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  1. I had breakfast twice in the lobby. That was fine. Lunch was ok . But if in hotel Peters is good for drinks and view. The MO location is not good to walk anywhere. But dinner on the 38th floor was great. The views lovely. i was comparing hotels like Raffles in Singapore and Cambodia or FS in Sydney . In general I book 11 months out. I have been known to book two hotels then I pick one with in six months out.
  2. I am sorry that I did not get back to you. Since leaving Tokyo I have been in Osaka. Plus port change due to weather. yes and yes to the Peninsula. The service beats any hotel I stayed in . I used their car service. Greeted outside and taken to my room. Credit card etc was done in room. A tour of room and about fifty buttons for lights , a special door door for valet service . The list goes on. check out is at noon and I stayed in room until after lunch. Went off came back and while I was checking our bags brought downstairs. Also they sent for a cost a bellman who got me as far as he could go to terminal which was check in. again book the Tapas Bar at the MO for dinner
  3. After now spending four nights in Tokyo I would never ever suggest the Palace. My hotel is closer to the gardens and Ginza. They offer a rolls to airport or from. Door to,door service to port and BACK. Need something it is done. All my check outs are at two. The Chinese lunch is great. But go to the Tapas Bar at he MO for dinner. A year out book now. Would go back tomorrow, today was fiah market, two shrines, Tokyo 2020 store and dinner. What a great=day
  4. Are you sure you are on Crystal? I see mine daily. She says hi on first day. I run into her in hall most days. How could you not complain.
  5. As far as I know you can order anything you want to eat. I just know no Umi Uma in cabin,
  6. No biggie I can order those in. Cmas, NYE and white night beling to AZ along with the chocolate buffet,. But Crystal wins on Sushi, Bistro, and cabin storage.
  7. As a very loyal AZ lady there is no way to. compare the two. Very few guests in white, no outdoor deck party, they toss in a violin and a piano in the middle of dancing. Much rather have a good set of dance music. I like Crystal but I miss white nights and our Az Evenings on shore
  8. Many of us went private months ago.even if offered then it would of been less than the ships tour. I doubt you vetted or looked at 100,s as only a few companies would have this tour,
  9. Honestly the spa is fun by Steiner in England. If the ships you been on were Steiner run that alone says enough. I did have a great nail tech this winter. When she went home not so great. I did not have a massage. Not been happy with Steiner massages. But I am sure there a good one somewhere
  10. Been to Carbo multi times had three tours and all private. Crystal will also be there in Dec but the timing of the tour is like 830 to 130. But our overnight is a Sunday when the private company not working. The ship only goes to one of these towns not the other. I always feel safe there on tours.
  11. I have been to both..private. Both are fun.. between the art, Hotel California, and lunch. Look for private and make sure you have time for lunch.
  12. I also want to be honest abd say I can go weeks without eating a land based animal. Mostly I eat them in Asian style food.one place would be Silk. The starters on this menu are more me. I had the fish and veal mains. As I said one night was just soup and salad. I rarely eat mains on any cruise. I agree with Keith on the changes on the menu for the WC . I am sure I tried some starters.
  13. I am from Boston and never had it growing up. Had more veal dishes. It is rich and filling and I do nit always need a starter with it.
  14. I have had the veal several times. One night just soup and salad. I have not done a pasta main. I was on the ship for the WC and some nights just wanted veggies. This was a good way to get protein in the cheese plus veggies. I love the mushroom soup there. I also enjoyed the fish that could be the special of the night or on the menu. When on the ship almost four months some nights just not hungry.
  15. Knew people deck 7.. not sure if cabin but they switch cabins due to toilet between cruises.
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