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  1. Looks like good news to me too. I can hear the cheers in Lakeland...
  2. Check your email. RCCL just sent out an advisement on this subject.
  3. April Offer - 20FUN101 = Free Jr Suite + $500 casino on any date, July 14 - August, select ships including Harmony/Symphony/Navigator and more. Must book by April 30th.
  4. The Odyssey seems to offer a number of unique cabin configurations. 11722 looks to be one of the most promising. Looking forward to feedback from yourself and others who book these cabins.
  5. This is almost as good as a tipping thread.
  6. If your room and/or status allows you access to one of the Concierges, ask them for a complimentary 1 day pass to the Thermal Loungers area. They came through for us about 4 months ago on the Harmony. This allowed us to try the area out before purchasing the week-long package. Good Luck!
  7. Is there a chance that casino players who have reached 'Masters' level, may lose Suite Lounge and dining benefits? My wife. whom I'm scared of, would be very disappointed if she was no longer able to exchange lies with the pinnacles in the Suite/Concierge Lounges. Help!
  8. I have canceled two casino cruises with Carnival. They have offered my non-refundable deposit back as a credit for each. I called to cancel both times versus canceling online. Your results may vary. Good luck.
  9. Thanks for the response. Your points are well taken. RCCL only has 4 corporate hosts. So your statement about the number of clients is likely very true. I will be anxious to see what, if any, difference it makes to our travel and gaming experience on the Harmony next week.
  10. I was recently assigned a corporate casino host through RCCLs Casino Royale. For those of you with this type of host(on any cruise line), what benefits have you gained through your host and what are some of the things that you have asked of them? I have casino hosts through land-based properties and understand the concept. But am anxious to hear how/if cruise hosts may differ.
  11. Favorite places for a great photo opportunity? The atrium area, outside the casino. There are 2-3 small tables w/a couple chairs each. Great place for viewing and taking pictures/video of the 70's disco party which takes place 1 deck below.
  12. Both the Harmony and Mariner had sports betting for 'sides'(no 'totals) in the casino on our most recent trips 10/27/19 and 11/29/19. You have to ask for the sheet at the cage. Bet as high as $500 with no issue. Not sure what the limits are as I did not ask. College and pro football.
  13. Europe & Alaska_2020.pdfEurope & Alaska_2020.pdfEurope & Alaska_2020.pdfEurope & Alaska_2020.pdfEurope & Alaska_2020.pdf
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