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  1. Exactly on #2. Went to Club Fusion one night with my teenage daughter and the DJ was playing rap type music, not one person on the dance floor. I went to the DJ and asked if he would play Pharrell Williams "Happy" song and a lot of people got up and danced. The DJ played a couple more songs like that and everyone stayed on the floor dancing. He then went back to the rap music ( I guess that's what he wanted to listen to) and no one was dancing. We left at that point.
  2. I think you would be OK with that one. You are 2" bigger on one dimension and 5" smaller on another. I don't think they would hassle you for that.
  3. My dad takes his meds in the daily am-pm pill box and never a problem, in like 40 cruises. I have a complete list of his meds and doses with me at all times. Much easier than carrying a bunch of bottles.
  4. I accepted an upsell from a mini suite to an aft penthouse suite for a 7 day coastal in 2016 for $329.00 pp. I thought that was a great price and that suite sure was nice!
  5. Yes, there are cheaters. When my dad and I were on our Hawaii cruise last February, the same team won every. single. time, which was fine with us, we played for fun and to test our own knowledge (or not) . I couldn't help but feel sorry for these people that needed to "win" so badly.
  6. I am platinum on Carnival and really like it. I've never been on the Horizon but I'm sure you will enjoy yourself. I just prefer Princess more but I have a Mexican Riviera cruise booked on the new Panorama next year and really looking forward to that one.
  7. I was hoping I could re-fare my booked Hawaii cruise to this sale but the NRD is a deal breaker. I was able to book the cruise with no promotion but it has a refundable deposit and have been watching all promotions but none are working for me. Oh well, I'll try again Nov 1st and see what's available then. It appears this is going to be the norm for Princess from now on and in that case, I'll be sailing Carnival and NCL more often. Too bad because Princess is my favorite and first choice.
  8. I like the way you think. It should be but I'm afraid that would blend in with my music playing at any given time and I wouldn't hear it. The train is annoying, so I hear it. An email for final payment reminder came in at 2 am one night. 🙄
  9. I don't remember exactly how to do it but I think you go into your settings and choose a sound ( mine is a choo choo train sound) and then choose whose email you want to set that to. Then every time I get an email from them, I hear the train alert and check my email.
  10. I hope you get the call back, that would be awesome. This is why I have a special audible alert on my phone for any and all Princess emails. I want to make sure I know about upsells and move over offers asap. Best of luck to you.
  11. I have done the same thing. It's actually really nice to fall asleep on the balcony but the loungers are not that comfortable for all night long. I also agree with everyone else, please don't lug a mattress or cushions from sofa bed out there.
  12. On a couple of our August cruises to Alaska, the temps where in the 80's in various ports. The pool area looked like a caribbean cruise sailing away from Skagway. Took the Roberts Tram ride in Juneau to hike up at the top of the mountain, was layered up and it was hot. Found out it was 83 degrees that day.
  13. To those that want to "customize" Cheers!, Carnival didn't create this for the passengers benefit. This is a huge money grab for them because on average they know most won't get the benefit of it. Some people that are "light" drinkers get it for the convenience because they don't have a bill at the end of the cruise and it includes coffee's, juice, soda and such. These are the ones that Carnival loves. If they were losing money on this, they would have stopped it years ago.
  14. I have been on the Spirit, Miracle and Legend several times and it is my favorite class, hands down. It feels like "home" when I'm on these ships.
  15. I was on the Escape and the Bliss and the Waterfront is just fabulous! All the nice comfy places to sit along with the outside seating of the restaurants, genious.
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