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  1. You beat me to it! Nobody is forced to read here. @ShipboardSteve, since you're new, you may not be aware of the "ignore" function. If there are specific people whose posts you don't want to see, you can go into your settings and ignore (block) their posts. I'm not sure if you can block 50 people, though. It's years since anyone annoyed me enough to block, so I don't know how it works these days.
  2. Not for me. I find the gossip in the launderettes vastly entertaining.
  3. Nothing is stopping me and I DO dress above the "smart casual" as well as going formal for gala nights.
  4. My QA cruise was a "sailing soon" and a good price. But last-minute airfare can cut into those savings. I really need to stop opening those emails from Cunard...
  5. NOT my take on QA, but an interpretation of OP's denigration of her clientele.
  6. I don't travel on school holidays, so I haven't seen lots of kids on a Cunard ship, but the few I have were well behaved. On gala/formal nights, I love to see a family all dressed up. Often, it's because they want to have their picture taken. I've seen families waiting their turn for the photographer, and the kids aren't whining or wriggling or tugging at their collars or looking uncomfortable. They "get" that it's a special occasion and seem happy to participate. Perhaps for kids it's a chance to have a "grownup" moment. Too bad some grownups don't feel that way.
  7. That's one of the joys of cruising. I cook my own meals, and unlike June Cleaver (1950s sitcom mom), I don't cook in a dress and pearls. If I want to change for dinner, I have to accept a cold meal. So having someone cook my dinner while I relax and put on a nice frock is a treat. I recognize that it's a fantasy lifestyle, not reality. But that's part of travel, getting away from my everyday life. In a way, OP's first post was a change from the usual complaints about Cunard passengers. More often, we see people who haven't traveled Cunard complaining that passengers are a bunch of snobs. (think Hyacinth Bouquet) Apparently (if OP is correct in his/her observations), QA has broken that mold and "snob" has been changed to "slob." (think Onslow)
  8. I agree that the navigation channel is disappointing. I liked the magnetic "do not disturb" signs. I wonder how many of them find their way into a suitcase on the last night. (No, I didn't take mine) The stateroom shrinkage was not a surprise to me. I had already seen that on HAL. The rooms on their pinnacle ships are smaller than the same category on the other ships. It's a way to improve profits. I was on for two weeks. Many of us were tired of the elevator voice. There was a fair amount of sighing and eye rolling. One day she must have been tired, too. On one of the midship lifts she said "going up" when the lift was going down and "going down" when the lift was going up. I thought Bright Lights was fun. I went to Noir and I got to be the murder!
  9. Don't apologize for asking this. Yes, the service charge is the gratuity. TheOP had a lot of OBC and wanted to use some of it to give additional tips to specific people. The system doesn't have the capacity to do that. So if you want to tip extra, cash is the way to do it. If you add a tip to a bar bill, for example, that goes into the tip pool, not to the specific waiter.
  10. I've never had that question. Who comes up with these questions????? I believe I was always addressed by waiters with title and surname.
  11. I did ask for that in my post-cruise survey. There weren't many write-in options for this one, so I didn't have an opportunity to ask for that. I did manage to get in a "vote" for dressing up, though.
  12. This is a new one for me. I've received post-cruise surveys and an occasional random survey about some aspect of Cunard. But this morning, I received a link to a survey related to the fact that I just booked a cruise on Cunard. Has anyone had this? The email specified that it was about that recent booking. It asked about how I researched, what I looked for in making my decision, the sort of questions you'd expect. And then it had a scale of 1 to 7 (I think) questions about Is Cunard different? Is Cunard a Trend-Setter? I hate the trend-setter question. How do I know if what they do now will become a trend or fizzle as a fad? And of course, the stupid opera question. But not the question about enjoying dressing up to "make an occasion."
  13. Did you encounter many rude and/or drunk passengers?
  14. On the Around Britain May-June, there were around 1600 gold, platinum, and diamond WC members.
  15. Well, I haven't sunk quite as low as you, as I don't take a beer or other drink back to my cabin. But I often bring something from the buffet back to my cabin, so maybe I'm one rung above you on the tacky-person scale. I have to say, OP's description doesn't match what I saw on QA.
  16. Yes, for ship geeks (yes, that's me), the power and speed of QE2 were awesome. Back when she changed from 5 to 6 days for a crossing, many of her fans complained that it was "taking it easy." One poster replied "But if she takes 6 days, you get an extra day on her." I'm not sure anyone had an answer for that!
  17. Oh Canada! Enjoy your celebrations!
  18. Enjoy the gardens. The roses should be fantastic this time of year.
  19. 10 AM sounds too early, probably an error. Let us know how it goes.
  20. I think there are several versions attributed to different sources, including Longworth. My Fashion Police friend always found wonderful birthday cards and she sent me one with that quote, attributed to Parker.
  21. No, I never did. That could descend to "who wore it best?" discussions like the trashy magazines I read at the hairdresser!
  22. I don't know that status matters for table assignment in Britannia. And I don't understand the fuss about a window table. It's nice, but you've got your family with you to pay attention to. For a group of six, I'd go with fixed dining. It's good to have the same waitstaff. They do get to know you and your preferences. I'm pretty sure you can change it to open if you don't like it, but you can't go back. (Others may correct me on this) Early and late each have their good and bad points. Early does come too soon after tea unless you control yourself at tea (not easy to do). Late means staying up later. It depends on what you're used to. The main shows are timed to follow the dining times in Britannia, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  23. Yes, that's another problem. That's why we sailed Princess only once. Liked the ship but hated the fact that there was no quiet space except our teeny balcony. I recall seeking refuge on our balcony on a Royal Caribbean ship, too.
  24. What others wear can be very entertaining. I have seen some gentlemen on Gala evenings with flamboyant dinner jackets, and they always brought a smile. And the men in kilts always look dashing. Back in the days of QE2, when we sailed with friends the Chart Room was our place to sit with a pre-dinner cocktail. We would watch the queue of people go by on their way to the Queens Room for one of the cocktail parties. Dorothy Parker said, "If you haven't anything nice to say about anyone, come sit by me." But for all that BFF and I joked about being the Fashion Police, nearly all of our comments were positive. "Ohh, I want that dress!" "Look at her, she looks gorgeous." "I would wear that if I were 20 years and 20 pounds younger."
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