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  1. I am on Crystal and we have one Chinese crew member working thrunSteiner salons. She was informed yesterday in Auckland that she had to leave her job in Sydney as she could not go to Bali. She has been in the ship since Sept. if she was sick... meanwhile as of Feb 20rh this ship is still going to Bali and Singapore . Then on to India etc. no other info here.
  2. On another line right now and Bali and Singapore are still on the list.we are going to India then to Europe.
  3. One of the two ships had to sail first. Guess we were it!
  4. Three of us are staying in Bali fir a few days and rejoining ship in Singapore ..since the ship booked the flight I would hope they knew what was up.
  5. Last year had a good waiter until his vacation. Then had a new waiter p and sent it all back. No spice. Had some in cabin and forgot it. I like hot and sour soup. It not with crab, they added pork to a tofu dish. You say spice I got onions and peppers, had better luck last year. special ordering weekly in MDR Simple things like Dover Sole, lunch for dinner. soup.
  6. I prefer any singer over piano. We already have two pianos on ship Daily. Skipped every one this leg. Besides the production show and one comic not doing shows. Known Kym forever ..maybe next leg singers. Yes it will be noted not even sure I am going. Sent an email out to know how far away and indoors or out. And 5 pm..good thing was not at Mona ? To soon to know if I want to go.skipped one last year and the second one was awful,as far as bus ride out..a much shorter way was there. remember thru AZ done some fun or not so fun events. Smaller in food but the work still there. I already conplained about Ana and Humberto’s hours, 8 to 11 is dinner and show. I prefer 10 to,12 or 6to 8..they need a life too.
  7. Well we are letting on headliners who flew in. Tonight more piano .love the man tired of his show. Where are the singers. does Fosse count for a WC event show.
  8. Last time I saw Kym was on Azamara.he said I know you will not be going to my show. On that cruise he did his second show which was different and more jazz. His best music was when he took over in the piano bar on AZ and played while the piano player stood and sang. That bar rocked that night. I seen him do it at the Ave but not as much fun. Joel should of gone over is set break time by a few minutes. Even with Charlie that break time kills last set. One table got moved last night.was trying to get Alvin and Karen to move BACK. There was room. I have moved that table in the past. Never seen either dance. Lovely people. I am surprised I got her up to dance. I walked in and took the bar as as I was still rocking.. meanwhile the music just fed my soul and I took off. No idea who half the people were as I never seen them. Counting us I knew six faces in there. Joel is on for one more cruise than BACK to Dan. I stop by to say hi to the bartender. Will start in Cove and stop by Pulse. As I can not sit there I never last long. That why Ave.
  9. I looked at this wine on the menu. Nice to know it was so good. I saw you there here while I was dancing with everyone. Reminded me of the old days when Charlie was in the ship. What a great night after a rocky start. Love to dance
  10. Yes, I heard about names vs where. I had tea in Capetown ,London , HK twice among others..always called afternoon tea. Friends near Liverpool call My dinner High Tea. always to much yummy food but I never had real High Tea. i might have to google afternoon and high tea.i like to use the correct terms in each country. To widely travel not to know the correct words. Thank you for teach all.
  11. I thought we went back tonight. Miss read it and when I put Auckland into iPad it became two hours earlier. Did not care if it was incorrect I just knew Auckland was next. So which way is my phone going? Thanks Terry ..you think after 85 plus cruises my stomach would understand. Never get sick it just yells or I walk like I am drunk. Almost went back out last night to Ave but I figure I would walk into a guest.did it once last night as I was weaving back to dinner.
  12. It is afternoon tea. High tea is served in some homes in place of dinner as soup or something heavy is served. the show..I saw it for the second time in two years. Silly me did not realize lights were not working in their 15 pound costumes. Still not ..even after holding one..how they do it all. loved my time in Fiji.think I would of loved it more if I had gone out more. the rough seas took me back to the cabin by 11. Took ships happy pills and slept to about noon. Tonight is Prego and will stop by Ave but will be back in bed early.this motion.wind.. kills me.glad others love it. Counting hours to Bay of Islands.
  13. Never signed up on this cruiseline anymore. Some cruise lines put it in the daily and it is always with in 24 hours if sailing. Ovine from Boston to,FL to,NC I have seen it all in dress code. But I grew up and still believe men do not West baseball or other hats inside.was raise that it is rude. In NC seems to be as cool,as carrying a gun. But I have read the rules for tea ..I refuse to dress for it. So I never been. Is it right..no idea! But if this was formal night I have no shoes for dinner. To rough for me for any heel. Saw you at the show tonight, I dash out once we had light to mid ship.but loved the show.
  14. Thank you! He mention the name but did not click to memory. Not sure if I have seen him. We are doing ok with shows. Only the comic again but I missed first round.
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