have truly been happy with our PCC. Unfortunately due to health reasons we will not be cruising with HAL or any cruise line. They treated us great during our health situation last Nov. 2019. Thank you everyone involved who helped us. God Bless.
  2. What about all the employees from these ships? What will happen to them?
  3. Would you please explain the above comment about the 3 remaining provinces. I did not know we had a situation with them not being considered in the Victoria day celebration. I could understand Quebec thinking that way, but not the other two.
  4. We recently had need to make claims for health insurance and for travel cost insurance and both insurance company's used Allianx for their service. The claims were settled to our satisfaction we are happy to say. However with our age and the experience we have no plans to cruise again. We will now just enjoy the memories and friendships we have.
  5. How much longer will this website last?
  6. This discussion does not sound like it is going end friendly, might be a good idea to stop and just thank God Kindergirl's family are home safe and sound. Stay safe and healthy everyone and God bless.
  7. Do you know if that is what the ships in port today of other than Hal ships, are doing also?
  8. We have not received the survey, but we also told our PCC we are not planning any cruises in the near future. The reason being our last experience (my illness and having to leave ship in New Caledonia) and our age factor as well. It has become a more difficult time rather than an enjoyable experience, so health and age have caught up to us.
  9. Being supplied and then back out to sea off the Bahamas? that is my question. Thank you
  10. Thank you for the information. much appreciated. will the Volendam being the same thing in a day or two?
  11. Is the Edge still doing cruises? I see it is scheduled on the Port Everglades schedule?
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