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  1. Thanks for explaining. Well hopefully you'll receive it by the 26 or 27th. Mine hit 8 days after they released it on the 15th.
  2. I received my refund today in my account. It was for the correct amount. Refunds are coming through although it appears to be no rhyme or reason. Best of luck to everyone. ETA: It took 10 weeks for mine.
  3. So for you, Tuesday the 26th will be 10 business days. I'm not clear, you said you already filed a dispute on 4/27 and the bank/credit card company didn't credit your account already? My cruise was on /4/11 also and I requested option 2-refund on 3/13. I think a big mistake Princess is making is telling people that their refund was "processed/issued" on a specific date when it seems like that may not be the case. However, folks are reporting they're getting their money.
  4. Not yet. I spoke with the dispute supervisor from my bank yesterday and we will wait until Friday the 29th, that will give Princess 10 business days, then if it hasn't, she'll complete the dispute. She stated the delay is with the merchant, not the bank so we'll see. I'm really happy to read lots of folks are getting their refunds! Thank for the crossed fingers. Good luck to you too. I'll post once it has hit my account or I end up completing the dispute.
  5. Saying they will begin 8/1 and doing are two very different things.
  6. There is no way you will be sailing to Alaska on Aug 2. No need to worry about getting a room last minute.
  7. My refund may not be a done deal as of yet and I may be waiting longer than I thought. I just had a camping reservation cancelled yesterday late afternoon that I knew was coming and they were doing them in order of camping dates, anyway, the refund was posted to my bank account this morning. Not even pending but complete so, it's not my bank that has the delay. At this point I'm not sure with Princess and seeing the refund anytime soon. I'll report back as soon as it posts or I file the dispute.
  8. I will be sure to report back if I actually receive it or not, at this point I see no reason for it not to post.
  9. I completely agree. That's why I decided to call Princess to get status before I filed a dispute with my bank. If the refund hasn't posted to my account by Friday, I'll file the dispute.
  10. You can always call them and ask for an update. Good luck!
  11. Sorry, I should have included that in my post. My sail date was 4/11, I received the cancelation notice on 3/12 and requested the refund option on 3/13.
  12. My sail date was 4/11 and I submitted the refund option on 3/13, the day after I received the cancelation notice.
  13. I just called Princess to confirm if the refund was issued on 5/15 and it was issued. They have completed it. I called my bank and they said it will post within 5 business says.
  14. Call your bank or cc company and see what the hold up is.
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