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  1. This thread will give you an excellent view of the meals that the Haven Restaurant serves. When combined with the Specialty Dining Package, you won't have a problem finding something you like.
  2. Here’s How Entertainment Onboard Norwegian Vessels Will Be Operating - Cruise Industry News | Cruise News
  3. I haven't been on the Joy, but we have sailed in the Haven on the Escape, Epic, Getaway and Bliss. The bartenders in the Haven are the Cream of the Crop. Have them make you a "Smokey Old Fashioned". It's quite a show. You will love the Haven.
  4. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23547-norwegian-cruise-line-announces-2022-2023-deployment.html
  5. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/norwegian-is-selling-cruises-along-mexican-coastlines-for-november-2020.html
  6. As a new cruiser, you really can't understand the concept of nickle-and-diming. It is a series of reduced services and increased costs, sometimes very small, that occur over the years, and from cruise to cruise, that only repeat cruisers can notice. I have listed a few in Post # 90. Don't get me wrong. I love cruising with NCL. My wife and I have sailed NCL exclusively since 2007, usually twice a year. I'm sure that you will love your cruise as well. Just a little advice to the new cruiser. Although it is possible to not incur any additional costs on a cruise, it is hi
  7. Unfortunately, your understanding is not quite right. There is the Daily Service Charge (DSC) which wil be on your invoice if you don't pay in advance. For bookings made on or after April 1, 2020, that prepay their service charges before their sail date: $18.50 USD per person per day for The Haven, Concierge and Suites; $15.50 USD per person per day for all other stateroom types
  8. The restrictions are on the free dinners provided to Platinum level Latitudes members and above.
  9. I did read your post, as well as Post 89, and thought it was a good idea. That's why I used it. I'm sorry for not giving you credit in my post.
  10. Absolutely! Every company and government entity periodically asks “How can we cut costs, and/or increase profits or productivity?”. I can see a group of NCL executives sitting around a flip chart or white board, brainstorming on “How to cut costs?”. One might suggest, “If we downgrade the beef we serve in Cagney’s, we could save X amount of dollars per year.” Another could chime in, “If we use premix cocktails instead of fresh ingredients, we could save X amount of dollars per year.” Finally, one could suggest, “If we only use one olive per martini, rather than two, we could save a bundle.”
  11. I agree with several of the previous posters who say the term “nickel-and-diming" is frequently used to describe other nefarious practices such as “bait-and-switch", “hidden costs” and “false advertising”. I also agree with many posters who say that if you do your homework and read the terms and conditions, you should not be surprised any charges on your final bill. I view “nickel-and-diming" as the practice of systematically raising prices on goods and services without an equivalent increase in value, eliminating goods and services which were once included, and charging for goods and se
  12. This article was in the "Cruise Industry News" today. Apparently, Mr. Del Rio does not intend to lower prices because of the coronavirus outbreak, but still intends to be competitive, whatever that means. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22486-nclh-won-t-use-low-pricing-to-drive-demand.html Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) President and CEO Frank Del Rio said he expects to see competitive pressure and pricing deterioration in the short term in the cruise industry due to the coronavirus outbreak having an impact on cruise bookings. One thing he won’t do, however, i
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