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  1. our issue is not the pain in the butt stuff at boarding or what will be required. Our problem is wondering about what will be allowed in port? If one HAS to be on ship excursions or no getting off, then what? We dont mind just staying on board at every port, but what would we do from 8 until 5?...day in and day out.Sea days will be fine, but the port days when everything on the ship is closed down will be terrible. Doug
  2. All I know is that we have gotten cruise points for every Casino free cruise we have taken. We have 5 free booked for 2021 and I now expect double points for every one of them. .....well....that is until they are all cancelled. Doug
  3. I must really be dumb. I am so dumb that I dont understand the confusion. What I saw was the banner saying double points on all 2021 sailings.I saw nothing about existing bookings -vs-new bookings. Therefore, dumb as I am I assume all bookings are included.I saw nothing about single bookings, suites, etc, so I revert back to the term "double points". Here is how I see it 1 x2 = 2 2 x 2 =4 Whatever points I would have gotten I expect to be doubled......simple. Of course the fly in to ointment is if all 2021 bookings are canceled. That would leave us wih this: 2 x 0 =0 4 x 0 = 0 etc.
  4. It is an amazement to me how they can announce double points and some act like they are offended. My favorite ones are the posts that say...."they shouldnt count for existing bookings......they shouldnt count for anything below suites...it will add to lounge over crowding...." My thought was ...wow! Great news!...After all, we have 15 cruises booked for next year although we doubt many will sail. Who knows when Europe will open? Annie and I just roll with it.We get all our points one day at a time....the old fashioned way. Had we done all our sailing on RCCL we would be Pinnacle by now, but we didnt. We have no complaints. Doug
  5. I think this will be used by all cruise lines as the best excuse they could ever have for filling ship tours.They have always known that their tours are twice as expensive as private tours and cannot provide everything the private tour guys do. The only leverage they previously had was trying to scare the bejabbers out of guests with the threat of being left on a private tour if the tour is late returning. Now they have "government backing". They can flat out tell you that you cannot get off a ship unless you are on a ships tour. I think they ride this horse as long as the paying customer puts up with it. What big shopping ports like Cozumel will do about it I have no idea. We have already had several of our Ovation cruise roll call shipmates out of Singapore drop the cruise because they have been told there will be no private tours allowed. Doug
  6. I like Princess. We mostly sailed Princess for years. At one time they had by far the best TA itineraries. They also let the OBC stack up. A few years back we started going almost exclusively Royal. We are happy with that decision. Doug
  7. Wow!....I had guessed that things were very bad in India due to Covid because I have not gotten a phone call in weeks informing me that my car warranty had run out... Doug
  8. orville99......you are absolutely correct. sighhh....I guess I get to eat more worms.... Doug
  9. I like this game.... 1. Enchanted Princess 1-21(Ft Lauderdale 7 day freeby) 2.Rhapsody 3-21(7 day from Tampa to fill our time till we go to Pt Canaveral) 3.Harmony Pt Canaveral to Barcelona TA 3-21 (this is the first leg of our sort of around the world cruise. We are flying BCN to Singapore to catch the Ovation to Tokyo and then to Seattle) There is no holding Annie back when she starts booking cruises. They become Biblical.....one begats another... Doug P.S....If that Harmony is cancelled blowing up all plans I will hit the highest extent of pisstivity!
  10. Princess Elite gives you unlimited free laundry. Also after only 5 cruises you become platinum and that gives you free internet( 100 min ea on a 7 day and 250 ea on over 13 days). The internet is better on RCCL speedwise.Princess does give you a tiny bar set up for being elite. The biggest Princess benefit .....and it is BIG...is that Princess lets you "stack" onboard credit.On a 14 day TA we get 250 past military(each)....250 stockholders per cabin...125each for getting a FCC on the ships...plus 25 over 20 cruises each, 50each for over 30,.....75 each over 40 and 100 each for over 50 cruises. Sometimes they have a promotion that gives you 300 or more per cruise as well. When we do a TA on Princess we always have $1000.00 to 1300.00 in onboard credit. For some reason, it is always a fight with Royal to get stockholders credit. RCCL has that wonderful Diamond Lounge after only 80 cruise points.We like the RCCL ships better (they still play duplicate on TA cruises). We have gravitated toward RCCL over the last few years and no prefer it to Princess Hope this helps Doug
  11. ok...trying to catch up.... ....the worms were bitter, thanks for asking... ...where does one go to find this announcement of schedule changes for 2021? Doug
  12. Red faced, I admit to being incorrect here. I completely miss understood what my wife told me.Everyone is correct that when booking direct with RCCL, all refundable bookings are completely refunded if cancelled within the time frames they state. I will now go eat worms. Doug
  13. oh, we will book them now.....we always do. Heck, we already have 12 booked. Doug
  14. we never ever book with a TA. Always direct with RCCL. Doug
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