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  1. I am confused. You say I don’t have a legit point yet you seem to agree with what I posted. What part is not legit?
  2. I can’t agree about the fine print. It is the passenger’s responsibility to read the fine print. Even if it was made larger, and even in red letters, there will be those who won’t read it. I would like to know the percentage of people who actually read the cruise contract. I very much dislike the “no one told me” people.
  3. There are plenty of times and places a toddler gets nothing out of it. That’s not necessarily why someone takes a toddler on a cruise and other posts have already explained that. Thinking that toddlers shouldn’t be on cruises is getting off topic. The fact remains, this toddler was on a cruise and something unforeseen happened to her. Should cruise lines now say no toddlers?
  4. I know that and it was more of a rhetorical question. I was also trying to make the point that it is not inherently dangerous for toddlers to be on a cruise ship,
  5. So what age range do you consider a toddler? Xx thru yy and a week after a child turns yy it’s now ok? You may be a nervous wreck but thousands and thousands of toddlers cruise every week without incident.
  6. For what it’s worth, I read they have not had any eye witnesses come forward. And then, I also read that a crew member witnessed the grandfather losing his balance.
  7. Maybe any other perks are meaningless to YOU but not to everyone.
  8. After I took that picture, I noticed that the same view was in the Celebrity brochure, just more of a closeup.
  9. Believe me, I do get what you’re saying about wanting to go to Cuba. I sooo wanted to go and despite me worrying something like this would come up, I procrastinated booking. It’s a bummer all around.
  10. Sailed to Bermuda on the Empress AND in, what some consider, prime hurricane season. That’s lots of open water and no issues at all.😁 I think Celebrity Zenith was even smaller and did the same itinerary in the same time. But, I suppose, to each his own.
  11. About a month ago I was in contact with a friend in BDA. Going next week and, at the time, he told me to download a schedule right before I go. He said there have been lots of problems with the bus schedule and it could change anytime. He didn’t say if that also applied to the ferry schedule,
  12. May seem pricey but you can pay those prices in many tourist places. Also, a cheeseburger at Tobacco Bay with no fries or drink is $13. I would have thought that prices at both places would be about the same.
  13. Radio, I’m sending you a virtual hug and kiss. I haven’t been on CC in ages, not that I haven’t sailed , just didn’t log on. Anyway, I’m on the May 19 sailing and have been to BDA in the double digits on 3 different lines. X was our intro to cruising to BDA and it’s always been our favorite line. So, for some reason decided to check the boards and who shows up with the best reviews? RADIO! Every Cruise we’ve been on to BDA was rough when hitting the Gulf Stream, some more than others. Still, nothing major. After all that, I do have a question. Have you found the in cabin fridge cold or is it the typical cooler masquerading as a fridge. I also once read that they work better if you don’t close the cabinet door in which they are located. Wonder if there’s any truth to that? My friend in BDA said the weather has been Bermudaful and he will do his best to keep it that way.☀️
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