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  1. Well, There is nothing on the menu that Keith posted. Too boring of a menu for me.I had the WC "hot and Sour" soup and the "Lobster Curry". The first two times the curry was great. After Capetown i had to send it back as no spice. I also sent back the duck. I kept getting the same waiter lunch or dinner and each time the food was not as spicy as before Capetown. To many crew left and the ones who cooked food the way I liked it--Or was it the waiter who never listen to me. Either way I stopped going at night.
  2. I think the soup the ship. On the last leg of cruise I found Silk was not as good as other legs.imsent back everything for lack of spice. There had been a spicy duck cut thin to eat with chopsticks. Honestly could not eat it ..pieces to big and no Asian flavors. i had a few super spicy dishes in Waterside that were special ordered. Love Umi Umi but I like sushi and always had ginger already booking my dinners for next winter.
  3. I agree about the over eating. Once was enough for me. At one point I gave up learning about the wine as I was not sure to eat or listen. I have not done the lunch as I do not want to dress up at noon for lunch. Plus to much food for me at that hour. My problem is I do not eat a lot,of land animals and I would be happy skipping a course.
  4. I think so for an event like this. Not even sure if they ever did two ships together. Then we all end up in Venice together.
  5. I will pick sail away always. Why innEurope or Asia would you want to be inside vs watching a sail out. Most of my M&G have been at six. If we sail at five I pop in but not if we sail at Six. The ones at ten am I never been too. I am in cabin getting ready for my day,
  6. I was raised in a Jewish home and no where I ever been cost over 500 pounds. I would think in states a good dinner would be around $150. Nothing like a fake example of a dinner on a Tuesday, yes, to everything closing down. I have a cousin who will not even drive it answer his phone.
  7. I was not able to go back and forth a few years ago. Another guest told me she got you on her ship.with a key card and knowing so many crew it would be nice. i did know about that meeting, plenty of pictures of all the fun they had. This will be my time to check out some new ports and see some old faces.
  8. I brought flowers on once. They were sold at the dock fro $10 each arrangement. next winter i will look for more to cheer up my cabin.
  9. reason why I booked was for this night. I think two ships have done it but never three. If correct i tihnk it is outdorrs in a roped off area. You will get to see crew from all three ships there. As far as getting on the other ships to visit not sure how it can be done. Think that an invite and name has to be on a list.
  10. I am from the states and i know this makes no sense. I have stayed in Bath and Stratford. I left the ship and gone sightseeing to airport or from hotel to ship. Seems like you are living in a bus and not seeing much at all. Sounds like they need a better location for a hotel. Also I would think one would love to stay in Bath. For the comment on 5 star hotels with using Tours by Local I tend to use them a lot. i have looked at the barcelona one and just laugh. seems a lot of food and wine but no real sightseeing at all. Robin
  11. Thank you Terry very much. I did it years ago on my first trip there. it was a group tour. Back then i was not into spice like now and i asked for water. i got a glass. i asked again for pitchers of water. Not had again since but on a cruise ship. Some guests died from the heat of food and i was fine. But it makes a fun night.
  12. I flew to a crab feast vs taking the bus. Make sure you have local beer- I love the Amber. If a clear day go up to MT Roberts-else skip it. fish and chips are good there. eat off ship eat local dog sled ride was fun on glacier.
  13. I have done it but after 8. Just soup and salad not a big meal. No way early just to be busy.one night I went up for a drink and views. Not a big deal.
  14. The Opera House dinner was great. I have been to Stockholm three times ..almost a 4th. Ended up canceling due to health reasons. I am much better with sightseeing in both cities. In Holland I did two museums and Ann Franks Home in the rain. The next day I taxi to the Jewish Quarter and did the Temples.from there walked to Rembrandt home..Red light area and found a nice bar with lunch. Later went back there for a fast drink and walked to ship. My personal walking tour gave me a lot in one day. Amsterdam is known for spicy food and I can not spell the term but a form of Indian with tons of courses. Stockholm I hung out at the Grand drinking or walked to I dropped the last time I was there. First and last time I go anywhere the day before a cruise.my bags came hours after me.
  15. If you have a butler-you did not say-tell him when you meet him that you put your name in for the dinner. He will let them know. If no butler you can tell the person in Waterside or in Prego that you want to eat there. I got a phone call a few days before checking to see if I still wanted to go. Then a call to make sure no allergies. They will work with you if needed. The dinner around 630 at night. Eat a late brunch and you will be fine. The next day i think I got hungry after 3 or 4. You will love it.
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