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  1. St Lucia..Cisol tours..around eight each..fun day we some food and rum and beer st Bart’s,.shell beach or Nikki besch VG?.the baths..no shade in. Each.decent resturant JVD..beach..run and lunch, never seen more just hang at beach san juan..rum, old town and forte..all,DIY
  2. I was in a suite my butler on Quest said only in a suite. No proof of this . But it plugs in and you can plug in your iPhone cords.. mine was on my desk and I felt it was to big. Because I had read no clocks I had one from Amazon which I loved.
  3. There are clocks in suites..plugged in away from bed. Was told only suites. no one gets free WiFi ..you pay for it. not even sure what to say about the rest..
  4. I rarely eat just dance but that one was not into it
  5. I find the CD makes some difference. My last of four cruises it was earlier in cruise and Ernest skipped the flags. We had some outside shows on most legs and I skipped it each time. Food was pretty much the same each cruise. Wish that could be tweet more. Music needs an update.
  6. I was bored this time, with four in a row I was bored with White Night.also makes a difference who the cruise director is. I had rain the cruise before yours so danced inside, no big deal. Also ours was ruin by no crew parade with flags. I thought the other CD over all was better, i am not a fan of Saigon so unless I was with many people I doubt I go out at night.now HK or Toyko I am out at night.
  7. I have done both but the dancing use to start later at night
  8. The cruises were easy but fir a few nights of no sleep for some reason. I found it very easy there. Was in airport at 6 and lounge twenty later. China ports the worse. japan getting in was worse. tsa was fast. My first flight was two hours late. No time in HK to enjoy the lounge. flight home lost their crew so we left an hour late. slept ten hours tired..pulling out gifts and laundry. Then will repack everything for winter cruises. One cruise and you are tired..you have to learn to sleep in on sea days and party at night for energy.
  9. Maybe no white night. To me both are perks not an amenity like laundry etc.
  10. Well as I was leaving terminal I saw Len and his wife plus another couple. I walked outside and left for airport. As always flight delay. Never saw the four others again. Not sure w why no one helped them off ship. I had help. One even asked about my HK flight but I knew the time not the number. i can honestly say I wish I had stayed in HK. Would of been in my hotel room. By three napping plus the flight to states was at three so easy to handle.
  11. A lot of this is interesting. Last two cruises most nights the Den was to loud to talk vs the Living Room. But depends on night and crowd. No way over late night music in any bar to talk with yelling. also my last stop today was near Merlin across from hotel about 4. One drop of rain one guess had a melt down. When we got back to ship I walked to senesto island and thru mall. Had a double app at the prime C bar, dance now about 2 am a quick Ba’ath as I leave for airport about 5. should of slept in HK. Pity the friends who collect me at airport . the night tour is cheaper on your own and we hD crowds in living room with yummy food for the night tour
  12. Well we do not agree. Also prime C had meat. I want more red sauce, more veal parm, pasta with clans ..real southern cooking. Outside the Dover sole not liked one main in there. Prime C mostly starters and pasta there to. Not been to the new sushi on five but love Nobus on ships.
  13. Len you are leaving not arriving at 520 right after I leave ship. enjoying my cabin now. One bag is packed and some tips are given up already. Rest tonight. never go to MDR. Just eat in Windows or deck ten. Not a morning person so the buffets are wasted on me. But I use to go when started and finish later in day. Last one I went to it ended at 1. Aqualina was redone. New chairs and maybe carpet. The food we both agree and the F and B to that the eggplant not correct.
  14. I find that ships coffee..something I do not drink normally...plus chocolate does not help me. So by giving up both no problems. I missed many brunch due to the fact now late breakfast vs the real 11 tom1 brunch. Just can not eat all that food.
  15. Been nice out for days. What is a ten minute rain. Almost ready to go to beach.
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